Worst Sonic Characters

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1 Princess Elise III Princess Elise the Third (ソレアナ公女エリス3世, Soreana Kōjo Erisu 3-sei, literally "Soleanna Princess Elise the Third") is one of the main characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Good side of Sonic 06: Funny glitches, Shadow kicking Silver in the head, amazing soundtrack, originally planned to be a revolutionary Sonic game.
Bad side of Sonic 06: Crap story except maybe Shadow's story, no autosave, mach speed sections can be a pain in the ass, PRINCESS ELISE III.

Elise has a more similar personality to Princess Peach compared to Amy Rose who is more simalar in personality towards the hermaphrodite Birdo.

In some other Mario & Sonic franchises such as "Mario Power Karate/Sonic Super Tae Kwon Do/Mega Man Judo Open/Pac-Man Kung Fu Tournament" Mario's main rival will still be Sonic, Luigi's main rival being Amy Rose, Princess Peach (who will barely be in this game)'s main rival being Dr. Eggman (who will kind of be in this game), Princess Daisy od Sarasa Land's main rival being Miles "Tails" Prower, Wario's main rival being Silver the Hedgehog, Waluigi's main rival being Silver the Hedgehog, Bowser's main rival being Knuckles the Echidna, Yoshi's main rival being Blaze the Cat, Bowser Jr. 's main rival being Vector the Crocodile, Donkey Kong's main rival being Storm the Albatross, Toad (of the Mushroom Kingdom)'s main rival being Sally Acorn, Rosalina's main rival being Jet the Hawk, Diddy Kong's main rival being Rouge the Bat, Birdo's main ...more

Princess Elise is a terrible, shallow, dull, and helpless character with no purpose at all. Sonic 06 tries to make her a big deal, and how she can grow into a strong queen, but she literally is getting carried around by Sonic every 2 seconds because she can't help herself. She doesn’t care about what sonic needs and his friends because she literally was like: after you do defeat egg man, you’ll leave? Won’t you? Of course he’s gonna leave! Sonic doesn’t just exist to help you! And to top everything off, she actually kissed Sonic. In front of Amy Rose?! She is horrible and infuriating and needs to get her face checked because she is ugly as heck!

Elise is a spoiled, unworthy princess who gets captured more than Princess Peach in 7 Mario games. She doesn't care for the people for Soleanna or the world, and she has feelings for a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, yet everyone says that sweet, optimistic, and adorable Amy Rose is creepy. My god is such a diva who just wants to to make out with Sonic. SHE MAKES ME SICK!

2 Chris Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke is a fictional character and the main human protagonist of the Anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by Sega, Sonic X.

Chris Thorndyke made Sonic X a living nightmare to watch. For one thing, let me just say: he is completely useless. He has barely done anything to do something to help Team Sonic. The only thing I can say he did was get into shadows head a little on the Space Colony ARK.
For another thing, his voice is like a bunch of tiny daggers in your ears. He’s always whining: hey where’s sonic, sonic, sonic sonic! Stopppppp!
Chris always felt like he was like the coolest thing around, parading with the gang, but he’s not. He was there because Sonic tolerated him.
Overall Chris was an uneducated, gay, whining mess.

Chris is most definitely the worst character in Sonic history. He, in my point of view, was completely unnecessary. In Sonic X he was supposed to be some type of important character, which he really wasn't. As far as I'm aware he wasn't really needed. The only important thing he did in the show was when he convinced Shadow to help save the world. However this was totally unnecessary considering the fact originally Amy was the one who persuaded Shadow to save the world. Besides that all he really does whine.
Seriously, anything this brat did, an original sonic could do.

Chris. Is. The. Most. Worthless. Character. Ever.

He's Sonic's new best friend, right? One problem with that SEGA. TAILS IS SONIC'S BEST FRIEND AND ALWAYS WILL BE NOT SOME BRATTY RICH KID. He also takes mostly all his lines from Tails and Amy, making Tails a useless character, and making Amy be a short-tempered psycho. LITERALLY.

In Japan, Season 3 of Sonic X wasn't even aired, because it was losing popularity BECAUSE OF CHRIS. Take that, Chris. You just got stabbed in the back by SEGA.

The only reason he was added was so the audience could know about Sonic without playing the games. However, SEGA doesn't even make him more powerful or smart so he becomes part of the main plot, and steals other character's lines. Not to mention because of that, and due to the fact that you're in his perspective, he becomes the main character. Sonic is only shown without Chris sometimes, when HE SHOULD BE THE MAIN CHARACTER.

