Top 10 Best Soccer Goals

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1 Maradona Goal of the Century

Maradona himself drove the ball through 8 players and then shot through the GK to the goal post. I know many people will say, 'That is an impossible thing in today's football' abd bla bla bla but this is goal to be remembered and it was a tough time at that moment too. This goal did make a mark in history. Easily the BEST goal of all time!

It's those iconic moments that make you the best player

That was amazing

Best Ever.. genius

2 Ibrahimovic Bicycle Goal From Halfway

This is the best player ever scoring the best goal ever

This is the best goal ever scored in a football match

Brilliant Goal by Zlatan Ibrahamovic. Lobbing it over easily, shows his taekwando skills. Check Z. Ibrahamovic taekwando goals on youtube

This deserves to be higher!

3 Roberto Carlos Impossible Goal Angle at Real

Best on the list and definitely in my top 3, but personally I think Rooney's goal overhead kick vs Man City a couple seasons back, is the best goal ever.

How can you match this amazing goal which will stand as the best goal in history. Roberto Carlos scored the banana kick

This one was impossible and he did it!

AHH! THIS GOAL IS NUTS! His angle was CRAZY! I don't know why he is not number one BUT I don't think he is better than messi and fernando torres

4 Pele's Plaque Goal

On March 5, 1961, Pele scored "The Goal of the Plaque. " Collecting the ball in his own penalty area, he beat the entire Fluminense team, dribbling the entire way without passing before scoring. A plaque at the entrance of Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro was put up honoring the goal as the "most beautiful" ever in its history.

I did not see this goal, but it must have been outstanding to watch.

This was just... amazing. Indescribable.

5 Zidane 2002 Champions League Goal
6 Mauro Bressan Bicycle Kick From the Halfway Line
7 Lionel Messi Goal vs Getafe

The best goal on the list especially for a 19 year-old. Messi is truly the best player on the planet and maybe even of all time? But I prefer Messi's goal vs Bilbao in the Copa del Rey Final. It was literately scientifically impossible!

Just how do you dribble past 5 players... And when almost all of them were trying to take the ball away from you at the same time... The answer is simple... You don't... Unless you're leo messi!

I'm sorry but this was basicly the goal of the century later in so this deserves to be tied for 1

This was really the best goal deserves to be number 1!

8 Maradona Fastest Goal Ever
9 George Best Wonder Goal
10 Roberto Carlos Best Freekick Ever At Brazil

how is this honest not number 1 this goal was a goal that scientists are studying and it was with the outside of his foot at 115 ft. away and going over 100 miles an hour! TI WAS SICK and could blow you out of your chair

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11 Pele Goal Over Chile 62
12 Ricardo Fernandes' Scorpion Kick
13 Van Basten Holland vs Germany Impossible Angle

Better than maradona goal of century

14 David Beckham Halfway Goal

one of the best goals I've ever seen

15 Pele Goal vs Santos Juventus
16 Fabrizio Miccoli Incredible Goal
17 Pele '58 World Cup Goal Over Sweden
18 Dejan Stanković From Half Way Lie
19 Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth

Surely this goal must be here? Poor old David James stood there helpless... it's like Ronaldo picked up the ball with his hands and put it into that top corner without anyone seeing it...

20 Ibrahimovic 6 Man Dribble
21 Ronaldinho Scissor Kick
22 James McFadden Long Range Strike

Spectacular goal against France.

23 Bergkamp Against Newcastle
24 Radamel Falcao Bicycle Kick
25 Jack Wilshere Goal vs Norwich City

This is from a teamplay-focused point of view the best goal I have ever seen.

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