Top 10 Sonic Villains that Most Need to Be Re-Imagined (Not Scrapped)

This list is about Sonic villains that haven't exactly lived up to their full potential. Please note that any villain from Sonic can be on here because there are always more ways to make the villain appealing. Please comment on why you voted for a villain or why you submitted one. Though it means nothing to most, I would still like to hear what you have to say, because your opinion matters to me.
The Top Ten
1 Zavok

Since he seems to be the most popular of the Deadly Six, his backstory should be the most appalling. Perhaps he lived with his "not-so-beautiful," caring mother and his "handsome," abusive father. His mother loved his father despite his abuse and always told the 4-year-old Zavok not to worry because his father loved him. However, one day, when he returned home after leaving to get food, he found his mother lying on the floor, beaten to near death, while his father was nowhere to be seen. He could make out her whispered words, "Come to me."

As he knelt beside her, she told him that he held the power of fire in his heart and that he had to run away before his father got back, or his father would blame him. Zavok didn't want to leave, but he had to.

Struggling alone in the Lost Hex, Master Zik found him and took him in. He trained Zavok in martial arts, taught him discipline, and helped him unlock his ability to control fire. Zavok promised Zik that he would never let anything happen to him. He trained his physical and mental abilities to the max, but it was never enough for him. He continued to push to grow stronger.

For eighty years (not long for a Zeti), Zavok had the father he always needed. When Eggman arrived with the Cacophonous Conch, Master Zik sacrificed himself to Eggman, allowing Zavok to escape. Zavok swore revenge on Eggman and promised to train five other Zeti with special powers like his own to stop Eggman. However, Zavok knew they would need to find a way to take the Cacophonous Conch away from Eggman if they were to have any hope.

That is when he learned of Sonic. Zavok used his wits to recruit five other Zeti who were up to the task. Each was motivated by a different desire, so he had to train each in a unique way. Sometimes, he had to leave his comfort zone and try something different to teach them to perfect their skills.

After training each one, Zavok tricked Sonic and his friends into believing that Eggman was... more

2 Zeena

She is the typical teenage girl stereotype and needs more depth. Maybe a backstory? Maybe she acts that way because her mother raised her to believe beauty is the most important thing, even though she doesn't want to be that way. She feels it isn't right, but she still behaves like that. In this way, her lines could be more self-conflicting.

For example, "Ugh, you'll pay for that! Right after - no. I-I've got a job to do. Zavok gave you an order, Zeena. You can worry about your nails later. Family comes first!"

3 Master Zik
4 Zazz
5 Zor

There has to be a reason why he's depressed all the time. He can't remain a one-dimensional stereotype.

6 Zonom
7 Eggman Nega

Maybe he could be the ruler of Silver's future world. Now that Iblis is gone, that could be the reason why Silver's world is all ash and flames with very little water due to environmental pollution from his factories.

8 Lyric
9 Erazor Djinn
10 Infinite

All they need to fix is his mental breakdown about being called weak. He should be more upset that his squad was killed by Shadow instead of just getting insulted and becoming a villain.

He's not too bad. He just has some aspects of his personality that need editing.

The Contenders
11 Heavy King
12 Black Doom
13 Enerjak

Enerjak needs to appear in more comics, as he is beginning to be forgotten. He also needs a better origin story.

Yeah, nobody reads the comics anymore, so the characters need a comeback.

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