He also says the most retarded things, and becomes ...more

I adore Christopher. Sure, he may not have super powers or be the strongest, but I still like him. This is because he was raised wealthy yet with neglectful parents. Despite this being a mistake by his parents and having many friends, Christopher wanted to do so much more and would do anything to but couldn't. He was under servalence all his life and just wanted to more than play with toys and just sit around all day. He was determined to explore and have a great adventure yet he could never do that. He was the type of boy that could never ask of anything like this since he was a shy boy who would never want to ask to much of anything due to curtesy of others and that is respectable. So when Christopher decided to keep sonic here when he was about to go home was because Christopher was a boy who just wanted a normal family who would take him to see the world and just feel some love rather that be neglected. So this is why I adore him. I think there is much more to Christopher and SEGA ...more

3 Omochao

Sonic Adventure: Omochao is ruining the whole game basically by being unnecessarily bossy around Sonic the Hedgehog and tellin us everything we know.

Sonic Adventure 2: Omochao is making the game disturbing and this is why I do not like to play as sonic the HEdgehog in Sonic Adventure 2.

All other games, Omochao always sucks.

To quote Half Baked: "Boo this man! Boooooooooo!" Every time I play a damn Sonic game, this... thing pops up and tells me what to do. It sucks! It ruins my gameplay experience with Sonic games! The worst offender is definitely Omochao in Sonic Heroes. He is now way, way more annoying in this game than in Sonic Adventure 2, where there is Omochao on the MENU SCREEN! God! His voice in this game is no better! At least in Sonic Adventure 2, he does sound childlike, but in Sonic Heroes, he sounds like a slutty Las Vegas showgirl that swallowed helium! More like boo this toy. Because omocha means "toy" in Japanese.

Oh no not him in every game I used to play was him in it he is so annoying like come on who needs this guy to tell me some thing to do I rather have a sign in the game like from Mario 63 there were signs why not do that SEGA. Cause seriously this guy got to go.

Hello! I'm omochao! An unhelpful navi ripoff that's even more annoying than she is, and at least she's an option! At least navi helps you with things, while I just act like an annoying versio of the instructions manual! I'm so bad, the game designers made me a weapon!

4 Big the Cat

What's Big doing here? I like him and his design is cute! He reminds me of Totoro. And yes, he's likeable in the Sonic X anime, not so much in the games. I hate the fishing stages in Sonic Adventure with a burning passion.

Hey! Leave Big alone! You guys are forgetting how great he can be for the series! He's not stupid, just a umm... let's say a slow thinker, yeah. Oh yeah, he's probably the STRONGEST character in the series, and he might be lazy but will always jump into action for his friends, and oh did I mention Froggy doesn't run away on purpose? In SA1, he swallowed a Chaos Emerald and started acting weird, In Sonic Heroes, He was kidnapped by Neo Metal Sonic, In Sonic Colors DS, Big lost track of him, and in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, he stayed with Big. See? Don't I make a good point?! Ops almost forgot! He also has enhanced speed, so he can keep up with Sonic.

In my opinion, Big is the most useless and annoying sonic character of all time. His voice drives my up a wall and he literally makes me want to scream he’s SOOOO annoying! Like get up and work out, geez, and learn how to talk! How in the world could do incredibly smart girls (Amy and Cream) be on a team with this MORON?! SEGA please EXPLAIN WHY HE EVEN EXISTS WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL IN MAKING HIM?!

Okay, Big, in my opinion is a complete waste of space. All he ever does is lose Froggy, not to mention the fishing levels are really boring. He is in my Top 3 least favourite Sonic characters, whoever thought that this would be a good idea is a complete retard.

If there's one thing that I could've done to any of the Sonic games, it would be to take out Big and Froggy permanently from the franchise altogether and put in Julie-Su as a replacement. We could have Sonic Adventure 1 and for Sonic Adventure 2 I could've had a different plot about the Dark Legion, Julie-Su, Lien-the and all the others and we'd see Julie-Su join Sonic's group. Yes, it might be too dark for a kid's franchise, but at least we wouldn't be putting up with this tub of lard.

Sonic Adventure 3 would have the original SA2 plot with Shadow, Rouge and the ARK. All in all. I hate Big. End of story.

