Best State Universities in the Philippines

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Iloilo Science and Technology University The Iloilo Science and Technology University is a public university located in Iloilo City Philippines.

Public school but great achievers...

Top performing in western visayas

Well I don't think so...

ISAT-U, a competent public university in the Philippines.

Philippine Normal University

An exceptional school! They have the best students because they have the best professors as well!

PNU is the only state university for education in the Philippines. It trains individuals who would serve learners from pre-school to higher education, public schools, private schools and even international schools. Most of us entered PNU literally without penny in the pocket. But when we graduate, with PNU attached to our credentials, it entails life-long learning, dignified future, prestige, and social responsiveness.

My mom is one of the best teachers in her school. She is a graduate of PNU.

PNU is the hope of the hopes of the country. As the National Center for Teacher Education, PNU produce quality teachers and pedagogical researches.

Visayas State University

Only the bright students are accepted in this school. The students must study hard of else they will be advised to transfer. The school produce quality graduates topnotchers in board exams and recipients of various awards. With all of these accomplishments, they remain humble.

Academically on top excellence internationally and locally, the sleeping giant humble University, the only. University listed in Tourism academic with beautiful environment to see

Best campus, conducive to learning. It has mountains and sea, very peaceful. It is a community and a home away from home.

Home of the best researchers and produced good and competitive graduates not only in the country but also abroad.

Filipinas Technical Institute
Central Mindanao University

Central Mindanao University produces graduates who topped in the licensure exam in the field of education, agriculture, engineering, veterinary medicine, nursing and accountancy education. It is said to be the academic paradise of the south.

The Academic paradise of the south.

It's really nice to study Central Mindanao University because of its highly caliber professors.

One of the best performing HEIs or universities in the Philippines that is center of excellence in biology, mathematics, agriculture, forestry, doctor of veterinary medicine and engineering studies.

Mindanao State University

This university, will made you globally competitive after graduating in this institution!

Cheap in terms of TUITION FEE but expensive in terms of ACADEMIC.

Graduates are successful whether in the homeland or abroad

They produce globally competitive students..

University of Southeastern Philippines

Great produces graduates who topped in the licensure exam in the field of education, agriculture, engineering, veterinary medicine, nursing and accountancy education. It is said to be the academic paradise of the south.

A quality institution with world-class professors. Smart students with a good attitude.

Great school ever!

USeP has quality education with low tuition fees. So great products that put excellence in our nation!

University of Southern Mindanao

High quality education and top performing state university in the country. Top 1 performing schools in mindanao.

One of the best civil engineering schools in the country where the training grounds are at most relevant to professional practice.

Tarlac State University

Apart from the numerous academic accreditations it has achieved, Tarlac State University (TSU) is undoubtedly one of the best state universities in the country as evidenced by its performance in different licensure examinations particularly in the field of criminology and engineering. Its students excel not only in the academe but also in terms of extra-curricular activities. I will always consider TSU as a home that put me where I am today.

Best Quality Educational University.

For me the best

Excellent learning here at TSU.

Central Luzon State University

CLSU is one of the best universities in the country. It is the pioneer university for agriculture. Alma Mater. :-)

Top performing school in agricultural engineering board exams.

Number 1 in veterinary

Top performing state u in the country

The Contenders

Caraga State University

Caraga State University is one of the best university in the Philippines

Caraga State University is the Best especially in Agriculture because they know how to "daro-daro" the carabao...

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

PUP still continues its commitment in providing high quality of education. No wonder thousands of students aim to enter it aside from its very affordable tuition. PUP The Best!

PUP has one of the best line-up of professors... The best I ever had!

My mom graduated here and she is a great teacher.

Simply the best.

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

DMMMSU is the Best University of Region 1, Because Jayron A. Masanit in teaching there,

Holy Angel University
West Visayas State University

Exceptional good school...just look at the school's board exams performance...what else I can say?

Top students are graduate of this state university

It has close monitoring of student's performance..

"inculcates the true value and essence of your chosen course"

Mariano Ponce National High School University
Cebu Technological University

One of the best school not only in Cebu but in the whole Philippines. Offers High Quality of Education in Engineering, Education, Industrial and Computer Technology, Arts and Sciences, Nursing and many more.

Program in different fields are upgraded by connection to International Universities.

Bulacan State University

BulSU aims to produce highly and globally competitive students. Providing high standard of education to all.

Laguna State Polytechnic University
Cavite State University

CvSU have been named The Top Performing State University way back in 2017 and constantly in the top 10. It also became the top performing school in many licensure exams like CLE and ALE and that just proved that this university is one of the best in the country. The professors has a very high standards which really contributed to it's good performance over the years. Also it's high school and senior high school department (CvSU Science High School) is considered one of the best high school in the country. If you are still hesitant on taking up your degree here then feel free to search for it's nationwide academic standing.

Cavite State University was the best state university I've ever encountered. Students in this institution are very sensitive in their studies. They really pursue their degree in the fullest power of their own specialization. And, CvSUs' center of excellence is agriculture.

The best students at all.

Give excellent service that prvides students high quality education

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
Pangasinan State University

This is the best state university ever

Pangasinan state university is in its very best to produce globally competitive professionals.


Premier State University.. Tatak PSU

Southern Leyte State University

Education is the flagship

Accredited as level 3 by the AACUP

Exemplary Passing Performance in Criminology, ranked 4th in 2014 and ranked 3rd in 2015 by PRC.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Foundation University
Technological University of the Philippines

Proud to be an alumni


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