Top 10 Man United Heartbreaks of 2011-12

This will describe the heartbreaking moments I have watched this season. It was a fantastic season, but things just did not really work out in the end. So without further ado, let us look at what did not work out this season.
The Top Ten
1 The Aguero Goal

I remember tuning into the last matchday live with my family (we're all massive Man United fans). Some of us watched this game, others watched the game against Sunderland.

In the 90th minute, my uncle and dad were off celebrating because QPR were leading Man City 1-2. (And if QPR won, Man United would've won the league)

And then Man City scored two late goals. I found it embarrassing and heartbreaking at the time.

Yes, you know what I am talking about. That goal was the greatest heartbreak since god knows what for Man United. We got so close to grabbing the title. Full time at our game, 15 seconds after I look to the screen, silence and heartbreak at my pub. It was terrible. I will never forget that.

2 Man City 1-0 Man United

They leapfrogged us at the top for what had happened that night. An eight-point lead and we just blew it. (4-4) It was a three-week nightmare for us. That just gave them a chance.

3 Athletic Bilbao 2 - 1 Man United (5 - 3 on aggregate)

Getting knocked out of that group stage was one thing, but the Europa League round of 16 was another. It was just a massive humiliation known to mankind. They just outplayed us in both games. (2-3) We could not do anything about it.

4 Basel 2 - 1 Man United

No one expected it to happen, but it happened. We were knocked out in the Champions League group stage for the first time since god knows when. It was not a good feeling at all.

5 Liverpool 2-1 Man United

We could not win the treble and the fact that we beat Man City away and lost to Liverpool away was just beyond me. Especially from a late goal. It could have been worse though. (3-1) It was still a very bad feeling to be put with Liverpool and let us hope that it will not happen again.

6 Man United 1-2 Crystal Palace

It was just the Carling Cup, but it was humiliating. We lost to a Championship side at home. That was just an empty feeling. That just made me feel worthless about my team.

7 Man United 1-6 Man City

Our worst ever defeat since decades came at that very moment. The first half was good, (except Balotelli) but the second half was just awful. We had a man sent off and conceded three in four minutes. It was unforgettable and terrible.

8 Man United 2 - 3 Blackburn Rovers

It was New Years Eve and Ferguson's birthday and we lost at home to a bottom team (at that time) that was having problems. It was just a terrible performance by us. I thought we would thrash them, but they thrashed us. It was a complete turn around that day.

9 Man United 2 - 2 Benfica

It was a game that gave Benfica a chance to win the group and get us knocked out of the Champions League. Two scrappy goals made it a terrible performance by my team.

10 Man United 1-1 Newcastle United

They were just lucky. We could and should have won. It was not a penalty. Rio got the ball. We had like a gazillion chances in the end. It was a lucky escape for Newcastle United.

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