5 Amy Rose Amy Rose is a fictional character in SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality, and is infatuated with the series' main character, Sonic. She serves as the first playable female character in the series.

How come any hedgehog she hugs turns out to be not Sonic? She did that with Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2, Silver in Sonic 06, and Werehog Sonic (who actually IS Sonic) in Sonic Unleashed. Just let that sink in. Amy is a perverted freak.

Amy is just a rude jerk. She is a hypocrite too. She used to be a good character back in Sonic Adventure 2 but ever since Sonic X, she's been nothing but a narcissistic divalike ass. Pushing tails around like a doormat just because he's nice, abusing knuckles, threatening cosmo, forces people to agree with her and then you still Call her "cute"? Oh yeah, and most of the time she kept calling knuckles and sonic "idiots" but what is she? She cannot tell the difference between Sonic, Shadow & Silver when they're clearly not the same hedgehog. She uses violence to everything instead of actually finding a strategy. Another thing that makes amy such a hypocrite is she Said "you really should thank sonic for saving you life, after all, you were the idiot here" even though knuckles saved amy TWICE before she Said that and she did not thank him once. Instead she just jumped on Sonic and kept being rude to him. Ungrateful brat

Okay, I HATE fangirls! Amy is just so full of herself! For example, if she wins in Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games she says "THAT'S RIGHT, I'M THE BEST! " God! Her character design made her so unlikable! She is not sweet or cute, she is stroppy and annoying! If she loses she tucks herself into a ball and CRIES! She is a crazy pink hedgehog that doesn't even do anything important! A lot like cream she doesn't even help sonic, she just sits there wondering if he is okay! SHE IS SO USELESS! (Cream was a close second by the way) I honestly don't know why Sega added her at all

GRRR stop hating on her!
She gets so much hate because of how the Sonamy fanbrats made her out to be! I personally dislike Sonamy, I think it's highly unrealistic, but Amy being a good character isn't!

6 Sally Acorn

Oh, where to start? She is entitled beyond all belief. And I DOn't ship Sonamy, let me get that straight. She’s a complete and total show off and is OBSESSED with Sonic. The idea that this brat actually dated and even married Sonic makes me mad. I want someone with more of a personality (and doesn’t look like a stripper) to be with him. I, so glad Sally Acorn is NOT in the games

To be quite frank, Sally seems to have a lack of personality in my point of view. In my opinion her character is bland. I think she would've been an enjoyable character had she acquired a well-rounded personality. Pertaining to the issue of her choice of clothing (A.K.A. vest and boots) I don't particularly mind that, but it would have been better if she actually wore clothing instead of a vest like the rest of the female cast. I mean, take a look at other females in Sonic. The others actually wear a dress or pants and a shirt. In that issue I really don't understand the idea behind her lack of real clothes because it really doesn't make her look respectable in any way, shape, or form to me.

Sally Acorn was a bland character. Not to mention she was a total Mary Sue who had no flaws, not to mention she doesn’t really wear clothes. Female sonic characters usually wear clothes, but not Sally.

Am I the only one who has noticed that most of the people hating for her are either because of the SonAlly ship, or because of Amy? Guess what haters, Sally and Sonic aren't in a relationship anymore, so you can calm yourselves. As with Amy, Sally was never mean to Amy. Amy was immature and unready to be a Freedom fighter back then (Now she's a good Freedom fighter, hence why Sally accepted her). And before you complain about Tails and Cream, Tails didn't have much of a choice. The Freedom Fighters raised him since he was a baby and they were very few, so they all needed to know how to defend themselves. Besides, no offense intended to Amy, but Tails had more potential to be a good fighter. And Cream, Cream is obedient and would follow orders without hesitation (Amy would insist. That's not bad but it may have put her in danger. Tails wouldn't have obeyed either because he probably would sneak into action), this assured Cream will be able to stay safe. Besides, Cream was involved in ...more

7 Charmy Bee

One thing I notice is that many Sonic Characters who are unpopular/disliked the most are Kids. This Includes Charmy, Cream, and Amy. But what most people fail to realize is that Charmy is only 6, and the reason he is so hyper and loud and outspoken is because he's A KID. Many Sonic Characters themselves are Teens or Children, Sonic included. All kids act the way Amy nags, Charmy's Hyperactivity, and Cream's spoiled behavior can all be rightfully blamed due to age and stereotypes of how they behave. So before you start hating on them, think about that.

