Top 10 Worst Times and Places to Have a Party

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1 The Date of Your Death

I so agree, PWhawk! I vote for this, not only because it's true, but because I've experienced it before. I was having an awesome party with my friends in the Sahara Desert when I died. My friends got scared, and my best friend started laughing like crazy. A boy exclaimed, Let's make this party his funeral! Come on, let's make his funeral fun! At last, I got so fed up that I came alive again. I can assure you, netDudes, that dying was not an entertaining experience for me.

You're having a good time partying with your friends when suddenly you drop dead. Everyone starts gasping before eventually weeping. A happy event has been turned into a sad one because you just died at the most unexpected time.

A few days later, your friends are at the church for your funeral, promising never to party again in fear of dying at said party, just like you did.

2 At a Funeral

Actually, in New Orleans-style funerals, the jazz band plays cheerful songs at the end, celebrating the person's life.

"He was such a noble man..."
Relatives sob.
"Such a priceless personality..."
Relatives moan.
"What love! What humanity..."
Relatives lose their grip and wail like banshees.
"And what pleasure he gave us! And - dash it all, I'm sick of this melodramatic crap. Bring out the disco lights, chaps!"

To be honest, that would be quite awkward.

3 During an Operation

I don't know why no one has written a comment on this entertaining item. Imagine someone doing this during his operation and the doctor says, "Sorry, we ran out of painkillers."

4 Halloween

You get lots of treats, and then hundreds of children take them from you!

5 In an Exam

One would be easily distracted.

6 April Fool's Day

My birthday literally is on this day. When my dad told my grandma, she totally thought he was messing with her.

If it was your birthday, nobody would believe you!

7 Remembrance Day

The celebration will have a two minute interval.

8 In Court

Love the idea! Although it may be short-lived with all the "Silence in court!" demands! Haha! It's very nearly happened though.

9 During Sex

Who would have sex during a party in front of everyone?

I accidentally invited my ex-girlfriend. Help me.

Surprise! Good God, I started laughing at this.

10 In a Waiting Room

This is the best place. Something exciting will actually happen there. It would be less freaking boring.

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11 On an Operating Table
12 When You're Stranded All Alone in the Pacific Ocean and You Have as Companions a Chimp, a Tiger, and a Zebra.

Yeah! I'm gonna eat pineapples while riding on a chimp that's tickling a tiger, who's riding a zebra!

13 On a Busy Railroad

Most likely, a train will crash the party.

Talk about crashing the party.

14 At School

This depends on the teachers and their rules. Most class parties in my high school let students eat unlimited food. However, the special ed teacher won't allow students to eat unlimited food.

Seriously, at school learning?

15 In a Police Car
16 In an Ambulance
17 In the Desert
18 In a Bathroom
19 At a Satanic Church
20 In Front of a Police Station

Police: You are under arrest. That means you have the right to remain silent. What you say in court will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, an attorney will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I read you?
Me: Partying is okay.

21 In Jail
22 When Trying to Land a Plane Safely Into Water
23 In a Library
24 Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
25 A Serial Killer's House
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