Worst Spongebob Squarepants Characters

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1 Mr. Krabs Eugene H. Krabs, or simply Mr. Krabs, is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Somebody throw him in the steamer and make sure he is gone for good. He is a criminal who is worse than Plankton. In that Nicktoons videos me with the villain team up, Mr. Krabs should have been the SpongeBob villain. One notable example was in One Coarse Meal. He dressed up as Pearl so Plankton would kill himself after he cannot take anymore of what Mr. Krabs gave him. In Jellyfish Hunting, he is the main villain who cruelly kills Jellyfish for profit to make the Jelly for Jelly Patty. His newest evil deed was in Patrick-man in which he left the old woman to cross the street alone for a dollar bill before Patrick-man reveals who she actually is. In Cent Of Money, he gives SpongeBob long and boring tasks so he could get more money as well as faking pregnancy to do so. He also ruins birthday parties for Pearl. In Krabby Land, he did not care one bit about the kids who were riding his unsafe rides. He only wanted their money. He also stole his own formula to avoid paying for Krabby Patty delivery.

2 Puffy Fluffy Puffy Fluffy is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, who appears in the episode "A Pal for Gary" as the main antagonist.

I don't get why people hate Mr. Krabs so much. In the episodes where Mr. Krabs is evil in premovie seasons such as Jellyfish Hunter and Krabby Land, he's SUPPOSED to be the villain, and he gets commupance by the end. Mr. Krabs does care for others, but he has an obsession with money that, when threatened, he will give in to. Episodes like Krusty Love show that. Even then, Mr. Krabs IS capable of showing compassion to others, like Spongebob in Suds, or Pearl in the end of Squeaky Boots. Sure, he's flawed, but so are other characters people love, such as Homer Simpson. Even when he's being sadistic or unfair, and doesn't get commupance, that's the WRITING'S fault, not the character's. However with Puffy Fluffy, you cannot give that excuse, because they're only in that one episode! Puffy has no compassion, no motive, no saving grace. This abomination doesn't gain one ounce of sympathy or understanding form the viewer. That, combined with the fact Puffy Fluffy is a lazy effort, and that ...more

A big monster disguised as a cute pet. How Mr. Krabs is much worser than this? Yeah! Mr. Krabs is a greed owner but at least he made good qualities. On the other hand, Puffy Fluffy had not been made good qualities. He gived Gary a nightmare. The worst of all, Spongebob blames Gary on every disaster this pet made. On the first, Spongebob buy a pet for the Gary's playmate but the lady gave the warning to Spongebob. But Spongebob didn't care about the warning and he bought it for Gary without any warning.

Take note: Please know the manuals and the risks. You should listen to the experts about the strange thing you bought. You should listen to them for the advice about the do's and don'ts as well as the risks of a product.

Say what you want about Mr. Krabs, Patrick Star, Pearl, Patchy the Pirate and Mrs. Puff. At least they contributed good things to the series at one point or other. What did Puffy Fluffy contribute?

Was he an interesting character?
No. Nothing about his character is original. He's just the typical "replacement pet" in an episode about making a previous pet jealous.

Was he a GOOD character?
Maybe... If you ignore the fact that he constantly attacks Gary, acts "inocent" to avoid getting caught, tries to kill SpongeBob and Gary, AND gets away with all his heinous actions scott-free.

Was the episode he was in good, at least?
No. It's considered one of the worst episodes of the series with only "One Coarse Meal," "Little Yellow Book," and "The Splinter" getting as much hate as this one. In fact, it could be argued that "A Pal for Gary" is the single most hated episode of the show, even more than the episodes listed above (As of the time I am writing this "A Pal ...more

I consider this episode symbolic in the way that it is similar to little kids. If you have younger siblings, than you probably understand what I'm talking about. Younger siblings have been known to do some JACKED UP stuff that if you did it, than your parents would have you executed. As a result the young sibling acts all innocent and cute and gets away with what they did. JUST LIKE THAT! At the snap of a finger they're COMPLETELY OFF THE HOOK.

