Top Ten Most Boring Total Drama Campers

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1 B

He is a good character but we don't know anything about him, plus he doesn't talk.

I wish he knew more about them that's why I voted for B.

He's not bad he's just plain.

B is amazing! And not boring!

2 Ezekiel

What did this guy do just get voted out? All he does is keep coming back into the show we know like nothing about him besides him turning into a zombie and being homeschooled. Maybe if she stopped trying the show would be better. He knows nothing that's why he got out first two times. Zeke has no personality either and he's just a character some people feel sorry for.-Star Lord Out

Star Lord Out shut up and stop writing hate comments about this poor guy! Like you commented on him millions of times and you keep saying the same thing just shut up!

Plain boring! What did this guy even do?! He begins season one with barley any lines and no personality. The only thing we know about him is being homeschooled. Zeke should never exist! He can burn in fire. Ugly Zeke. This character severs nothing for the sorry like and should honestly be removed-Star Lord Out

Plain boring! What does this guy even do?!? He begins season one with barely any lines barely any personality the only thing describing him is homeschooling? He is literally a joke of a character being eliminated incredibly fast and also being just this minor, mutated antagonist in TDROTI, the character serves nothing for the sorry line and should honestly be removed- Star Lord Out

3 Justin

Ahh Justin! The typical hot guy had no limes in the first season but became manipulative character in season 2. He got so upset when nobody found him "No Longer Hot" and he's a poop character. All of the joke and hated characters should honestly be removed. If he looked handsome maybe people would like him and he'll be a good character. I only hate him-Star Lord Out

Ahh Justin! The guy had absolutely no lines in the first series but became a incredibly manipulative character in season 2! However he was downplayed harshly and took a serious beating with everyone saying he was "No longer hot" and the creators basically switched his roll from antagonist to poorly written guy who moans about his lost handsome looks and trust to become smart! If he had just stayed manipulative and handsome he could have been a good character, put in some good woven flashbacks and he would be god as gold! A shame he was treated this way! -Star Lord Out

Ah yes Justin who barley speaks in season 1 and was a lame antagonist in season 2.

Had like three lines in season one and was a weak antagonist in season two.

4 Beardo

All he is is a vehicle, and with his annoying beat boxing he just sits there while his team does all the work, alas another useless joke character with no personality.

He is so annoying! He had no personality and he should die because he likes cars! He has no talent except for sounding like anything! He is a joke character and you shouldn't like him and if you do I feel sorry for you! Joke-Star Lord Out

Proficently annoying! He had no personality! He had no strengths or flaws! No hobbies apart from his apparent amazing sound effects! He is a joke of a character and reassembled what you should not do while making a character! - Star Lord Out

Why is Zoey and Mike above him?! All he does is make noises.

5 Cameron

This guy does have a personality but pardon my French his personality is just kinda crap

6 Mike

His personality definitely demolished a re-watch of ROTI! He was a brilliant and bewildering character at first; until it gets to the point when he becomes extremely overrated! He also represents a enormous concept of MDP; which was a mistake because the directors did not know how to handle this so there "great" situation was to make this curing button?!? Not only his he slightly boring but his character- for me- is wrecked it just insults people with MDP! They don't have a button!?! Other times when he is extremely boring is when he interacts with Zoey; but that's the thing! He barely interacts with any characters! His annoyance and constant yelling "Why doesn't Zoey like me?!?" kinda gets on my nerves so yeah! Boring; Annoying ; Insulting ; Anxiousness that's a conclusion of Mike's character! - Star Lord Out

You can't blame him. I mean if someone has a problem like that it is hard to balance things out!

I feel like I never got to know who the real Mike was, because he was never himself.

People who Defend mike and Zoey think abut this.Him and Zoey needed alternate personality's to be interesting.

7 Zoey

Since when is she boring?

She has 3 emotions scared normal and mad like every other character

8 Trent

Honestly what his is deepest personality trait? His flaws? His strengths? His general demeanor? The only thing going for him is his romance with Gwen and while that is deeply engaging to, where's the action? His character was barely fleshed out and we barely know anything about his past or his reasons to participate in TD! Honestly this could have been an outstanding character however the opportunity was wasted- Star Lord Out

Even less emotions then Zoey fine and in love at least he had character development

9 Cody

Cody had developed a lot and Cody is the sweetest character ever!

Cody is not boring! Gwen is lamer so is Trent!

Cody isn't boring he's an angel!