Its Charmy Bee. No one seriously cared about him, a majority of the games that had him tended to be terrible, the comics were even worse when involving him (there's an LSD trip, an origin story involving the typical Eggman going genocide and the insect gets damn amnesia with "copyright removal" girlfriend as a bonus)

Come on, people! Charmy's not that bad...He's only 6 years old, that's why he acts so hyperractive and childish! He's also adorable and not a useless character. Charmy gets so much undeserved hate...He has the right to be a free bee! Go Charmy!

When I was 7 years old I thought Charmy it's girl (because he has a voice look alike girl). He still very young (like Cream and Tails) BUT why in Archie version, they (Archie Comic) make Charmy had wife?!

8 Eggman Nega

I don't know why he's on worst villains. I LIKE HIM. He's calm, yet crazy and has more to offer the series as a whole. He should be the ruler of Silver's future world. There now he's successful.

When people think of the worst Sonic character (games only), they often say Big The Cat or Princess Elise III. But they often overlook Eggman Nega considering how overshadowed he is by Dr. Eggman. Eggman Nega is the worst Sonic character (yep, worse than Big and Elise, because at least they are original and didn't take their personalities or clone them from another character! ). They just had to copy the bad guy from another dimension (when yet Blaze looks nothing like Sonic and Marine looks nothing like Tails), just cloning him, changing his look and adding Nega does not make him any better >:(

First off no comment Eggman is Eggman no matter what name no one likes him Him any way so... I didn't care really.

He is the descendant of Dr. Robotnik, but he hangs around in an alternate dimension. How odd. He seems to have a confusing history.

9 Froggy

How'd he even get on here? Besides being Big's "companion" he really hasn't done much to have people make opinions about him, despite his annoying game where you have to fish for him.

Lets be honest here, Froggy was more important than Big

Just why is he rated he is nothing but a plain wall too rate

No this froggy is good know why? It gets away from big yea...

10 Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.

Let me just say, I HATE the Shadow the Hedgehog we have today. I mean, the Shadow back in the day like in SA2 and in Heroes wasn't like this. I mean, he was still moody, but at least that wans't his ONLY emotion, like geez, the guy now is terrible.
All he ever does is walk around calling everyone pathetic. He's SO overrated, and for what? Silver and Sonic are much better characters.
Look, I LOVE his old character, but I don't like who he is now.

Errrr...okay. This guy.
I like him. I really do. Or, I guess I liked who he used to be: introverted, determined, and brave. Now he's just a sulky snob who walks around taunting Sonic, like OMG just stop! Sega ruined him

It bugged me so much when he became more popular than characters that came before him that are more important to the series, such as Tails and Knuckles, which, in my humble opinion, are better characters. Shadow is also cliched considering that Sonic already has an anti-hero in the form of Knuckles and a rival/evil-counterpart in the form of Metal Sonic. The Shadow fandom is also horrendous and they have many misconceptions of him and constantly get into fights with one another about the character. His "Chaos Control! " line is starting to get annoying and it makes Navi's "Hey! Listen! " much more worth listening to.

Now, I have no problem with Shadow being Rouge's love interest, or with his appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 being his only role in the series since the bittersweet ending for him would have made more sense if he didn't come back, but ever since he was revived, he took away the spotlight from all the other characters and this spotlight stealing is what caused the ...more

He was pretty likable until he got his own game. I'm going to get eaten alive on this site for saying all of this, but he's nothing special. He's just the cliché, loner anti-herowith an attitude. They gave him amnesia and a past with Maria to make him slightly sympathetic. He's no better than Vegeta or Dark Pit. He contributes absolutely nothing to this series. It just bores me when I hear him say "Behold! I'm the Ultimate Life Form! " or some stupid stuff like that. His "fans" don't really help improve my opinion of him either. It takes a lot to make an anti-hero character likable and Shadow has none of it. Even Cream, Big or Chris are more likable than he is. Sick of his character, sick of his look, sick of his fanboys, I'm sick of him. PERIOD.

