Top 10 College Degrees You Should Stay Away From

College's goal is not to help you find a job after, it is to make money. STAY AWAY from these degrees if you wanna have a career after college.
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1 Liberal Arts

DO not try to make the best of your situation if you ever get trapped by BOOMER parents who send you to a liberal arts college? There is no escape from poverty.

If you want live the good life figure out how you can make money in a minimalist lifestyle. Work as soon as you can. Get your GED skip high school. Work 10 years don't go to college unless it is a community college and you are going for nursing, engineering, a certificate in a health care field, or one of the skilled trades. Save up to buy an RV and escape clown world. Then spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to code so you can run a business without capital.

You can't skip barista jobs regardless of your major. You will have to work that 9-5 which means you will not have the opportunity to do STEM in a reasonable time frame unless you get out of high school early and .

Never support capitalism. Never fall for capitalist tricks. Never believe in capitalism. Never think that you can make it with just an "education"

Play your video games, watch porn, and consume products. It's more productive than going to school.

In 10 years, the world will go full authoritarian. Do not escape your western nation, instead make a game plan to survive.

Do these things:
1) Find a job that will get you your RV the fastest. Government jobs (Job corps, correctional officer, army) or trades (takes 2 years). Do not think about having a career to support yourself, but rather a means for quick retirement.
2) Live off the Grid
3) Get bitcoin
4) Be a NEET

The difference between biz and liberal arts:

Liberal arts majors are lazy people with brains who don't want to work and have no work ethic and simply want to tell the world what to do.

Business majors are lazy people with NO BRAINS who want to work and have no work ethic and simply want to advance in society through the means of capitalism without any real understanding of how the world works.

Want to be a REAL man? You skip school and just get a job right away. YOU SKIP SCHOOL.

Employers are more willing to hire people with no degree than someone with loans because the person with loans is likely to bang his head on the wall over something he can't control over.

2 Art

Your child can have a complete free ride in college and it will not matter. He and she is going to be poor compared to the tradesmen or the military person with GI Money in every single way. You simply cannot pay even $5,000 dollars back. We all know liberal arts are bad so there is no reason to mention it, but here are the other fates with college that are equally horrible.

Once you stay for 4-6 years and obtain a little more than 120 units, you are stuck and signed onto their contract forever, being unable to switch careers due to FAFSA limits, but if you go into the trades or a coding bootcamp first you can avoid being unable to pay back a worthless degree and get your education paid for by your employer or yourself for free.

If he/she is going into business or accounting expect nothing but low paying menial office jobs that pay low only one dollar more than flipping burgers. If he/she has low grades in engineering expect nothing but grunt work. If he/she has low ...more

You can be successful with a film or art degree if you know someone and are having your education be paid for. Outsourcing, boomer's inability to retire, and a bad economy created the student loan crisis. Not people choosing the wrong major.

Your only fate with a degree like this one and other worthless others like Biz Admin is getting a 5150 and being unable to become a cop for life.

It's art. I would rather jump off a cliff.

3 Gender Studies

Taking a worthless degree like this one allows you to be mentally tortured by your boss, mentally tortured by debt, and mentally tortured by society, teachers, and peers. BUT HAY U GOTTA OPEN THOSE "DOORS!" to jobs you can get at the age of 15 years old. If you are in a trash liberal arts college, do not wait for society to save yourself from your bad decisions. LEAVE NOW using uber or greyhound. Even if you do STEM you will still need to work at the bottom.

You may not find a place to live, but the military, job corps, and corrections officer place will house and shelter you.

So bad that no one will actually want to take it unless they are mental.

LOL, Gender Studies is a waste of time for anyone right of Karl Marx

Should be number one. Philosophy is bad too.

4 Philosophy

How to check if a field is legit or fake,

1) Look at the size of the companies around you
2) Check how many employees are there
3) Look if their is actual demand for the field
4) See how many temp agencies are in the field. If it is nothing but temp agencies then leave.
5) Check the BLS Occupational Stats to see if there are any jobs.

There is no such thing as getting brainwashed by Marxism because what is taught is common sense. There is on the other hand wasting money on learning common sense, stuff that you can read online, and progressive credentialism.

I've seen idiots think that double majoring makes them more employable, especially idiots who try to double major in a worthless field and take 6 years. It's nonsense. Philosophy is a trash degree no matter how much nonsense you want to add to your life.

There are so many certs that cost 1000-4000 and get you a job immediately, hell your better off working in the warehouse and work your way up.

5 Religion

I don't care about your religion.

6 Music

I want you to really think about it, do you really want to waste your only attempt at getting a bachelor's degree easily on this. If you don't do engineering now, it will be even harder in the future.

7 Business Administration

From Reddit: MafuyuChan

"I heard its harder to get a job because you have to try harder to stand out...if possible try not to stay in general business administration and try to specialize in a specific degree is guaranteed to get you a job anyways so don't let the "useless"comments get to you"

Bad advice, biz admin and the concentrations are part of the scam since all of the concentrations are in fields that are easily outsourced or have no value. When people say "these guys take business because they do not know what to do" it is because the field is fake and gay.

I remember watching Honest Careers on YouTube who said this major is good as long as you focus on three fields, Accounting, Finance, and IT. To him I say BS.

IT is a field that uses certs, while not poor paying, you don't need a degree for it and you shouldn't get a degree for it. If your in school for IT then drop out and restart from the beginning as soon as possible in engineering since engineering is the most flexible.

Finance is essentially filling out forms and sucking the corporate mouth of a dead decaying industry who will no longer be around in a few years. Fintech, Quant Finance, and Data related jobs in finance pay and are in demand, but none of these are obtainable with a degree in finance or business nor will you have the time to add math classes to your degree unless they are prepackaged in.