3 Pearl Krabs

Pearl is my absolute least favorite character in this show. She treats the other characters poorly without thinking about their feelings. Here are some examples of her cruelty.

1. She called Mr. Krabs old

2. She forced him to through her an expensive party to just to impress her friends

3. She kicked her own Dad out of the house just so she could have a slumber party and when she didn't get to have it she forced Mr. Krabs to make another and didn't invite him.

4. She got mad at SpongeBob for telling her that she wasn't allowed to get what she wanted

5. She destroyed Squidwards house just so she could get some attention

6. She took SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs special money for a pair of shoes!

These are just a few examples showing why I despise Pearl. She is spoiled and can not think about anyone but her.

Pearl is so annoying and childish. She is an annoying disrespectful crybaby. With the exception of Mall Girl Pearl, in every episode that Pearl appears in she cries over the littlest things (like not getting the shoes she wants or making the slightest mistake in her birthday). You might think that her behavior is expected because she is a teenager, but I think Pearl acts more like a toddler than a teenager. I've never heard of teenage girl that cried as much, whined as much, or was as obsessed with fashion as Pearl is.

4 Patrick Star Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, and he is one of the 10 main characters in the show. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show. Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick first appeared on television in the show's pilot... read more

I totally wish SpongeBob ditched him. He is so stupid. Patrick doesn't show care to SpongeBob all he does is just ruin his plans. He always betray him in some ways. He even rub his license to his face and SpongeBob should just stay away from him. SpongeBob DOESN'T DESERVE TO DIE! Patrick glued forever to SpongeBob in stuck in the wringer. Why does he betray his own best friend? All he cares is his own feelings not worry about him. How can he trust and depend that little starfish? SpongeBob made him perfect for the tanning and Patrick just left him for two hours and made him look ugly. He forgets and do care about him. He's so obnoxious.

He used to be good and funny! I loved him in the older seasons! He was a true best friend to SpongeBob that made me smile when they were together! However, that was in seasons 1-3. This is now.

I fully believe that something evil possessed him because he used to be one of my favorites! At first, I thought he was just getting dumber and dumber to the point of not knowing even what a friend is. That's already bad, but the truth is even more insulting.

After certain episodes, it is clear that Patrick ruining the lives of others isn't just a stupid accident, it was all planned. In one episode, Patrick admits that he's overly stupid on purpose half the time just so that he isn't bored. WAIT WHAT?! He has done too many hurtful things to speak of.

Forget Plankton, Mr. Krabs, or even the Cyclops that straight up murders fish! Patrick is cruel and manipulative and a straight up monster. This is why I think Patrick Star should be the real number one!

5 Squilliam Fancyson Squilliam Fancyson is a fictional character in American animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a rival of Squidward Tentacles. He appears in the episodes Band Geeks and Squilliam Returns as the main antagonist. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Squilliam is much worse and far more stuck-up than Squidward. He deserves hated and not that rival of his. Squidward haters are better off bashing him (Squilliam) and not my favorite male character of this Nicktoon.

If you think that Squidward and Squilliam are basically the same, you need eyes checked. They're two entirely different characters. Just because they're so similar, it doesn't mean that they're one and the same.

I've no doubt that Squidward's also conceited. But at least, he has an ounce of goodness in him whereas Squilliam doesn't.

You see? Squidward's an anti-hero while Squilliam seems to be a villain because of how arrogant he is. In fact, Squiliiam's so stuck-up that he makes Squidward look humble.

Seems like the only reason he's in the show is to show how much Squidward fails at life. Squidward has only bested him... Twice, I think. One of those two episodes is good, sure (Band Geeks), but still. It's hard to like this guy.

This is why I'm one of the few people who can look past one of the grossest scenes in SpongeBob history to enjoy House Fancy. Because Squilliam loses.

I never liked Squilliam at all 'cause he's so stuck an' full o' himself. Hell, he's more egotistic than Squidward. As far as I'm concerned, he's the most conceited character in SpongeBob SquarePants. Therefore, he embodies the sin of pride.

Since I like Squidward enoguh to relate to him, I'd like to see hi mreally kick his rival's a**.

