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1 Saint Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec Saint Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec

Oh yes, I love it. It's also at #1 on my list Funniest Genuine City, Town or Village Names in Canada - Metal_Treasure

The only town in the whole world that has two exclamation marks in its name. That's hilarious. - BKAllmighty

This sounds like someone trying to say St. Louis, but for some reason, the find it really funny - SpectralOwl

Ha Ha! Is A Name? - AlphaQ

2 Dildo, Newfoundland Dildo, Newfoundland

Bet a certain Casey fanboy would love to go there - TwilightKitsune

Who the heck names their town after a dirty word, anyway?

No explanation needed. - SpectralOwl

3 Accident, Maryland Accident, Maryland

Welcome to Accident! - Metal_Treasure

I've never heard of this place... and I live in MD, I want to go there now. - EliHbk

Welcome to accident, you know, you’re going to be in an accident here! - JoeBoi

4 Boring, Oregon Boring, Oregon

Gravity Falls was based on this city, ironically being the setting of one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen. - 445956

The name definitely describes what it is. Boring! - JoeBoi

Featured in Netflix Original "Everything Sucks! "

Apperantely, the settler of this city's last name was boring, Literally. - SpectralOwl

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5 Hell, Michigan Hell, Michigan

So I guess in that Megadeath song "Go to Hell" they meant here... - TwilightKitsune

I was born in Hell, I grew up in Hell, I became famous in hell, I got married in hell, I raised kids in Hell, and I will die in Hell, Michigan - SpectralOwl

Welcome to Hell! (haha, I know several songs with this title that can become theme songs for this place) - Metal_Treasure

Detroit: Literally worse than Hell - xandermartin98

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6 Intercourse, Pennsylvania Intercourse, Pennsylvania

The Simpsons made a reference to this.

7 Ding Dong, Texas Ding Dong, Texas
8 Ball's Falls, Ontario Ball's Falls, Ontario

I live, literally, minutes away from Ball's Falls. I never thought it's name would end up here. It's a beautiful conservation area that I visit every year in autumn. - BKAllmighty

Don't Even ask me why they call it that - SpectralOwl

9 Los Banos, California Los Banos, California

I think someone tried to create a city in southern California while trying to make the name fit in by using spanish. Unfortunately, the results turned out embarrassing. (Los Banos is spanish for The Bathrooms) - SpectralOwl

Nice try by a know-it-all 10 year old. "Los Banos" means "the Baths", and is the name given to the region by Spanish [from SPAIN] land-grant ranchers, due to the natural springs that irrigate the wetlands, making it a good place for livestock.

10 Nothing, Arizona

I bet it looks like my soul... - EliHbk

Welcome to nothing - MrCoolC

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11 No Name, CO

Came across this city on a trip to Colorado. Couple houses, a McDonalds and a gas station - Phillip873

Oh, so they couldn’t figure out what the name of the town is going to be, and so they named this town “No name” - JoeBoi

12 Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario

I was born in Kitchener, Ontario, in a hospital that is no more than 15 minutes away from Punkeydoodles Corners. I've driven through it dozens of times. Half the time there are missing signs everywhere. Kids are always stealing them. Why am I closely connected to TWO places on this list? Ontario is weird, guys. - BKAllmighty

The town for clowns - SpectralOwl

13 Poop, Yucatán, Mexico

Weird. - JoeBoi

nice one

14 Embarrass, Minnesota
15 Walla Walla, Washington

Now I really feel like making a parody of Witch Doctor, but it's about odd city names - SpectralOwl

16 Heart's Desire, Newfoundland and Labrador Heart's Desire, Newfoundland and Labrador

A town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Please Drive Safely (through the Heart's Desire...) - Metal_Treasure

17 Truth or Consequences, N.M.
18 England, Arkansas

England is a city, team 10 is not dumb? - EliHbk

I like. A lot. - Britgirl

Is this what Nick Crompton was talking about? - SpectralOwl

19 Climax, Kentucky

Head 30 miles south and you'll find Falling point, Tennessee - SpectralOwl

20 Burnt Corn, Alabama
21 Chicken, Alaska
22 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
23 Secaucus, New Jersey
24 Kitchener, Ontario
25 Katy, Texas
26 Dogtown, Alabama
27 Tuckahoe, New York
28 Coxsackie, New York
29 Butternuts, New York
30 Swastika, Ontario
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1. Saint Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec
2. Accident, Maryland
3. Los Banos, California
1. Saint Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec
2. Dildo, Newfoundland
3. Poop, Yucatán, Mexico
1. Accident, Maryland
2. Boring, Oregon
3. Ding Dong, Texas

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