Best Cyberspace Levels in Sonic Frontiers

I LOVE Sonic Frontiers. Despite having multiple issues, I would say this game was one of the greatest gaming experiences I had in a while. But one part of the game I was particularly surprised at how much I loved were the cyberspace levels. Some don't really like those, but me? I had mostly a lot of fun when playing those short linear side stages, and I love trying to get better and better at those stages. These are the best of those stages.
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1 2-6

This cyberspace level is based on Sky Rail from Sonic Adventure 2, and man is it fun! It's one of the longer cyberspace stages in the game, it's fun going through those rails, the are some shortcuts you can take as well as some optional paths with some rings, there are some speedrun opportunities here and there. Even the music is cool. It is without a doubt my favorite cyberspace level in Sonic Frontiers.

2 4-8

4-8 is the most fun original cyberspace level in the game. The main reason why is that like the infamous 1-2 it has a rather tight S rank, but on top of that it has some very interesting level design elements and shortcuts and tricks you can do. Also the music is called No Pain, No Gain, which makes it the perfect work out music lol.

3 3-3

This level is based on the 3D sections of modern Sky Sanctuary from Sonic Generations, and man is it a blast! With one of the best cyberspace musics in the game in my opinion, many places where you can put your air boost to use, many interesting multiple paths.

4 4-2

This is a really amazing original stage. It's fun trying to jump in the orange ring at the right time, I like having all those cars on the road, and let's not forget those good old alternate paths. 4-2 is just a really nice stage.

5 4-7

I love how many air dash opportunities there are in this stage. I also really like all the air propellers and it's a good stage to speedrun overall.

6 4-3

Honestly, I don't really know what to say about this stage other than the fact it is really fun, and also one of the more challenging cyberspace levels as well.

7 1-5

This is a level based on the 3D sections of modern Chemical Plant, and it is my favorite of the early cyberspace levels. Amazing music for some parties, many big shortcuts, and alternate paths, some cool setpieces here and there. It's a really cools stage overall.

8 4-1

This level is based on Metal Harbor from Sonic Adventure 2, and it's extremely solid. Very interesting level-design, one of my favorite cyberspace songs with how calm and then crazy it goes, the ending with the canon shot into the skateboard is cool, and one of the harder stages in the game. I overall quite love it.

9 1-2

1-2. The most infamous cyberspace level without a doubt. It's based on the 3D sections of Windmill Isle Act 2 from Sonic Unleashed, and honestly, on its own the stage seems just alright. However, there are two elements that makes this stage quite well known. First, Flowing, the music of 1-2 is without a doubt the most popular cyberspace song in Sonic Frontiers, and for very good reason. It is so damn catchy! But then again, the reason why this song is so popular is probably because players got to ear it for a while when trying to S rank this stage, which leads to the second reason why this stage is so infamous. This is THE hardest S rank in the whole game. You not only need to have pretty flawless play when trying to get the S rank in that stage, but you have to implement at least some tricks to go faster, whether it's trying to avoid killing enemies to kill them, air boosting to take shortcuts, or even use the homing attack boost cancel if you really want to shave some time off. That really hard S rank time is the reason why it's one of the best cyberspace levels in the game.

10 1-7

This level is based on the iconic City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, and it has multiple really fun tricks and shortcuts to take. And overall very fun level with even some cool music. I should also mention that this is the first level you show people how useful the homing attack boost cancel can be, since you can skip most of the stage with that trick. I even pulled it off myself, and it was fun.

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