Top 10 Worst Things About Having a Best Friend of the Opposite Gender

Having a bestie who's not the same gender as you can bring a refreshing dynamic to your friendship circle. You get to see the world from another perspective, learn about different experiences, and generally expand your view on life. Sounds great, right? Well, yes, but as with anything in life, there are two sides to every coin.

Now, we're not here to rain on your friendship parade, but let's be real for a second. While there are a ton of benefits to having a best friend of the opposite gender, there are also some not-so-fabulous aspects that can come into play. Awkward situations, misunderstandings, the perpetual "Are you two dating?" question - sound familiar?
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1 Everyone Assumes You're Dating

Me and my guy friend were talking, and this boy started telling everyone that we were dating. It was so embarrassing and awkward. We're really just friends, and I don't have those kinds of feelings towards him. So yeah.

Yeah, I know. When Mary and I, who are some of my closest friends, were working together, everybody thought we were dating.

Since sixth grade, my friend Spencer and I have been asked if we're dating. It's super annoying.

2 People Constantly Ask How to Date Them

They always ask, Is he dating someone? What does he like? What's his phone number?

3 Limited Topics of Conversation

Some things are just too awkward to talk about with them.

4 Parents Discourage Them from Visiting Your House

Unless you have a sibling of their gender, a lot of parents don't handle it well.

5 Parents Discourage Being Alone Together

Luckily, my parents don't do that.

6 Initial Parental Concern When They See Them in Your Contacts

I honestly don't know why. They knew he was my best friend. I just didn't know what my dad would think.

7 Restrictions on What Can Be Discussed

My friends and I call each other sexy, but bystanders don't think we're friends.

8 Parental Disapproval, Especially from Fathers

I'm a guy, and it does seem kind of common for the guy friend or boyfriend to not be respected by the girl's father!

My dad constantly insults my best friend, as if he doesn't want me to talk to him.

9 Friends Get Jealous of the Relationship

I can tell that any girl who likes him doesn't really like me, unless they're younger.

10 Transitioning from Childhood to High School Friendship Is Awkward

I'm almost in high school and can't imagine him having a deep voice and being taller than me.

That's usually when hormones roll around. Awkward!

The Contenders
11 Risk of Developing Romantic Feelings
12 Rumors and Misconceptions Lead to Unwanted Romantic Complications
13 Potential for Sexual Tension

Friends with benefits... now that can probably get really awkward, really fast!

14 Not Allowed to Visit Their House
15 Awkward Situations Arise
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