The Contenders
11 Silver the Hedgehog

This guy is beyond infuriating in every sense of the word. His gameplay is sluggish and boring, his boss fight is rip-your-hair-out irritating, and personality/writing wise, he is one of the worst characters I've seen in my entire life. His positive qualities (caring, loves justice, etc. ) are already a part of Sonic's personality and to a lesser degree. And frankly, his positive qualities rarely show because this guy is so stupid that it just baffles me! He's always getting in SONIC's way for being the Iblis Trigger but doesn't suspect that (spoilers ahead, but do you care? ) Elise was the one who cried and Mephiles was the one who killed him?! There are so many things that this moron misses that should be clear to a casual observer, but he's too stupid to figure anything out unless it's spelled out for him. Stop trying, Silver, because IT'S NO USE!

I don't hate silver because of Sonic 06. I hate him because of his personality. Throughout this entire game, all he does is WHINE. While I understand he's wining "because of his future", it doesn't change the fact that he does almost nothing through the game. He barely does anything with his powers. Let's not forget that he is willing to kill pretty much anyone with the name Sonic, just to save his future.
Now I'm sure your thinking "BUT MEPHILIS TRICKED HIM! DON'T BE HATING! " Silver didn't HAVE to go back. He didn't have to kill anyone. He took the advise of mephilis anyway, without thinking of the reprocussions. Oh, not to mention that he looks for blaze the entire game, but everyone whines when Amy looks for sonic (though silver isn't as obsessive as Amy).
This is why silver is awful.

You’re kidding me, right? Silver is actually on this list? He may have been introduced in sonic 06 but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad character! And wouldn’t you be a little confused and emotional if your home was in ruins and was constantly being attacked and nobody cared to tell you why?! He may be a bit naive and stupid sometimes, and acts a bit rash, but he has a different story from the rest of everyone else.

I get the fact that he tried to kill sonic, but remember, mephiles made him do it. he convinced silver that the only way to save the future was to destroy the past. plus he can levitate objects, including himself. so, I don't want him on this list.

12 Sonia the Hedgehog

I don't find Sonia bad actually, besides being a snooty princess. But at times, the snooty princess role actually works, and adds a bit of comedy to Sonic Underground and makes me laugh! The only thing I don't really approve of is her voice actor. Believe it or not, it's a male! Jaleel White, who was once Sonic's voice actually, took on the role. I'd be a bit more comfortable if Sonia's voice was a bit more feminine. Of course, if anyone else's opinion is different, I'm fine with that! Thanks for reading. ^^

What's wrong with Manic the hedgehog so if you hate Sonia and Manic than you may as well hate Sonic too

You guys here your self sonia if she were better she could.be Amy's best friend other than cream and cheses and.manic just needs a upgrade he would.be better if he were cool looking like sonic but green a awesome vEST mandar and like sonic shoes but different but un mainly aiming on sonia. Any way

Sonia sounds like a smaller pinker version of marge from the Simpsons.

13 Marine the Raccoon

Me playing Sonic Rush Adventure:
"The Tornado got hit, I'm on a random-ass island, and some girl's poking me with a stick..."
Marine: How are ya mate?
Me: Gyyaaaa! Uh, hi.
Marine: Ya gotta come see this ripper jet ski I built for ya, mate!
Me: Oh thanks. You're Australian, aren't you?
Marine: Nah! (Slaps me really hard.)
Now get on me ship! I'll be the skipper!
Me: I hate you with every inch of my body.

I love Marine! Why is she on here? She's so cute and has a cool water power and is so CUTE! Her voice isn't annoying and that is offensive to me because my accent is just like marine's.

That raccoon only appeared in sonic rush together with blaze she's is very crazy and talks and talks nonsense she's has an annoying voice not as annoying as charmy bee

She only appeared for 1 game and that was about it. She had nothing good about her in rush adventure and the fact she replaced Cream was ridiculous.

14 Rouge the Bat

Her gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 is the worst in the series. The only reasons why her gameplay is worse than Knuckles, would be Mad Space and Security Hall. Her character is also very annoying in cutscenes and overall bland. The worst thing in the entire Sonic franchise including 06, Boom, Big The Cat, Werehog, and Sonic R.

Why is she even on this list?! This list is for the really, REALLY, dumb people! I think Rouge deserves a little more credit than you people are willing to give her.

In Sonic heroes if you use the first person camera as shadow or omega and stare at her for a couple of seconds, she'll look at you and wink. It seems creepy to me.

You I-D-I-O-T. Why is one of the coolest characters in the whole series on the list of worst sonic characters?

