Top Ten Strategies to "Downsize" Your Life

When life becomes too busy and too stressful to enjoy, then it's time to stop and rethink what is/isn't most important!
The Top Ten
Become Motivated!

Remind yourself often of the benefits that you will receive. Ex; more time for self, more time with family. - debmiles

We can't reach our dreams without motivation - MatrixGuy

Everyone needs some motivation - debmiles

Take time to do a full assessment of your personal life.

First we need to know what we are spending most of our time doing and is it working. - debmiles

Developgood time management skills.

Make a "to do" list that is manageable and not too overwhelming. Being better organized will allow you to have more time and opportunity to relax and enjoy life. - debmiles

Set Priorities

By using our time more efficiently and by working on our highest priorities (of the day) we can become better organized, more effective and focused. - debmiles

Don't forget to laugh at yourself.

Don't take life too seriously! You will make mistakes, we learn through our mistakes. Take time to find the humor in life. After all, isn't life meant to be enjoyed? Enjoy yourself, sit back and reflect on how much you have accomplished in your life. - debmiles

Use positive self-talk

Stop limiting yourself! Negative beliefs about yourself will affect your thinking and your actions. Remember, your personal behaviors are under your control. - debmiles

Begin to see yourself as being well-organized.

Constantly say to yourself "I will be on time for my appointments. " "I am in control of my schedule. " Thinking positive about yourself will influence your behaviors. - debmiles

Discipline yourself to change just one habit/activity that you know will improve your life.

Most of the time when you change in one area you'll start improving in other areas --such as becoming more productive at home and work. - debmiles

Decide what you really want in life.

Go for your Dreams! Becoming inspired to create/reach goals that are in line with your passion--helps you to feel more satisfied, more fulfilled and more successful. - debmiles

Find a Role Model

Talk to a friend or someone you "look up" to who seems to be well-organized and efficient. Ask them how they became so organized. Most people are willing to share their tips/secrets to being in control of their time/life. - debmiles

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