He had personality but I didn't know what he was supposed to be was he a geek a wannabe what was he

10 Alejandro

*Yawn* Looks guys another pointless flirty character. Guys like him aren't my type like who would want to date an ugly villain fake flirt! Cody and Cameron are my type not thing ugly face!

Another Heather that's great! All he is to me is a flirt! Why can't the creators make more amazing less useless joke characters why oh why! He is way to overrated and the writes shouldn't have made another joke character. He should have been what Justin should have been. Maybe Justin would be better! I hate you Al-Star Lord Out

Mal at least was a super strong character even tho he isn't a big fan favorite. Mal is an interesting character but this guy is sucks and idiot better Justin.

Ugh Noah was right. All Al is, is a male Heather only with social skills! And his and Heathers personality is literally the same!

The Contenders
11 Dave

Dave is super boring! He doesn't do anything and he has no detail he should just die in a out of fire! They all should! What another trash lame character! -Star Lord Out

His personality was proficent; he was a great character until he slowly after the course of a few episodes derailed! He became to obsessive of Sky; started to go mental; his voice was extremely annoying at the end and he is just absolutely terrible! His character was meant to be brilliant but the directors decided to make another trash lame character! *Sigh* if only Dave was weaved correctly! - Star Lord Out

Most of you guys think he's boring just because he's a regular person which is STUPID.

Dave should be number 1 or at least in the top 5. All Dave is is a normal guy with a crush.

12 Gwen

Gwen is an awesome character in fact she's is the best! She is helpful in games was nice to Trent. She was the only normal one in all the people besides Dj. She's cute and hot. I would date her so much! I would the. Shrink her and swallow her.

Gwen is a good character! She had developed in the later seasons I love her! She's brings me as smile as almost my favorite character! The only bad thing about her is pretending to be Courtney's friend

She will always be the Emo goth loner, her personality is super boring, and all she does is annoy the hell out of people, Total Dramarama Gwen was the worst thing ever. She turned completely Emo!

Gwen had no character development at all except for staying as a stupid overrated character. Like what does she even do sit there and look pretty. Her voice even sounds like sick and crap. Her singing sounds like a dying person and couldn't even change if her life needed it! Ugh Gwen-Star Lord Out

13 Eva

Excuse you! Eva has emotions to not just anger. Like when Al almost killed Cody(Cause Al is an idiot!) Eva was scared for him and shocked. She also talks to Izzy and Noah. Eva just likes time alone cause like Gwen she isn't a people person. And Heather made her get mad because she knows Eva likes music so this isn't her fault. I know Eva isn't a fan favorite but I like her.

Eva is just a ugly bull with just aggression.

No she doesn't just yell at people!

All she does is yell at people.

14 Rodney

Rodney is poor I feel bad for him. He been with guys most of his life and he tends to his animals and cares about his farm animals. His parents won't let him talk to any girls so it's no wonder why he's like that. And he didn't want to say what girl was the least attractive because he's a nice person.

His "fall in love with every girl around him" shtick got old fast. It wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't his only character trait.

He's that kid in school who has a crush on the popular girl.

*Yawn* remind me again what his purpose was again?

15 Staci

All I here from her is an unexpected and incredibly annoying amount of dialogue, it is quite obvious why they eliminated her first and have not made her return for the following series's! She served basically nothing and I literally just slipped the parts she was in, absolutely pointless character! -Star Lord Out

Star Lord Out your a pointless person!

Does she ever stop talking about her family and it would be better if she never was a camper

16 Leonard

He's weird and crazy

He's just a wizard

17 Taylor

Spoiled rotten fish daddy's girl.

Blah blah blah!

18 Mickey

I feel bad for him really.

19 Tammy

She is the worst character she doesn't even talk a lot and works with Leonard who thinks wizards are real while Tammy thinks Vikings and knights are real. Tammy and Leonard got out the first episode so I'm happy that she is out of here with her boring face.-Star Lord Out

She lacked screentime, I didn't get a chance to learn much about her.

She only had one line

20 Duncan

I love Duncan! How is he boring! Haters shut the hell up!

21 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.
22 Sugar

The female Owen. Very unoriginal.

Sugar is nasty and stupid.

23 Sky

Sky is crappy even her profile pic is ugly. Like look at her hair!

Sky is a ugly competitive jerk!

I love Sky so much!

24 Noah
25 Sierra

Sierra is so boring, all she does is chase Cody around. She has no personality of her own, and we know nothing about her except that she's hoplessly in love with Cody.

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