15 Black Doom

Ahhh~ the creepy, cliche, hypocritical alien Black Doom. We all need our daily dose of creepy-cliche-hypocritical alien everyday, don't we? :/ Do be honest, I think he should have gotten higher on this list. No doubt about it, he's useless, the easiest boss fight in the world, and has a voice that sounds like a Darth Vader wannabe. Not only does he make zero sense, but he'll literally make Shadow kill his own men for no apparent reason. He's also the WORSE choice for a character to be Shadow's "father" (oopsies! Spoliers! E-e) To keep it short, I find him very unoriginal and just a horrible character in general. But, if anyone disagrees, I'm fine with that, I just thought I'd share my opinions. Thanks for reading. ^^

Very boring villain WAY more boring than Egghead probably the most boring villain in any media =/

The only thing good about him is his design but still he sucks

Hmm... Black Doom... He's Shadow's father, and he tried to kill Shadow... yup, Black Doom is the worst!

I think black doom on kinda a cool villain in shadow the hedgehog

16 Lyric

Utterly dumb name for an antagonist.

Of course, the snake has to be the bad guy.

Like game, Like character.

Lyric is plat out stupid

17 Cream the Rabbit

Can I please point something out about Cream? I get that you all are annoyed with fan girls who can’t defend themselves, but may I please say that 1, cream isn’t a fan girls. And 2, she can’t defend herself because she is a literal CHILD.

I hate it when people pair her with Tails or even Fox McCloud. She does not deserve any of them and is too young for a relationship. Fox already has Krystal in the Star Fox series (knowing I hate crossover ships) while Tails already has Zooey in Sonic Boom, formerly Cosmo in Sonic X before she sadly died.

Yes, yes, yes. I'm so sick of seeing Cream everywhere. She's not even that of a good character (Tails ripoff gameplay-wise), and her existence just inspired people to want to do something nasty to her, which is not okay. Fans think she's hot when she's not. (She's only 6, people)

But she's a 7 year old girl. She's polite unlike Amy. But the problem is, she's so broken in Sonic Advance 2 that you could just beat the final boss in just 1 minute. Anyhow I love Cream and a gory death is too extreme on an innocent girl.

18 Ella

Seriously? If you hate this character because she's fat and human, that just makes you shallow and racist. Humans can be accepted in the Sonic world too; I mean really, human characters like Eggman and Maria exist for a reason. And why the hell would you hate someone due to them being fat? These people are messed up individuals...

She's an ugly stereotype character, who makes human characters in the Sonic Series seem bad. Probably the inspiration for Unleashed Humans & overall worse than Chris.

Who ever says someone is fat is retarded. You don't call people fat for no reason

But always praise her Spanish accent which is not just stereotypical.

19 Sticks the Badger

She's honestly a tad demeaning to anyone who suffers from actual mental illness. I'm getting real sick of these 'OooOOoOoOo, I'm crazy because it's edgy! ' characters. People with actual mental issues tend to have reasons for them, and creating characters where their insanity is the butt of every joke just continues the social stigmas about mental illness that lead so many people, including/especially kids and teens (you know, the audience that this is projected at), into suicide. I though better of Sega. I know they're not the best writers, but I would have at least thought they'd have the best interest of kids in mind, as again, that's their target audience. She completely ruins the otherwise great show that is Sonic Boom.

Her voice is insanely annoying and she serves no real purpose in the sonic universe please delete her character form existence,

I Can't Believe She's Lower Than Shadow, Rogue, And Silver, I Mean Whoever Made This List Is A Moron, This List Is Too Much Based On The Cartoons, Hey Morons, SONIC IS A GAME FRANCHISE!, If You Want To Talk About Sonic X Make A Whole Different List, See This Is The Reason I Can't Enjoy Any sonic Cartoons, You Haters Make It Hard

She's mean to Tails whenever he does something by accident when it comes to his machines. I always felt sorry for Tails whenever he accidentally does something he doesn't mean to do, and Sticks is just an unlike able ass!

20 Dr. Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

This is an original! If Eggman didn't exist, Sonic would be nothing. Where is the action, irony, and fighting? He has an incredible voice actor and without him, there is no antagonist. You can't just hate someone because of some annoying line. (More the merrier) because there are others too (It's no use, long time no see, etc. ) Dr. Eggman is amazing!