Boastful Squid. He bullied Squidward because of his failures. Squilliam is a rich man. He embarrassed Squidward in every disaster he made. He's symbolises rich people who underestimate the poor people.

6 Mrs. Puff Mrs. Puff is a fictional character appearing in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants and both films based on the franchise.

Mrs. Puff used to be a teacher who didn't know what to do about SpongeBob and often found herself grimacing in his presence, but all in all, she really did care about SpongeBob and want him to learn. That used to be her, like, life's ambition- to teach him to drive. Did you see her face in that episode with Patrick talking to him in the walkie talkie? Her face held so much joy.

Now, though, she's reduced from a dry-humored, pitiable teacher to an absolute monster with no care of her students, which has stooped to her willing to crash cars, head to jail, and even murder SpongeBob in order to avoid his ignorance when it comes to driving. She's a monster. I agree that SpongeBob has given her rough times, but she used to put up with it nicely. Now, she utterly hates SpongeBob. Really. There was one episode where she tried to kill him. Not that I wouldn't mind the destruction of new SpongeBob, but... Still. No. Mrs. Puff, you aren't who you used to be.

Not at ALL.

Are you Mrs. Puff haters blind?! She's not as mean as she seems! The only reason she acts means is because SpongeBob gives her too much trouble like he does to Squidward. I mean, how would you like it if you had to spend every day of your life with that troublesome sponge?

I'd love to see Mrs. Puff kill SpongeBob like she tried to do in Demolition Doofus, except succeed in it. It serves him right for all the inconsiderate pain that he caused her.

As for all people who badmouth that pufferfish, they can die for all I care.

Hey, if you're gonna kill SpongeBob, make it heartwarming or something. At least make it GOOD! Just because Squidward wins or SpongeBob gets punished doesn't mean it's automatically good. The reason why we love Band Geeks is because they executed the episode and Squidward winning well. If Band Geeks wasn't funny, we wouldn't like it just because Squidward wins because they wouldn't execute it well. See how people hate House Fancy even though Squidward wins. Yes, they acknowledge it, but still hate the episode. If you're going to kill SpongeBob, or any character, like with Squidward winning, you have to execute it well, like, have a natural cause or at least have the character have a good reason to get killed, and no, just because you hate them is not a good excuse. That's like killing your neighbor just because they're annoying you. So yeah, if you're gonna kill a character, you have to make it heartwarming and good. Murder is a serious topic. If we had another Demolition Doofus where ...more

Mrs. Puff turns out to be the villain & not SpongeBob SquarePants! I know that bad things happen to her when she's with SpongeBob SquarePants... But reasons why she's a villain & not SpongeBob is that she is always wanting bad things to happen to SpongeBob, is happy when bad things happen to him like Squidward is, wants to kill SpongeBob, doesn't think about how SpongeBob's friends & family will fell if he's dead, & more! SpongeBob has more stuff to do than her (for example: he needs to take care of Gary, has to do lots of work at the Krusty Krab, goes jellyfishing with Patrick, does karate with Sandy, has more friends than Mrs. Puff has, has a bigger heart, has & shows more love & care to Bikini Bottom, & more). So he isn't really trying to kill her & just has a harder time than everyone for all the stuff he needs to worry about!

7 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

I honestly hate this freaking annoying dumb Sponge, and I'm not talking about Seasons 1-4, I'm talking about the Seasons afterwards. All he does is torture Squidward far too much to the point where Squidward just wants to commit suicide. I think the reason why he wanted to do that because the only faint memories in his life are full of people constantly wanting to ruin his life and SpongeBob and Patrick are the leaders of it. This is all thanks to Nickelodeon continuing the show instead of ending it after the movie when Stephen Hillenburg died. It's as if they don't give a care about his death, they want to do whatever they want, just for money. And because of that, everyone just decided to change in that stupid god damn annoying show!

Let's review:

SpongeBob has become extremely annoying, bothersome and immature and at this point he literally cries over nothing, even over someone yelling at him! Like, come on SpongeBob! What are you, 4?! Grow up!

