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1 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I'm surprised this is #1, because I was expecting Melee to take #1. So far, Brawl is my favorite Smash game. I played the HECK out of it back in the spring and summer of 2008 (got it for my 11th birthday). It had a fantastic roster that was getting more diverse (adding non-Nintendo characters like Sonic and Snake), and also introducing Lucas (which drew me towards playing the Mother series). It also had Subspace Emissary, and it's a lot of fun to play through.
It's a shame that Brawl is the black sheep of the Smash Bros games. It gets a lot of flack, especially from Melee fans (the rabid Melee fans seem to hate any Smash game that isn't Melee in general, sadly...) - TheDelBel

This game is perfect! Best story, greatest graphics, so much crossover characters to play as, very strong emphasis & a lot of skilled fighting! Now why do people give this game hate all of a sudden?

So glad this is number 1. All I hear is negative points about this game from melee fans when they can't accept that Brawl is better in almost every single way

How Brawl is better than Melee: Characters 35:25 Trophies: This time we don't need a save file of PIKMIN for 100%, Fan service: Best trophies and stages ever More Pros: Story Mode, Stage Builder, Final Smashes, Masterpieces, Chronicle, and... MARIO GOLF ALT!

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2 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

I started Smash Bros. With Melee, but when I played Smash Wii U, I really loved it. It has the best roster in the entire franchise, great modes (my favourite being Crazy Orders) and amazing DLC. To me, this is the best game in the series, followed by Melee and I would highly recommend this game to anyone. - dbret12

Ugh the modes in this game are only like 2 or 3 newcomers are good, the new stages are pretty and no one likes that Mario party ripoff 6/10

This one does have controls that are a little loose, but it is still good

Most balanced

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3 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Melee surpasses EVERY smash bros game, it has the fastest gameplay and the best controls.

Melee is better then Smash Bros. 4 because it has characters that don't exist in Brawl. It has better controls, Awesome audios better then 4. They got 1 rock and roll is Multi Man Melee. 4 has no rock and rolls so Super Smash Bros. Melee is better then Smash Bros. 4

One of my favorite GameCube games to my childhood days. I actually like this second installment because the atmosphere of the game is quite fun and amusing at times. With the arrival of 12 newcomers (Ice Climbers, Marth, Roy, Peach, Bowser, Falco, MG&W, Zelda/Sheik, Mewtwo, Pichu, Young Link and Ganondorf), new music, new features and some brand new stages with the returning stages of SSB64, it's quite a good game from this premodern console. Although there are some few flaws like the game speed and the game mechanics from the character, it's certainly a game that you want to play it again due to the replay value. This game is not the best on the Smash series and not bad either, it's a good game on the GameCube era. I give it a 7.5/10. - yamionthetrap

Hiya ha ha aha toriyu c, mon mission complete oOooOah yaahh ha

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4 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

I like the portable smash bros because it is an easy game to pick up and play in the car. Gameplay wise it isn't the best though - Sambazing

Smash is finally portable!

The stages and modes are a bit better so 7/10

Yes this awesome.

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5 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Dude Smash bros ultimate should be the best, it going to be the only super smash bros game that wii have all your favorite characters.

New story mode, over 70 characters, and best part is that it comes out next month. The problem I have with it being the best is that it hasn't even released. - Qryzx

It's Gonna Kill Fortnite

Everyone is here

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6 Super Smash Bros. Project M

How can a FAKE game be higher than a real one? - TealBoyxx

Amazing mod 9/10

7 Super Smash Bros.

In the cartoon show of super smash bros Mario and luigi would be the cool guys donkey kong would love fighting and be over the top pacman would love talking and mega man's favorite band would be styx and it would have the monsters magicians dragons and warriors from yugioh not the pokemons and that would be better and there can be a movie that be a crossover of super smash bros and yugioh called the army of darkness like Mario luigi dark magician and magician of black chaos donkey kong and nitro warrior link and celtic guardian mega man and junk warrior and sonic and speed warrior they would all fight side by side it would be so cool

Super smash bros is my other favorite video game and I believe there should be a cartoon show of it donkey kong would joining forces with Mario and luigi captain falcon and link would team up and so would mega man and sonic also some romance about sonic and amy it would have very cool animation and heart pounding action like video power and captain n the video game masters and have higher ratings

You cannot even argue that this game is best! The N64 graphics & etc are perfect! I love this game no matter what. I especially love the story & crossover characters.

Oh yeah! The N64 days! The first game that I have to see the Nintendo characters fight each other on the T.V. screen! It was one of my favorite N64 games. - yamionthetrap

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8 Super Smash Flash 2

Should fan games really count? - Aidanisawesome

Kirby is great character in this game, good flying.

Falco has the best shine combos

9 Super Smash Bros N64

This item is the same as number 5

I don't have that game but its nice

10 Super Smash Bros. Crusade

The ability to customize the gameplay, your character, and the roster is incredible, despite the few scenarios and game modes, becomes a game quite addictive and perfect for casual players, each character has his own and even has a touch Different compared to other fan games and Smash games, no doubt deserves a great approval.

Smash fan game with a gigantic roster. Much easier to play than ssf2

Giant roster, amazing animation, easier than ssf2. Need I say more?

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11 Super Smash Flash

A Very Cool Flash Game - VideoGamefan5

12 Super Smash Bros. Switch

This game doesn't exist but it's super annoying when it crashes when I get to a video games to play with games on games and over games and I don't have the

This and Pokemon are the only reasons I'm buying a switch - TealBoyxx

Look at Ultimate now! - MissRWBY202

Aka Ultimate. - Qryzx

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13 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
14 Super Smash Bros 64

It started a beautiful franchise based on Autistic imagination.

15 Super Smash Bros Brawl: Project M

Clearly the best, Wario has Wario Land representation.

16 Super Smash Bros. Infinite


17 Super Smash Bros. Project M V 3.02

The new best game

18 Super Smash Sprite Edition
19 Super Smash Land


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