Top Ten Best Stranger Things 3 Characters

Vote on which character from Stranger Things 3 is your favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Jim Hopper

Without a doubt Hopper is my favorite. He's funny and logical, I love how annoyed he is with Mike and Eleven being in love. - TheHabsFan

2 Steve Harrington

Steve is way better in the 3rd season than in the previous two. Him and Dustin are such a great duo. - TheHabsFan

3 Joyce Byers

Before Bob, she was kind of lame; during Bob, she was lame because Bob stole the show; after Bob, she is way better. - TheHabsFan

4 Dustin Henderson
5 Eleven
6 Alexei

O my goodness! This character is absolutely hilarious! Definitely one of the best characters in my opinion. He adds so much humor, without him the show would be quite a bit duller. - TheHabsFan

7 Nancy Wheeler

She has pretty much become a detective, she's quite smart. - TheHabsFan

8 Will Byers

Finally a season where you can see him almost normal! - TheHabsFan

9 Mike Wheeler
10 Lucas Sinclair

The Contenders

11 Robin Buckley
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