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1 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

I started Smash Bros. With Melee, but when I played Smash Wii U, I really loved it. It has the best roster in the entire franchise, great modes (my favourite being Crazy Orders) and amazing DLC. To me, this is the best game in the series, followed by Melee and I would highly recommend this game to anyone. - dbret12

Ugh the modes in this game are only like 2 or 3 newcomers are good, the new stages are pretty and no one likes that Mario party ripoff 6/10

This one does have controls that are a little loose, but it is still good

Best controls. Best graphics. Best gameplay. Best roster. This game is the best in the franchise.

Well, at least until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out.

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2 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This game is perfect! Best story, greatest graphics, so much crossover characters to play as, very strong emphasis & a lot of skilled fighting! Now why do people give this game hate all of a sudden?

So glad this is number 1. All I hear is negative points about this game from melee fans when they can't accept that Brawl is better in almost every single way

Brawl is best game because it had a good version of Lucas and Lucas is the best. Take that back I main Ice Climbers. I used to play Meta Knight but they don't let me play him anywhere for some strange reason.

I loved this game, I think it gets WAY too much hate. For me this game is WAY better then melee (sorry melee fans) - Aidanisawesome

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3 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Melee surpasses EVERY smash bros game, it has the fastest gameplay and the best controls.

Melee is better then Smash Bros. 4 because it has characters that don't exist in Brawl. It has better controls, Awesome audios better then 4. They got 1 rock and roll is Multi Man Melee. 4 has no rock and rolls so Super Smash Bros. Melee is better then Smash Bros. 4

One of my favorite GameCube games to my childhood days. I actually like this second installment because the atmosphere of the game is quite fun and amusing at times. With the arrival of 11 newcomers (Ice Climbers, Marth, Roy, Peach, Falco, MG&W, Zelda/Sheik, Mewtwo, Pichu, Young Link and Ganondorf), new music, new features and some brand new stages with the returning stages of SSB64, it's quite a good game from this premodern console. Although there are some few flaws like the game speed and the game mechanics from the character, it's certainly a game that you want to play it again due to the replay value. This game is not the best on the Smash series and not bad either, it's a good game on the GameCube era. I give it a 7.5/10. - yamionthetrap

I mean, Smash 4 is great and all, but you know, wavedash, a reliable rest kill, (up-throw rest kills at 0% at ledge) puff was viable, ken combo, and a bunch of other things. I just personally think that SSBM was the best SSB game, and maybe Smash Ultimate can top it.

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4 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Smash is finally portable!

The stages and modes are a bit better so 7/10

Yes this awesome.

Same as Wii U, but less stuff and KIRBY'S BATTLEFEILD IS A Nintendo GAMEBOY? Why is Nintendo bringing gameboy back?

You do know that most of the 3ds stages were based on handheld Nintendo games and remakes right? - sdgeek2003

5 Super Smash Bros. Project M

How can a FAKE game be higher than a real one? - TealBoyxx

6 Super Smash Bros.

You cannot even argue that this game is best! The N64 graphics & etc are perfect! I love this game no matter what. I especially love the story & crossover characters.

This game started a good series All the stages and characters are perfect 8/10

This game is still fun to play, even today

Oh yeah! The N64 days! The first game that I have to see the Nintendo characters fight each other on the T.V. screen! It was one of my favorite N64 games. - yamionthetrap

7 Super Smash Bros N64

This item is the same as number 5

I don't have that game but its nice

8 Super Smash Flash 2

Kirby is great character in this game, good flying.

Should fan games really count? - Aidanisawesome

9 Super Smash Bros. Crusade

The ability to customize the gameplay, your character, and the roster is incredible, despite the few scenarios and game modes, becomes a game quite addictive and perfect for casual players, each character has his own and even has a touch Different compared to other fan games and Smash games, no doubt deserves a great approval.

Smash fan game with a gigantic roster. Much easier to play than ssf2

Giant roster, amazing animation, easier than ssf2. Need I say more?

10 Super Smash Flash

A Very Cool Flash Game - VideoGamefan5

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11 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This game will be the best - Aidanisawesome

This will be the best game! Everyone who you've ever seen in smash +MORE is going to be in this game! It's going to surpass smash for wii u, brawl, Melee and for 3ds.

just vote

Looks to be the ULTIMATE Smash bros. game! See what I did there? lol! Anyways, it's already got a completely origional catch phrase, ''Everyone Is Here''! And the fact that every character to appear in the series as well as some newcomers (Inkling, Ridley, and Daisy) is VERY exciting! GameXplain has also confired at least 83 stages will be in it! Plus, hopefully Adventure Mode will make a return! definitely gonna be the best Smash bros. yet! #EveryoneIsHere!

12 Super Smash Bros 64

It started a beautiful franchise based on Autistic imagination.

13 Super Smash Bros. Switch

This game doesn't exist but it's super annoying when it crashes when I get to a video games to play with games on games and over games and I don't have the

This and Pokemon are the only reasons I'm buying a switch - TealBoyxx

can't wait - YOSHIA2121

14 Super Smash Bros. Infinite
15 Super Smash Sprite Edition
16 Super Smash Bros. Project M V 3.02
17 Super Smash Bros Brawl: Project M
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