And honestly, I ...more

I'm glad that he's on the list because of how much of a troublemaker he is. Hell, he's worse than Alvin Seville of Alvin and the Chipmunks. In fact, SpongeBob is troublesome that he:

1. could make Peter Pan and Lazlo of Camp Lazlo! look like adults

2. give Peewee Herman, Dennis the Menace, and Fred of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island lessons in troublemaking

The things that I hate most about SpongeBob are these:

1. antagonizing the hell out of Squidward, who happenst o be my favorite male character in that show as well as my second fave character in the series

2. provoking Mrs. Puff into murdering him

As far as I'm concerned, that sponge's bad behavior has reached levels so high that I wish for him and all of his fanatics would get killed by Mrs. Puff and Squidward.

New SpongeBob is terrible. While Old SpongeBob was annoying to a certain extent New SpongeBob just breaks the limits of annoying. Old SpongeBob also didn't cry all the time. Seriously I feel like new SpongeBob could stub his toe and end up crying because of it. Also how in the bloody heck is he TEACHING a drivers ed course in prison when he repeadetly FAILS the course Mrs. Puff teaches him. I expect several fish to be dead in SpongeBob's ocean in the following weeks. If we are talking about New SpongeBob then he does deserve this. However Old SpongeBob is better than this.

I have been brainwashed by too much the love of him. Until I saw this list's comments. Not completely, most likely when I'm watching the show now. Let me tell you my critizicm about SpongeBob. He seems like a very compassionate person to people but not actually deeply enough, like sarcasm. He doesn't even know sarcasm! Also it annoys me that he likes work. Sorry nobody likes going to work as much as you. It's okay to like your job, but I don't see how you like your job, it's a filthy place, not a magical clean wonderland. I hate that he is such a kiss up to people, especially Mrs​. Puff, except Vice Versa in the first part of this comment. Who even tries to study so damn hard to try to even kiss up to your teacher! Your teacher doesn't like it! Going back to the point where he's not compassionate deeply enough. This also includes him with Squidward. Do you have to be really loud next to your neighbor? Is it necessary? He is really sick and tired of your annoyance, that he wants to ...more

8 Bikini Bottom Police Force

They should all get fired and thrown in jail themselves. According to the bikini bottom police force you can harass people and drive them to suicide without any consequences but litter or read someone's diary and your in jail. They constantly pick on Squidward one of their favourite victims for doing nothing wrong while they always ignore the horrible deeds Spongebob, Patrick and Mr Krabs do. They also arrest Mrs Puff all the time due to Spongebob's terrible driving skills and of no fault of her own. They even arrested Sandy for public nudity even though she was wearing a bikini and half of the fish in bikini bottom don't even wear pants, to make it worse they arrest her when Plankton is completely naked right in front of them at the time.

These guys need to be in the top 10. Stupidest arrests they made :

Squidward for reading a damn diary.

Mrs. Puff for chaos SpongeBob causes

Sandy for public "nudity" even though she was wearing a bikini

SpongeBob for throwing a torn up license out of the window (he spent 90 days in jail. Literally three months)

SpongeBob for not inviting them to a party (SpongeBob isn't ENTIRELY spared from these guys)

Squidward for calling them, reporting noise. Everyone in that scene was temporarily arrested, minus Plankton and Squidward.

If they were real, I'd write a petition to have their asses fired.

If I was able to find them, and then roast them (literally) I would. I hate these characters! They're supposed to protect the city but they don't help, and they arrest people for no reason! The only time that I saw they were nice was in The Nasty patty episode but they are other then that to stupid for anything! If I was a character and I was in trouble for no reason, I would hang them, choke them, stab them with a knife,shoot their heads off and many more. Also, if SpongeBob got a death note in a random episode, I hope he would write all of their names on it.

Those fish patrol are just an embarrassment to the show especially when they put in poor squidward for crimes that he didn't commit. The only thing they have done well is when they arrest squid for stealing what's it to ya's wallet. Squidward got arrested for "stealing property", "litter", and even just telling the officers that there was a lot of noise in SpongeBobs house. Those crimes were all SpongeBobs.

