Strongest Yugioh Dragon Monsters

The Top Ten

1 Genesis Dragon
2 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
3 Strong Wind Dragon

This card is really good because it can get so many attack points. It already has 2400 atk and if you a sacrifice a dragon monster then strong wind dragon gets that dragons attack points!

4 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

A beautiful dragon equal to serpent night dragon

There is only 4 of these monsters and you need 3 of then to summon the blue eyes ultimate dragon

It is the ultimate engine of destruction.

This monster with all three makes the most powerful fusion ever, Neo blue eyes ultimate dragon. thus declaring its power.

5 Slifer the Sky Dragon

This card can defeat anybody

6 Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg
7 Masked Dragon
8 Totem Dragon
9 Water Dragon
10 Dragon Master Knight

This is strong it can defeat the might five headed dragon and melefic truth dragon

The Contenders

11 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

This card would atomaticly go up to 4200 attack pionts

12 Five-Headed Dragon

This card is awesome because it can not be destroyed by battle with a water fire dark wind or earth

13 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

This card is the rarist card in yugioh history

14 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

This card has an efect that rules over all

15 Stardust Dragon

It has lots of support and is the ace card of the 5ds protagonist, yusei

This needs to be in the top 10. By tributing this card it is a negation machine. Then you can special summon this at the end phase

16 Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon

This card can win the duel in one attack. It's definitely unbeatable monster that shocks the whole world.

This card is invinsible with the trap card inzecter guantlit

17 The Winged Dragon of Ra

This card will destroy anyone but not slifer the sky dragon and number 92 heart earth dragon

18 Malefic Truth Dragon

This card really is strong even when facing the rarist card ever the blue eyes ultimate dragon

19 Darkflare Dragon
20 Exploder Dragonwing
21 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Have never lost one he comes out you can easily fill up your field with dragons in an instant and over power your enemy

22 Spear Dragon
23 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity
24 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
25 Odd Eyes Raging Dragon

Its effect makes it stronger

26 Neo Galaxy Photon Dragon
27 Ancient Fairy Dragon

So amazing and beautiful.

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