Best State Farm Commercials


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1 Jake From State Farm

2016 and still showing this one. It is still funny - westofohio

Who can't love this one

What are you wearing, JAKE FROM STATE FARM?

Uuuh... takis? - EpicJake

2 Magic Jingle Buffalo

This one sucks out loud

3 Selita Ebanks & Mehcad Brooks
4 Jingle 2.0 Shopping
5 Magic Hot Tub
6 Casual Wednesdays
7 Jingle 2.0 Road Trip

I have bla bla insurance so person come help. Hey grandma hey dad look who it is. I see who it is. Six callers ahead of us Jimmy. Your not helping

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8 Pizza
9 Jessica DeClercq
10 Talking Mime
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