9 Patchy the Pirate Patchy the Pirate is a fictional character who is a pirate appearing in many SpongeBob SquarePants specials and major events, as the "host" of these. He is the president of the SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club and is portrayed by SpongeBob's voice actor, Tom Kenny. He resides in a small home in Encino, California.

He is the worst. I hate how the show tried to incorporate a real-life person. New flash: It's an ANIMATED T.V. sHOW. Leave it with the computer-developed characters. Nobody wants to see a stupid guy in a fake beard talk about how much he loves SpongeBob. The only solace I take from these scenes is when the parrot blows him up and humiliates him, to make him look like the brainless oaf he truly is. The worst part are his jokes, that make me want to throw the T.V. remote at him, even if it costs me a new T.V.. He lives in an eyesore of a house in the armpit of America, and nobody wants that interrupting a perfectly fine show like SpongeBob.

Patchy is literally filler for the overall crappy new episodes of spongebob. He annoys me with his obnoxious story and that "plot twist" where it turns out that his hometown was actually shrunken. His obnoxiousness loathes me

I hate this guy and his dump parrot due to the fact that he is annoying and retarded and in the awful SpongeBob specials such as atlantis or truth there is absolutely NO point of him being there since its not funny and its just boring with weak jokes. I used to like him but he just makes the rating traps (specials) last longer which ruins the whole show. Patchy should just get rid of the stupid fan club and get rid of all of his SpongeBob stuff like in the lost episode and should say what he did before. SpongeBob BETRAYED US!

10 Stanley S. SquarePants

He's jest as bad as SpongeBob because both of them are evey clemency and annoying his brother is training to be a raging moron jest like his brother.

Reminds me of one of my friend's siblings. Her sister and twin brothers destroyed everything they touched like Stanley did.

An absolute moron. He destroys everything he touches and is a massive crybaby.

The Contenders
11 Sam Star

Sam is the worst! She literally breaks Squidward's house into pieces and then Patrick gets mad at Sqidward. Ok, destroying stranger's properties for no reason is ILLEGAL and the episode makes it seem like it was somehow Squidward's fault. What the creepier part is she went on a rampage, and then supposibly turned her head around like what she had two heads? And Sam thinks everything is better after she switched her head around. She's not just mean, but freaky too!

This bitchy character is #1. When she arrived, SpongeBob has been so nice to her and she and Patrick treat him like crap. I hate it when she call them meanies when she is a meanie. SpongeBob is not any part of this so why can't she just leave him alone? I cannot believe Patrick say that SpongeBob hurts his feelings just like that. SpongeBob is more hurt you know! Sam can't just be a big brat and get everything her way. Why is Sam and Patrick blaming Squidward and SpongeBob a villain. She should meet Sandy Cheeks and Larry I want them to beat the crap out of her.

I find Sam really insulting to be honest. We're not supposed to laugh at people who don't function properly like others do! Characters like Sam being portrayed like this, are the reason kids with special needs get bullied! We should not be adcostumed to laugh at people with difficulties. It's sad.

Sam Star is an uncontrollable monster. She only appeared in one episode and did nothing but destroy everything, steal property, and hurt others. Even though she only appeared once, she should be higher on this list.

12 Kevin C. Cucumber

Being a guy who grew up with the old SpongeBob cartoons, I knew Kevin and didn't mind him at first. But now that I think about it as an adult, yeah, he DOES deserve to be on this list.

Seriously, that guy calls himself a jellyfisher? Or a jellyfishing celebrity for that matter? He's nothing more than an immature, egotistical jerk who treats his own fanbase like dirt, and to add insult to injury, pulls cruel, sick pranks on them for his own equally cruel, sick pleasure! Case in point his whole encounter with SpongeBob, aka his BIGGEST fan! He only brought him along with the other Jellyspotters just to make him get stung, so that he could laugh at his pain! That's right, the whole thing was a prank, just so he could see his 1 fan IN PAIN FROM JELLYFISH STINGS!

And you know what else? Those guys we saw at the bottom of that cliff that were also fans of Kevin? Now that I think about it, that pretty much implies that he did the same thing with THEM! And he practically left ...more

Sea cucumbers are real animals. They are enchinoderms, so technically, he is related to Patrick. Sea cucumbers are not really pickles, however. I think they did that as sort of a visual pun.

