Top 10 Portuguese Football (Soccer) Players of All Time

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1 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (born 5 February 1985) is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Serie A club Juventus and captains the Portugal national team.

Over the past 20 years, CR7 has proved that he is among the best in football. When he started off, people thought nothing of him but step overs and scissors. But one man, whom he called his football father, Sir Alex Ferguson, changed that by giving him the number 7. You might think of me silly, why would a mere number determine his worth? The answer is, that this number became his legacy. When people think of number 7's, eventually they will think of CR7 and his feats. How did a skinny poor boy become one of the best? How did he become the top goalscorer of all time? How did he win 5 ballon d'ors and 5 golden boots and 5 champions? He is hardworking. He is determined. He is one of the best.

C. Ronaldo's the best there is.
He's passionate about what he does and he does it the best. He's skills are incomparable to those of modern football players. Some might say he's just selfish but doing what he does best without the help of teammates and providing teammates with quality passes is not what should be called selfish. He's magnificent and a complete football player and most of all he's a true footballing icon and the one that can never be forgotten. A true legend.

's able to create and score from both wings, and through the middle. Despite his selfish tag, he makes his teammates better an they play on another level when he's on the pitch. He's tempered his use of the stepovers and trick, which allows them to work more effectively and saves him energy for the amazing counterattacking urges he does down the flanks.

CR7 is without doubt the most hard working and dedicated footballer of all time. Due to his hard work CR7 has become the world's best player for three years. His stats for Real Madrid are mind blowing he has scored over 30 goals than he has played games. He strongest attributes are in the air, and pace. Eusebio and Luis Figo are one of the greatest players ever, but they don't come close to CR7

2 Eusébio Eusébio da Silva Ferreira was a Portuguese footballer who played as a striker. Eusébio is considered by many as one of the greatest footballers of all time. During his professional career, he scored 733 goals in 745 matches.

Everyone who thinks Ronaldo should be voted as the best Portugese football player of all time, are part of the mind numbingly stupidly narcissistic selfie generation who doesn't even measure up to the last two heel studs of Eusebio's boot. Just compare Eusebio's performance in the big stages...the world club...he shined brightest when it mattered..Ronaldo sucked at every world cup he has played becasue he is just gas and plays for attention...a symptom of this seflie generation...Eusebio's legacy is on a world level whereas Ronaldo's is limited to a glitsy media pumped local club level...

While Ronaldo is highly skilled, I doubt many enjoy being his teammate. This current EC was just an insight into Ronaldo the person. Watch old footage of Eusebio, learn about his team play and maturity as a person and the vote will be simple.

You guys are joking. Eusebio is the greatest ever portuguese player. Only one even deserving to be mentioned in the same sentence with him when we're discussing " best portuguese player in the world is luis figo

Ronaldo is brilliant, and will likely win the poll as he is current. But Eusebio is one of the few players ever to be worthy of comparison with Pele and Maradona.
The others? Cruyff, Best, Beckenbauer, Puskas and I believe, Platini.

3 Luis Figo Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo, (born 4 November 1972) is a Portuguese retired professional footballer who played as a midfielder for Sporting CP, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. He won 127 caps for the Portugal national team, a record at the time but later broken by Cristiano Ronaldo. He more.

Figo put the F in fantastic. His skill with the ball is nearly flawless. His dedication and determination is just incredible. He is not just one of the best portugese players of all time he is one of the best football players of all time

There is no other that has it all - endless talent, class, tact, maturity, dedication (for the game, family, his nation). Not a sore loser when he doesn't win. No wonder he gets along with Messi and so many other greats. You won't find him crying like a baby like Ronaldo. But mostly... did I say INCREDIBLY TALENTED.

Gave a masterclass against England when Portugal came from behind to beat them in a fabuluous match. He was spraying balls all over the pitch, finding his team mates with some amazing passes.

Greatest skills I have ever seen. So much precision. Greatest footballer in the world by far.

4 Rui Costa

Rui costa's technique, vision and passing made him one of the best midfielders portugal ever produced.

Great technic and very intelligent player...

He as my last name

5 Nani

Nani is my idol, he is underrated, my favorite player to watch. I only say he is underrated due to the fact he has been compared to Ronaldo. If Ronaldo was not to be playing in the same Era has Nani I have no doubt Nani would have been seen as a better Portuguese soccer player comparably. At the peak of his health and top of his form he is one of the greatest players in portuguese history.

