Top Ten Total Drama Island Episodes

The best episodes in the first season of Total Drama.
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1 Dodgebrawl Dodgebrawl

Great ep!
Harold and Cody had the best moments ever, downside is Underdeveloped Noah, who got voted off, oh, and also too predictable, I mean, bass lost 2 times in a row, of course they would win, still, just little flaws, it's still a classic!

Everyone is saying that Duncan's dodgeball technique is good, but Harold is the reason why the killer bass won. How come he's unappreciated?

I love this episode. It was great. It wasnt the best of the season but it still was awesome. Unfourtanetly, not everybody thinks so. This episode is on Worst Total Drama episodes.

This was the first episode I watched fully. IT also got me into the series and it made me really like Duncan. A lot.

2 I Triple Dog Dare You! I Triple Dog Dare You!

I LOVED when Heather got booted and got her head shaved! And because of Lindsay! KARMA! I was waiting since the first episode for horrid things to happen to her (and wanted her out every time I saw her), and this was worth the wait!

They say Heather's downfall was being shaved bald, but I thought the entire episode gave what she deserved. here's my top ten:1. I triple dog dare you.2. Not Quite famous (go Harold).3. Dodgebrawl (again, go Harold).4. That's off the chain.5. The Big Sleep.6. Up the Creek.7. Haute Campture.8. Tri-armed by triathlon.9. If you can't take the heat...10. Brunch of disgustingness (I like the interactions between the guys).

Why is dodgebrawl number one? Like being serious what's so special about it this was the most climactic episode ever! Let's be honest though, I feel kinda bad for Heather she just wanted the money but got "karma" for it. Wouldn't you want to manipulate for such a big prize?

This should be #1, but Dodgebrawl comes a close second. And best of all, HEATHER gets eliminated and gets her hair shaved off

3 Haute Camp-ture Haute Camp-ture

I hated Chris in this episode so much! Nobody wanted Leshawna to be out, plus he counted a parrots vote twice, so this is unfair!

This is an OK episode. The bad parts are that Leshawna gets unfairly eliminated and it was boring. The good parts were that Leshawna should've been eliminated a long time ago. It was also good to see how the eliminated contestants were doing.

I was wondering what the losers were doing anyway, and I like how they brought them back. Noah in that episode was literally me in that situation.

YES! Go courtney! I love it when she beats Harold up with a lamp post! Noah is so funny "Haha, excelent" Courtney fan forever!

4 Brunch of Disgustingness Brunch of Disgustingness

This episode is in my opinion is what sold this series for me, this is one of my most memorable episodes in the whole series.

Great episode, should be higher. Loved it a lot. It was gross. Owen's eating habbits finally pay off.

It's the hardest thing for a man to do.

Awesome episode! I really love how Bridgette got more focus on this epsiode

5 Basic Straining

Good episode! I just have a little bit of gripes with this episode. Duncan, despite usually picking on Harold for a certain reason, he just picks on Harold for some reason. Also, why did Harold rig the vote on Courtney? Duncan, despite me liking him, would have made much more sense to be Harold's target because Duncan picks on Harold. Also, what does he mean by ruins your love life? Duncan did not ruin that for you.

Other than those 2 things, it's a great episode and a good tribute to the best couple on the show.

For the person who wrote: " it would have made more sense if he outvoted Duncan other than Courtney" but consider this, he wanted to ruin Duncans only thing that makes him... well... suddle. Harold just wanted to get revenge. And since it's every man for himself, they also formed an alliance, so I think that would've been against the alliance rules

I loved this episode so much, I love how Chef took over this challenge, he made the episode much more entertaining and enjoyable, and especially with the character development with Courtney, I loved it, but they immediately threw her away which was sad.

I hated how Harold rigged the votes to eliminate Courtney. WHY HAROLD! Why did you vote Courtney? She did nothing to you, you should have voted out Duncan, he was bullying you! Other than that, this was a great episode!

6 Phobia Factor

I think being afraid of chickens is better than being scared of Jello.

Definitely one of the best episodes.

Facing your fears? Check!

Courtney really annoyed me in this one due to her being a hypocrite

7 Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

A pretty good setup to a pretty good series. What more could you ask for?

I watch this episode obsessively! Like an uber fan

My absolute favorite episode!

Because of that moment when you realize Chris is insane for the first time

8 Hook, Line, and Screamer

Poor, poor DJ! He's one of the best characters, so his elimination is a punch in the gut, but I am very glad that he wasn't eliminated as unfairly as Courtney or Leshawna. The way that they said the full title of "the escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook" every time was hilarious! I love the shenanagins in this one.

DJ was hilarious in this episode! He went to the bathroom, and Geoff waited outside to be safe. Geoff went for an ice cream truck( wihc was a trap set by Chef). He saw Heather shaving and with green lotion over her face. When he saw her, he ran out and screamed while running for MILES. So funny!

I thought this was a really funny episode when I first saw it and it remains one of my favorite Total Drama episodes to this day.

This is the second best episode! It is not worthy at #16!