Oh I get it kevin C.cucumber get is kevin cucumber but still its not funny

Why is there a cucumber underwater?

13 Karen

She ruined SpongeBob's frozen face off. How did one microscopic creature forced a human size computer ton do his dirty work? If Karen was able to beat up Plankton in the end, why didn't she do it before? If Plankton betrayed her, Then why did she obey him to begin with?

She was nothing but a scumbag bystander in One Coarse Meal! She did nothing to help Plankton cope with the psychological torture Mr. Krabs gave him! I wish Light Yagami can write Karen's and Mr. Krabs's names in the Death Note for this!

Karen is a very unsupportive wife. All she does is put Plankton down. Sure, he can be a turd, but the point of marriage is to love each other anyway. I'd hate to have her as a spouse.

14 Potty the Parrot

Potty is a just a stupid parrot / on one episode he at all the cookie dough and got fat. Along with that patchy they're like dumb and dumber:/FYI he's annoying like SpongeBob!

Potty is just annoying, selfish, sadistic, and mischievous! Plus he's played by Paul Tibbet so that makes him even worse.

What kind of name is potty? This stupid annoying parrot. I wish he never existed!

This guy make's me sick. He ruin's the fun watching Patchy.

15 Mr. Puff

Somebody please tell me hoe anyone can get an opinion of a lamp that made it on T.V. for only 2 seconds. Seriously!? Remove this item. This is just am example of running out of characters.

I don't know why the hell Mr. Puff's in this list. He didn't do anything bad. You haters of him are just small-minded c'ause you never got to really know him.

He doesn't even have to try. He only appears for some seconds, and he's already better than the majority of the characters in the show.

16 Larry the Lobster Larry the Lobster is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Really, all SpongeBob characters are annoying... But Larry crosses the line. He's annoying, vain, and just plain irritating. In real life, no one likes show offs, so why like one on SpongeBob?

Ok I only have a couple of reasons to hate him (no offense larry lovers)

1. He gives up too much, like when he had to do a big workout he just feels sad and he says he is bad

2. The episode pet or pests he nearly ate puppies/worms

He is such a pest. He is always greedy and dares everyone to lift weights. They almost gave up working at the Krusty Crab. He even said that his parents sucks. Such a f------ fool! You watch The Bee Movie or something. So mean. More like Larry the Badster. So mean to SpongeBob!

He's mean. He thinks he's so cool, but really he's spiteful. He nearly eats worms, which is disgusting! He's like Goro Arashiyama, only Goro's one million times nicer!

17 Bubble Bass Bubble Bass is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, who first appears in the episode "Pickles" as the main antagonist.

He is very gluttonous and has nearly destroyed SpongeBob's life by fooling him into not making a perfect Krabby Patty with extra Pickles (because he was hiding the pickles underneath his tongue the whole time).

This guy. He likes being an arrogant jerk to SpongeBob and doesn't feel sorry for him when he loses his self-asteem when he thinks "he forgot the pickles".

I hate him for doing mean things, I would right now just want to fry him to fish sticks!

Bubble bass? HA more like double ass!

18 Shiny Bubble

Stupid bubble boy, I wish his father would actually discipline him! He literally destroys everything, in fact, he's even worse than his father!

He's a jerk to all citizens, and goes near sharp objects, so he wants to commit suicide. I wish he did cause shiny is a bigger douche than mr krapps.

Someone hand me a needle. I need to do the same thing Squidward tried to do to Bubble Buddy.

Worse than his father, I agree.

19 Marty Star

These two are idiots. Worse than Patrick. Patrick and them were jerks in that episode. Spongebob was just trying to help and Patrick took advantage of him.

They are idiots. At the end they remembered that they did not have a son! They were also jerks for laughing at SpongeBob.

Why do they even think they have a son, that doesn't make sense?!

Hate him and Janet.

20 Le Spatula

Whoever sold this Demon is one of Bikini Bottom's most wanted criminals. Spongebob should have sued the company he bought Le Spatula from or arrest the person who sold it, who is My Leg! Fish's evil brother.