Good player Namibia
Deserves to be in the top 10.

When he is healthy

Better than the best

6 Ricardo Carvalho

The best defender in the world!

He should be 9th

7 Ricardo Quaresma

Amazing player, really unique.

Top 3 most talented football player of all time of football history

Could have been ahead of Ronaldo if he had taken footbal more serious, yet with goals and his teqchnique still one of the best

He should be in top 10

8 Pepe

Pepe raw. I went to an international game and he was the only player who signed autographs.

Pepe is actually a dirty fouler neymar is better than him obviously, please vote thumbs up for this

A good defender

9 Paulo Futre

He should be number 3! Cristiano Ronaldo? He sucks

In my opinion he is the best atletico madrid's best player ever

One of the best FC Porto, and of course Portuguese, players I've seen. Great techique

10 Deco

One of the best "10" of all-times, and the best to reach the portuguese football, the best Porto player ever

He is one of the legends

The Contenders
11 Andre Gomes

He is best player in the world I don't know who is Cristiano Ronaldo and why he is in the top spot

12 Joao Moutinho

Great player. A pure engine in the field and 5* passing skills.

Has a great shot

13 Vitor Baia
14 Pauleta

What a goal scorer he was. 47 international goals! Just a natural finisher

15 Fernando Peyroteo

Fernando Peyroteo was a great goalgetter born in Angola.
He played for Sporting L. and according to official stats he's the most prolific scorer in football history (544 goals in 344 official matches, RSSSF, the highest goalscoring rate of players with more than 300 matches).
But he career was in the 40s, a time without international tournaments.
He also preferred to remain in his country instead of playing abroad as he had the chance to do so.

Fernando Peyroteo is the most prolific scorer in football history (players with more 300 goals). His succesful career in the 1940s is a little known due to the WWII.
He was the National team coach in the 1960s (Eusebio had the best teacher to learn scoring).

The best goalscorer in the history of football. Score an average of almost 2 goals per game. But no one remembers him because he played in the 40's, in the age of World War, and when there's no T.V. , World Cup, Champions League...

No doubt portugals best scorer with 635 goals in 393 games compared to Eusebio's 638 goals in 614 games giving Peyroteu 1.62 goal medium per game amazing compared to Eusebio's 1.04

16 Fernando Chalana

I don't think that Chalana was the best, best he was great. He could get past an opponnent whithout dribling (literally speaking). He should be in the Top 5

17 Maniche

Best portuguese midfielder with great stamina and power capable of scoring goals.

Beast in midfield for Portugal in the 2000's, those wonder goals against the Netherlands he scored in euro 2004, then in world cup 2006, I would never forget

18 Nuno Gomes

He is the Best True Center Forward Portugal Ever Had. Portugal has good players in every position, but he is the only Portuguese player that is a center forward that is great at heading, receiving passes and finishing.

Nuno Gomes always score in decisive matchs. He is the most recognisable striker of Portugal with great heading and shooting capacity, and a good pace with nice movement off the ball.

Nuno Gomes is our best striker in 90/2000, scored so many important goals in different big tournements (U20 World Cup 1995, Atlanta Olympic 1996, Euro 2000, 2004, 2008, World Cup 2006).

Nuno Gomes the only Portuguese striker who relishes the big matches!

19 Fernando Couto

Much better than Pepe.

20 Coluna

He was another one of the greats! He played with Eusébio and was from the Portugese Colony of Mozambique too! He has been overlooked.

21 Fernando Gomes

Fernando Mendes Soares Gomes is a great striker in the history of FC Porto, where he played between 1974-1980 and 1982-1989. His nickname, "Bi-bota", was given after the two European Golden Boot awards he received, in 1983 and 1985 as top scorer of all European Championships.
Gomes retired with Portuguese League totals of 404 matches and 320 goals.
His tally in official games are 425 including him in the best 100 in football history.

22 Nene

He's passionate about what he does and he does it the best. He's skills are incomparable to those of modern football players. Some might say he's just selfish but doing what he does best without the help of teammates and providing teammates with quality passes is not what should be called selfish. He's magnificent and a complete football player and most of all he's a true footballing icon and the one that can never be forgotten. A true legend.

23 Paulo Sousa
24 Fábio Coentrão
25 João Vieira Pinto
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