9 Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

This was an incredible climatic twist! A million dollars cash reward?!? Who excepted that? It revalled characters desires and it was an enormously engaging show! It showed different views of different characters it showed betrayals and engaging romance! It perfectly weaved the tension in the air! My favourite bit is when everyone has to team up, this part is just plain exciting adventuring all of the teams different motives! Note: This is all from my perspective! People may have different opinions about how terrible/ amazing this show was! -Star Lord Out

-What I like about this episode when Duncan been betray by Courtney and she yelled out "Hey! Nobody steal my money that what I steal! "
-Heather smiley face back of her head.
-Izzy theme song doing something drastic.
-Owen going bathroom when tied.
-Heather got stuck in the beaver home.
-Noah taunt Duncan and eventually Duncan grab Noah pants and Noah flee, screaming high pitch. That's freak-in funny!
-ever said Noah run like a girl.
-Courtney hijack hot air balloon.
-Le Shawna K. O Chef and hijack his motor and tried to ran over Heather.

Yep, lots of drama there!

This is probably my favorite episode of the season. I am shocked it's not in the top ten!

10 No Pain, No Game No Pain, No Game

I really like the song that plays when the Wheel of Misfortune spins for some reason.

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11 That's Off the Chain!

I like how Lindsay finally gave Heather her piece of mind. When she cussed her off, it was the best moment I've ever seen in the show. Funniest episode of all time also!

12 Up The Creek Up The Creek

Cody, Bridgette, and DJ were pretty awesome in this.

This episode is hilarious, one of the funniest of the season in my opinion

I love Bridgette in this.

I loved cody in it so much.

13 Tri-armed by Triathlon

This is my favorite episode of the whole Total Drama series.I love the Gwen and Geoff moments, only true Total Drama fans will appreciate the bonding and moments of this episode, with Geoff and Gwen, because most people don't realize that originally, the creators were going to make Gwen and Geoff a couple, and I actually wish they would have, because Gwen and Geoff would have made an amazing adorable couple. If you go on YouTube and watch Camp T.V. promo, originally Geoff and Gwen were going to be a couple, not Geoff and Bridgette. This episode was a nod to that.

Such an underrated episode, the elimination was so beautiful and wholesome.

This episode is awesome. One of the episodes that makes it hard whether TDWT is the best season or TDI.

I wish Gwen and Geoff got together! They would have been the best couple in total drama HISTORY

14 Camp Castaways

This one was funny and good interaction between the contestants. It showed them getting close.

15 Not Quite Famous Not Quite Famous

It's so sweet when Trent sings the song for Gwen, as a Gwent shipper, this episode makes me happy. I also like when Courtney stops Harold before he even starts beat-boxing in auditions and then he saves the team. A very good episode.

Best episode ever. Everyone displays what their good at! Harold's beatbox was straight-up fire!

Not to good. Pretty ordinary.

16 If You Can't Take The Heat... If You Can't Take The Heat...

My favorite thing about this episode is how much it emphasizes good vs bad teamwork, and how the team that clearly demonstrated good teamwork won, not because of a curse, but because of proper delegation of roles and good leadership. Beth's exit is sad (WHY DIDN'T THE VOTE OFF HEATHER), and Harold's underwear torture is a bit much, but overall, it is a good episode! I also like when Heather gets locked in the fridge!

Beth got karma in both ways!

17 Paintball Deer Hunter

Great episode that should make it into the top ten. It had some great moments like when Cody got attacked by a bear, when Heater got hit so much with the paintballs, and when Duncan and Courtney got tangled up!

I kinda liked it because they were shooting PAINTBALLS.I didn't like it because that was the episode when Cody got voted off, even though he was all injured up and in a wheelchair. Poor cody

Great episode, just one question, at the end, where did Cody end up?

Beth finally betrays Heather!

18 The Big Sleep

This episode I really like is because Noah woke up kissing Cody. Priceless! But what I am most disgust, people said he's gay. If you think Noah is gay, he could cuddle with anyone who's near him!

What happen if he cuddle Duncan?! Oh that will be the worse! Or Courtney? Qwen? Owen? Oh, I'll guess Owen will crush him first.

I really enjoy how for once, they had an endurance challenge instead of some crappy race or obstacle course.

Also, it was the first one I saw. :P

Gwen and Trent get together and Heather makes the first alliance!

Extremely boring episode but I guess it could have been worse.

19 Who Can You Trust?

Yeah. Who can you trust? Definitely not Heather.

20 Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
21 Search and Do Not Destroy

Quizmint, Gwen and Trent did NOT break up this episode. Heather manipulated Trent into kissing her which would break Gwen's heart, and leading her to tell Leshawna, who would tell every camper to eliminate Trent. They realized Heather's ploy too late. Well, the whole Gwen and Trent storyline... I loved it!

Trent's elimination and the breakup of Gwent was enough to make this episode bad.

22 Hide and Be Sneaky

There's some Heather/Leshawna drama, Izzy imitating Chef's every move, and getting into a fight with him, Duncan forcing Owen to join the guy's alliance, than Owen kissing the alliance members on the cheek as a reaction, Lindsay begins to question Heather. This was a good episode.

I'm voting for this because it's so LOW! Easily the best episode of season 1 and the whole series.

23 Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Chef: I serve it 3 times a day, and you'll eat it 3 times a day! So grab your trays, get your food, and sit your butts down! " Best part!

This is where we start seeing Katie and Sadie's friendship, is it not?

24 X-Treme Torture X-Treme Torture
25 The Very Last Episode, Really

I absolutely loved the Duncan and Courtney moment in this episode. She's all I hate you, he's all I hate you, and then they make out!

I have the Owen ending on how I watch it, but I really prefer the Gwen ending.

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