In shadow the hedgehog the game on the GameCube and ps2 version when you finish the mad matrix stage there is a boss fight against the egg breaker I heard the mad matrix version is the hardest to defeat the egg breaker and whenever you fall on the ground he says this "YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY THE MORE THE MERRIER"over and over again

Bowser vs. Eggman

Both are top 10 on their respective, main top 10 worst characters in their franchise lists (Bowser as top 10 on "Top 10 Worst Mario Bros. Characters" and Dr. Eggman on "Worst Sonic Characters"). Well, for now, of course.

King Bowser wins by a 7/10 score.

Dr. Eggman loses by a 2/10 score. Sonic Adventure ruined him.

In shadow the hedgehog the game the egg breaker in the mad matrix version whenever you fall off of something he always says this "YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY THE MORE THE MERRIER! " over and over again

21 Julie-Su Julie-Su is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics.

Why is she only 91? She's as bad or worse a mary sue than Sally Acorn!

Yeah, she should be right up there with Sally.

She even has Su (Like Sue) in her Name.

She is a good sister to Silver.

22 Infinite

I actually like Infinite, but he SUCKED really bad. He could’ve gone so far as a villain, could’ve killed Sonic right on the spot. He could’ve made the universe into his masterpiece, taught Shadow a lesson after what he did to him, could’ve done a lot of things, but because of his arrogance he held back, convinced he was going to win anyway.

Infinite is a great character! Sure, he had flaws, but other than that at least he an actual reason to become a villain. His entire team was destroyed overnight and he got kicked in the face. That's embarassing and enough to traumatize or anger a person. And, instead of sitting around and moping that Shadow wiped his reputation out, Infinite decided to stand up for himself. He didn't just cry that he lost his squad and his pride, no, he actually pulled his ass off the ground and got to work. Look at what he did; he destroyed cities, committed mass genocide and partially took control of most of the world side-by-side with Eggman. THIS character right here, did all of that. It's what you call a decent villain. Not perfect, of course (I won't deny Infinite's dumb mistake of letting Sonic go), but he is decent.

There are rumors going around that there might be a Forces 2. If so, I hope Infinite returns. Along with other characters, he deserves more spotlight.

He COULD'VE killed Sonic if his ARROGANCE didn't get in the way... However, he IS truly awesome and has a look about him like... "You wanna go bro? Fine. Hope there's some of you left to clean up the mess afterwards."

he's not a mephiles rip-off. he's one of my favortie sonic villains. "I will burn your resistance to ashes, and you along with it!" give him more respect

23 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is one of Eggman’s fastest and most powerful creations. Programed to be better than Sonic in any aspect possible, he can shoot electro balls, shoot electricity downward, do a boost, and make himself invincible. He fight’s Sonic each time he gets stronger, and when he gains enough power, ...read more.

Formerly one of my favorite evil doppelgangers besides Shadow the Hedgehog... But then Heroes came. Giving him a voice and emotion wasn't really that cool in my opinion (the Sonic OVA Metal Sonic could mop the floor with you, bucko! Please make OVA's Metal Sonic canon SEGA! D:). Welp, other than that, I really don't have much to say about him. I'm fine if you guys have your own opinions, but that's just what I think about this guy. Thanks for reading. ^^;

Metal is the best sonic robot hands down. close seconds are shard and omega

Dude.. Metal Sonic it's the finest enemy/rival/boss in sonic series video games.And anyway,his appearance doesn't bother me.

How can he be annoying if I have honestly never heard him say anything?

24 Chip

ok I get that he is like omochao but he had a pretty important role. he was able to defeat dark gaia with the help of sonic, and then he saved him from dying.

Chip, that stupid, self centered, whinny, raccoon
That's Marine. It's even under here as 'Marine the raccoon'.

Chip is a guardian of the world who was that... Squirrel bunny mix thing. Anyways, he was awesome unlike that dumb raccoon.

Why the hell do you guys dislike him? He's a pretty good character.

Chip, that stupid, self centered, whinny, raccoon.

25 Zomom

"HEY! WHO YOU CALLIN' FAT? " Hee hee~ I just love Zomom (even though his crewbies are without a doubt "one dimensional"). He gives the Sonic Lost World's cut scenes a good percentage of their comedy. However I can see why people find him annoying, and I respect your opinions. Thanks for reading! (...Man, thinking of him makes me hungry for a sub...)

I love sonic lost world. But this thing or character (I don't even know what it is) is annoying. He should be lower on the list

I agree, Zomom is awesome! Who put him on the list.he should be 1 on the best list! He is funny and cool. Stop hating on Zomom

I don't like him. Sorry :/

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