Top Ten Stupidest Presents to Give to Your Wife or Girlfriend


The Top Ten

1 A toilet plunger
2 All of the porn you've been hiding over the years

To add the fuel in the situation, confess that your only love is your right hand. - StephanTheIdiot

Can you really bear to do part with them? - PositronWildhawk

To say the least it would be a stupid gift. - jrodz

3 A scale designed for weighing elephants

The wife will be angry. - TeamRocket747

4 A lifetime supply of dish soap
5 A dildo

Hopefully Your Wife Finds Someone Else - Stevenpenguin

6 A Shake Weight
7 Tampons
8 Ear plugs for when the football is on

But what if she has autism and hates loud noises like yelling? - Ilovestephanie

9 An STI testing kit
10 Her own personal graveyard

The Newcomers

? Virtual Boy Virtual Boy

Unless she's a collector. She's not gonna like it.

The Contenders

11 Two cents

Cheap ass husbands!

If your wife was krabs - TeamRocket747

12 All of the necessary ingredients for her to make you a sandwich

She'd better know how I like my bacon sandwich. - PositronWildhawk

13 A nude picture of your mother
14 A Donald Trump mask

Unless she wants to prank with it - TeamRocket747

15 A bloody knife

Giving a bloody knife to your wives/girlfriends can sounds like as if a husband/boyfriend is accusing their own wives/girlfriends for murdering someone.

16 A book on how to be a better lover
17 A bright green cowboy hat with a rubber duck on top
18 Condoms Condoms

"Remember to give it to me next time." - naFrovivuS

The picture made it worse...

19 A bag full of bricks

Give it to me and I’ll just smack you upside the head with it -Galaxy Meowth

20 A jar of dirt
21 A Jurassic Park III DVD

Well... I guess A Jurassic Park DVD doesn't sound bad.

22 A used tissue
23 Fake poop
24 Keeping Up with the Kardashians Box Set
25 Yodeling lessons
26 A T-shirt saying "I eat boogers"
27 A clown costume
28 An ant
29 A coupon for beer
30 A breast implant

That is horrible and objectifying! 😡

31 Goggles
32 Groucho Marx glasses
33 A jack in the box
34 A bucket of brown paint
35 Dynamite
36 A Jar Jar Binks backpack
37 Pictures of you and your other girlfriends
38 A VCR
39 A Fart in a Jar
40 A nude drawing of her

A nude drawing of her? Really? Is a husband that objectifying about his wife's looks?! So he can paint a "nude photo of his own wife? " Well guess what? It's wrong! Women are more than objects that need a better present than a nude photo of her! Just saying.

41 A Justin Bieber Album

Unless if your wife is a huge fan of Justin Bieber.

42 Dog Poop
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Top Remixes

1. A toilet plunger
2. A Shake Weight
3. A dildo
1. A lifetime supply of dish soap
2. A scale designed for weighing elephants
3. Ear plugs for when the football is on


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