Accounting is just as fake as finance. It looks more legit at first, but it is more of the same. The unemployment data is fake, the salaries are fake, and the ...more

I've seen people jealous of biz students because they get to party when they forget the context. They party because they knew that their field is fake as hell and face no consequences because they are rich or already own a company (and no a side gig does not count as a company no matter how well it pays). Do not pay money for this degree or any of its forms that all have similar worthless coursework, especially if you want accounting. If you want accounting, major in math or econ and take only 34 units of the relevant classes. Major in Math/CS if you want rigor and Econ if you want an easy ride. Both of these are way more employable and pay more than gen biz.

These are some of the other degrees perceived as worthless. Here is why they are better.

Psychology : You can work for AI Neural Networks, Neuroscience, easy ride to med school, and you can make money with a phd.
Econ: You can get all the same jobs as Biz Admin plus some from data science.
Linguistics: If you learn how to code, you can become a language engineer
Political Science: The field moved to quant therefore it is now better.
Math: You can specialize in Stats and get the same jobs as a CS major, but only as long as you go to a bootcamp and learn to code. It is not just for teaching.
Biology: Even if your GPA is low, employers will respect you for doing a STEM degree as opposed to a worthless humanities / gen biz.

8 Feminist Studies
9 Drama and Theater Arts

Waste of your life.

10 Anthropology

Online schools exist for all levels of education. Take advantage of them.

Useless, the only job from this is to be at a museum.

Ask yourself, what is high school / college really preparing you using the coursework?

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11 Creative Writing
12 Art History

It's art. Unless you want to be poor, useless and a waste of a life then don't do it.

13 Theater
14 Humanities

Once you reach 130 units you will trigger a potential financial time bomb.

15 Acupuncture
16 Graphic Design

This degree is worthless compared to any REAL degree especially those in STEM.

I could see why, except if you are a person who uses COMIC SANS!

17 History
18 Acting
19 Psychology

The autistic / low info strategy:
1) Finish the degree
2) Start another one with zero financial aid due to loan limits while triggering student debt that can't be paid off.

A real plan:
1) ditch the worthless degree
2) find a ways to pay for community college
3) get a job with the 2 year using knowledge from an in demand field.
4) Major in engineering / cs while taking a few chem courses.

Psychology is one of the worst majors, many people in the field cannot reproduce any of their own studies and they just make things up.

At least this degree was quick. This degree helped me go back into engineering when I was failing it.

3) Fail on purpose
4) Transfer to another college to reset the clock.

20 Tourism
21 Accounting

Aaron Clarey actually doesn't praise Accounting, but he does think it is a better investment than something like sociology or econ when it is in fact worse. Aaron Clarey actually thinks accounting is a bad career choice because you are paying to bore yourself when that effort could be put in a legitimate degree in any of the STEM fields.

Biz Admin / Accounting sets you up to look like a struggling student who is too dumb for science, math, data, etc. where as those majors at least tell the employer that you have communication skills. In other worlds the biz admin guy if he has no extracurricular and is a slacker who cheats on tests using chegg and coursehero will be worse off than the sociology and liberal arts grad who spent 4 years doing art because it will be much harder to get recommendation letters for grad school from professors you have no attachment towards than for the 4.0 in fluffy bunnies.

All the 4.0 in fluffy bunnies has to do is go to community college for ...more

Idiots keep recommending this as if it is not the same as biz admin. It shares most of the coursework with that useless degree so therefore accounting is just a slightly better biz admin and therefore a worthless degree. Your skillset with this degree is basically none except for bookeeping and middle management which are both automated. While not the worst paying field, there is no reason to study it at a 4 year. If you look up the job stats, it is nowhere even close to the starting salaries of any of the engineering disciplines, computer science or actuarial science (a real business degree). There is also the lie that 1 in 4 ceos are accountants when the most successful businessmen are engineers. They do not study anything business related until after getting paid in big numbers in STEM/Healthcare/Skilled Trades.

What is worse is that these people will trash the sciences claiming that they are unemployable when in reality the sciences are better because you can transition ...more

The main reason Aaron Clarey trashes Econ and praises Accounting is because he flunked out of Cal 2 and you can be an accountant with a Math / Econ degree just by looking at the pdf for the CPA requirements.

How does this produce a business?
You work 60-80 hrs paying off debt for what is essentially peanuts compared to your friends in Comp Sci, Math, Econ who are making 6 figs right out of college in risk management, coding, and data science. By the time you get decent money in accounting the profession will either be dead or you will be old.

We have morons who look at google and believe that accounting is the language of business. The last time I checked the path to a millionaire is not to be an office drone who starts with 40k and has a rare chance for growth unless good at it. What you are supposed to do instead is study STEM or a skilled trade first and then do accounting to run your business. There is only so many units for college. Getting your CPA is a giant waste of money when you can fit another STEM major.

22 Architecture
23 Retail Management

College seems to have all sorts of worthless degrees and the business school is one of the worst offenders net to the humanities. You can't study management and who in the right mind would want to study being a retail manager. Your not going to boss anyone around since management has to be earned though work experience.

Dumbest concept for a degree I've ever seen.

The Business version of Gender Studies.

24 English

How to save yourself if you have been kicked out of your parents house. DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE. You will fail if you try to do it with a 9-5 job:
Path 1: Join the army
Path 2: Become a Nurse
Path 3: Go into the trades.
Path 4: Get a 2 year cert in what you want and then join the army.

Don't like college there is always job corps.

25 Victim Services Management
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