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1 Sonic (Super, Hyper, Dark)


Nobody can't beat up sonic (super hyper dark

Sonic of course is the strongest he is the main character

Sonic is the most powerful because have you ever seen sonic die and he can turn into dark sonic super sonic shadic super shadic sonic the wearhog excalaber hyper sonic hyper shadic... get it

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2 Shadow (Super Shadow)

No duh Shadow is the most powerful character. In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic can't defeat the boss on his own, Shadow needed to use all his energy and "die" because Sonic couldn't do it.

He's awesome because he can run at the same speed as sonic, he fly's in the game shadow the hedgehog, he can teleport using chaos control, he uses chaos spears and he sometimes he turns red and chaos blasts everyone in his path.

He's awesome because he can use chaos control, blast, spear, etc. and Sonic can't do any of those so he should be number 1!

Dude literally outclasses sonic outright

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3 Knuckles The Echidna Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles is easily the strongest, checking his specs on sonic wiki is higher than any other character I found on that wiki, even his rare hyper knuckles form makes him the strongest. That is just my opinion and I respect all of yours. Knuckles, Sonic, Shadow, And Silver rock!

Knuckles is the strongest! He could turn super sonic in sonic in one attack in (Sonic 3) in his first appearance.

Climbs walls, is nearly as fast as sonic, punches through stuff, and even flies

Knux is best

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4 Silver The Hedgehog Silver The Hedgehog

Silver almost Killed Sonic TWICE (and would have were it not for all the interruptions) Shadow only beat him because he had a stupid Chaos Emerald, (Keep in mind that Silver got right back up in 06 after being kicked in the back of the head) he induced Chaos control on his first try, the has TELEKINESIS! Silver is awesome, the best in every way! ESPECIALLY IN CUTENESS!

Silver is my favorite character but I have to admit that sonic is stronger than him... Because he's younger than sonic. My conclusion is that sonic is stronger but if silver was 16 like him so he would be the strongest

Who else is able to send Sonic to space, put him in a loop so he will never escape and made Shadow (you, the player) feel the fear in his boss fights?

I love him

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5 Big The Cat Big The Cat

It's a shame that the strongest character is the most idiot.

Big the Cat may be the most idiot coharacter, yet his hobby of fishing is cute.

Also, Big the Cat has the best muscles despite his obesity (which his muscles give him).

He is the best


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6 Blaze The Cat Blaze The Cat

She is just so serious and calm under pressure, she looks awesome, has a lot of epic poses, and fire powers? She is so awesome, and she died saving the world?! She is my favorite, and she deserves much more than what SEGA gives her!

She's super strong, super fast, can fly, control fire, got the Sol Emeralds, the power of Solaris, and the Power of the Stars. She took down Knuckles without breaking a sweat.

She is one of my best because she throws fire

Blaze forever!

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7 Mephiles the Dark

Mephiles the dark killed sonic with a spear and he's just so badass

Shadow is stronger/more skillful then sonic and yet had a hard time fighting this dude.

Ok I'm done with everyone saying he's badass but he kill sonic,if sonic was dead then all the sonic games ans show will be canselled

8 Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk

He styles the best mohawk I ever saw until now, also the only faster character than sonic...the fastest alive - AbdRahmanSalah

9 Storm the Albatross
10 Mecha Sonic

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11 Mighty The Armadillo Mighty The Armadillo

According to the wiki:
Mighty is the their strongest character, behind BIG THE CAT and BARK THE POLAR BEAR. That means he's stronger than anyone on this list (except for Big, who SOMEHOW actually got on there) and deserves his RIGHTFUL place up on third. That being said, THANK YOU SEGA FOR NOT MAKING ANY MORE GAMES WITH HIM. YOU EFFECTIVELY CUT OUT ONE OF YOUR BEST CHARACTERS. ALL HAIL ARCHIE FOR BRINGING HIM AND RAY BACK.

Stronger than Knuckles we don't call him Mighty for nothing

Stronger than Knuckles. We don't call him Mighty for nothing.

Well mighty is described to be just as fast as sonic and maybe even stronger ten knuckles. But until the strength feati s shown he will remain at 8 - UltraHyperSonic

12 Dark Gaia
13 Enerjak
14 Eggman

He should be a higher rank... Because after ALL THESE YEARS he's still alive... Wow

Eggman's a cool villain, something fishy happened?

15 Solaris Solaris

Search him up he can devourer timelines like a beast and is so col

16 E-102 Gamma

That mad robot is a messy gangster!?

17 Doom

Doom is really strongest and is overrall one of the strongest donic characters - UltraHyperSonic

18 Miles/Tails

He's also one of the strongest. Make Cream his top tier number 1 apprentice so she can learn all sorts of stuff from him.

Tails is stronger than chao

19 Scourge
20 Rouge The Bat Rouge The Bat

Rouge the Bat will be the drummer of the Team Dark band and the greatest drummer of the whole Sonic franchise!

Awesome rouge, I have loved this character when I was 11... ! I have a new friend for her, it was me!

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