Top 10 Childish Things Adults Still Do

There are just some things from childhond that we refuse to let go of, isn't there?
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1 Pop Bubble Wrap

Was helping my friend and neighbour wrap and shift some delicate ornaments from his house. I'd finished with the bubble wrap and asked him what he wanted me to do with the leftover. He looked around and said: "Dunno. Errr...pop it in that corner over there." At first he couldn't understand why I found it so funny. Haha.

This is one of those lists where you can tell just from the title who made it. Also yes imagine growing out of this.

I have been to this place before and there was this guy who started to pop bubble wrap and the started laughing. I was annoyed

2 Do Cannonballs in the Pool

How does it make sense if we do cannonballs at the pool? no one's too old to do a cannonball at the pool.

3 Read Comics

Really? I stopped when I was 13, by which time the humour was stale. And yes, I may have loved it before, but meh now.

4 Eat Candy
5 Ride Kid’s Coin Operated Rides and Toys

I like the horse ones. They're fun

6 Go to Theme Parks

Childish to go to theme parks!? The creator of this list obviously does not know how to have fun.

I went to Disney World when I was 14 and Disneyland when I was 23. I may return in the future.

7 Watch Disney

I was definitely going to vote this... Although I do like everything on the list! Haha Great list!

I'm 13 and I still watch Disney movies.
My 2 favorites are toy story and the lion king

8 Blow Bubbles

Bubble have always fascinated me.

9 Eat Popping Candy
10 Suck Their Thumb
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11 Lick Out the Cake Bowl

I've NEVER grown out of this and it still ends up all over my mouth and cheeks.

I'm never going to grow out of this. My siblings and I constantly fight over the bowl and spoon

12 Have a Blankie

I have 2 receiving blankets from when I was born and I'm almost 26. I don't sleep with them, I just have them in the room. If I no longer have them with me I would be lost in life.

13 Splash Through Puddles
14 Laugh at a Fart

My dad finds it hilarious when people fart.

15 Play Kids Video Games

Dave William Johnson (Childish Dad) had been acting childish everywhere he goes to places, he is responsible for acting like a 2-3 year old, he had thrown a tantrum over getting a math problem wrong when he was in kindergarten, he was dropped in the floor and his head started to bleed when he was born, which makes him fall into coma, he is known by his nickname Childish Dad, he is known for throwing tantrums over everything or acting like a big baby everywhere he goes to places, also his mom dropped him to the floor when he was a newborn, he had wined over getting his voice change when he reaches puberty, men he should be executed for how he is acting.

16 Say "Jinx!" When You and a Friend Say the Same Thing at the Same Time
17 Jump in the Ball Pit

They have adult ones, did you know?

18 Splash People
19 Watch Childish Shows

Dave William Johnson thinks he's not too old for baby shows, kid's related stuff, kid's related food, and kid's related places, he had been thrown tantrums over wanting kid's related stuff even if his wife says that he is too old for it, also he has been eating so much junk food instead of healthy foods, he wanted his wife to buy something for him, he wanted kid's related food instead of regular food, he acts childish if his wife can't afford something expensive, his sister and his brother are childish too, so never do the same as him.

20 Go to Chuck E Cheese

I love to ride the Ken Chuck E Derby horse!

21 Avoid Cracks
22 Play with Slime

I actually MADE slime when I was a kid. I made it in school.

Toy that came out last Christmas, probably will be a fad.

23 Ride the Horses

I'm 26 and I like to ride coin operated horses. I also own a spring rocking horse and I like to ride it as well.

I've ridden actual horses they are fun.

24 Daydream About Meeting Our Prince / Princess
25 Plead Their Parents for Things
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