I wish this thing would blow up and die after running out of the Krusty Krab. Spongebob gave up EVERYTHING for it, and it basically spat in his face! And for what? To teach a moral about how replacing inanimate objects is a bad thing. I want this stupid thing's death to be slow and painful! This is the only character in the series that is worse than Patrick.

This is disgrace to French people. This spatula don't want to cook for spongebob because he was use to be as a spatula for gourmet dishes. He underestimated ordinary people. He's just the same with Squilliam Fancyson.

I could smash this thing to bits with my illuminum baseball bat! Right after SpongeBob literally sold away everything for this pure piece of crap (even his clothes! ) Le Spatula just punched SpongeBob, spitted in disgrace, and then left the Krusty Krab. that was one of the meanest scenes on the show. and it came straight out of nowhere.

21 Flats the Flounder

An awful one-dimensional character from an awful episode that teaches bullied kids to not trust in their teacher to help them, because their teacher will first betray them, and then blame the victim if (s)he fights back. What were they thinking?

I don't watch SpongeBob anymore. But when I did my mom would not let me watch the kick butt episode. I hate flats the flounder. I want him to kill himself.

He deserves to be high in this list for being a bully. Besides, I hate bullies big time just as I hate their supporters.

22 Craig Mammalton

Why does this guy promote getting cancer? He caused a whole crowd of people at a tanning party to dry up into dust. I wonder if he was one of the people who got burnt to a crisp at the end of the episode.

Since when does a seal or a mammal communicate with fish?!

He should get cancer.

23 DoodleBob DoodleBob is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, who appears in the episode "Frankendoodle" as the main antagonist.

I'm guessing he's here a being voted because the episode was written by Paul Tibbit yes him although he written pretty bad episodes he wrote season 2 episodes as well as Wormy, Patty Hype, Dying for Pie, Inmatation Krabs, Shaghaid, and Graveyard shift with others and I'm not sure if he did write Band Geeks or not. The only season 3 episode I know he wrote is The Camping episode

When I was younger, I was scsred of him in this episode. I like him now, he's cool and sets traps that patrick falls in and every 48th ing.

DoodleBob is my favorite villain in this show. He's a childhood classic.

Woah I haven't watched SpongeBob for years and what the hell is this?

24 Mini Squid

I really don't support this ugly character, if would be named a character.

I know right? These people are dumb.

I hate that puppet.

25 King Neptune

1st Movie King Neptune is the underwater equivalent of Adolf Hitler.
He is a Dictator
He tried to kill his own Crown Polisher for touching his Crown
He ignores his daughter's advice
He screams at everyone and burns their eyes with his bald head

If I saw King Neptune in real life. I would shoot him in the arms, then grab his Trident and stab him in the heart and strike him with lightning from his Trident.

1st Movie Neptune is so cruel to the sea creatures in the first movie,all he ever cares about is himself,his kingdom,and his most important thing that keeps him from being bald,his crown. He doesn't seem to show kindness and compassion towards others much to his daughter Mindy's dismay. He just yells so much throughout the entire movie. Doesn't care about killing and punishing others including Mr.Krabs,for which he almost murdered him sadistically. Abuses and treats husband servants cruelly,Never listens to her daughters advice. Punishes and kills anyone who touches his crown. Nearly killed Mr.Krabs twice by zapping him and then nearly killing him cruelly by trying to fry him. Threatens to fry Spongebob along with Krabs when he begs Neptune to spare Krabs because he didn't take the crown. Locked Mindy out of the Krusty Krab 2 when he finally becomes had enough of her when she tries to prevent him from executing Krabs on his death day. At least he redeemed at the end of the movie after ...more

This guy is a dick, on the episode where SpongeBob pulled out the legendary spatula, where only the worthy frycook can have it. Neptune just denies that SpongeBob is a good frycook, instead he decide to be an ass especially to patrick, where he can simply abuse his powers.

This guy was a complete douche in the 2003 movie. He's so mean, I feel liking stuff him with gasoline-soaked cotton and throw a match in his mouth!

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