Top 10 College Degrees You Should Stay Away From

College's goal is not to help you find a job after, it is to make money. STAY AWAY from these degrees if you wanna have a career after college.
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1 Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts aren't as bad as you think. The real problem is HOW THEY MAJOR IN IT. When the millennials try to major in it, they are trying to go to Harvard or similar and rake 100,000,000s of dollars for their nonexistant dream career and get indoctrinated with BS whereas a smart person would go to community college and then pick the shortest of the majors that they offer just to get that piece of paper to go to med school or law with a high GPA in a short time.

Look at Econ, a short program that can be done in a state college in 2-3 semesters. There is a reason why so many billionaires major in it, it is because it is short as F***. It is even better if you already have a CS associates degree or something in the trades because then you don't need a CS bachelor.

Every year you avoid tech knowledge you miss out on an opportunity for genuine wealth.

Every year you go to business / liberal arts school, you lose one year doing something more productive

2 Art

Your child can have a complete free ride in college and it will not matter. He and she is going to be poor compared to the tradesmen or the military person with GI Money in every single way. You simply cannot pay even $5,000 dollars back. We all know liberal arts are bad so there is no reason to mention it, but here are the other fates with college that are equally horrible.

Once you stay for 4-6 years and obtain a little more than 120 units, you are stuck and signed onto their contract forever, being unable to switch careers due to FAFSA limits, but if you go into the trades or a coding bootcamp first you can avoid being unable to pay back a worthless degree and get your education paid for by your employer or yourself for free.

If he/she is going into business or accounting expect nothing but low paying menial office jobs that pay low only one dollar more than flipping burgers. If he/she has low grades in engineering expect nothing but grunt work. If he/she has low grades in CS expect nothing but codemonkey and spaghetti towers. If he/she is part of one of the sciences or math and has low grades, this person will be a 20k-30k labrat or a high school teacher for the rest of their lives. If the person intends on med school and has low grades with bio, it is the same as liberal arts, no job. The purpose of college is to exploit you and separate the rich from the poor.

Also if you have autism, your life will be even worse since unlike normal people, they can simply enter the military and retool their skills effortlessly through the military by working hard for 4 years to get GI money. People with autism are disqualified even if they are slightly normal.

3 Gender Studies

So bad that no one will actually want to take it unless they are mental.

LOL, Gender Studies is a waste of time for anyone right of Karl Marx

Should be number one. Philosophy is bad too.

4 Philosophy

How to check if a field is legit or fake,

1) Look at the size of the companies around you
2) Check how many employees are there
3) Look if their is actual demand for the field
4) See how many temp agencies are in the field. If it is nothing but temp agencies then leave.
5) Check the BLS Occupational Stats to see if there are any jobs.

I've seen idiots think that double majoring makes them more employable, especially idiots who try to double major in a worthless field and take 6 years. It's nonsense. Philosophy is a trash degree no matter how much nonsense you want to add to your life.

General rule is that if it doesn't have cal 2 the degree is trash.

5 Religion

I don't care about your religion.

6 Music

I want you to really think about it, do you really want to waste your only attempt at getting a bachelor's degree easily on this. If you don't do engineering now, it will be even harder in the future.

7 Feminist Studies
8 Business Administration

I remember watching Honest Careers on YouTube who said this major is good as long as you focus on three fields, Accounting, Finance, and IT. To him I say BS.

IT is a field that uses certs, while not poor paying, you don't need a degree for it and you shouldn't get a degree for it. If your in school for IT then drop out and restart from the beginning as soon as possible in engineering since engineering is the most flexible.

Finance is essentially filling out forms and sucking the corporate mouth of a dead decaying industry who will no longer be around in a few years. Fintech, Quant Finance, and Data related jobs in finance pay and are in demand, but none of these are obtainable with a degree in finance or business nor will you have the time to add math classes to your degree unless they are prepackaged in.

Accounting is just as fake as finance. It looks more legit at first, but it is more of the same. The unemployment data is fake, the salaries are fake, and the cap is fake. There are so many lairs in this field trying to shill it because they want new clients so desperately. Accounting pays okay and you have a chance to work online, but you did not need a CPA or go to college to achieve this. Getting a degree in this field locks doors in other fields.

9 Drama and Theater Arts

Waste of your life.

10 Anthropology

Useless, the only job from this is to be at a museum.

The Contenders
11 Creative Writing
12 Art History

It's art. Unless you want to be poor, useless and a waste of a life then don't do it.

13 Theater
14 Humanities

Once you reach 130 units you will trigger a potential financial time bomb.

15 Acupuncture
16 Graphic Design

This degree is worthless compared to any REAL degree especially those in STEM.

I could see why, except if you are a person who uses COMIC SANS!

17 History
18 Acting
19 Psychology

Psychology is one of the worst majors, many people in the field cannot reproduce any of their own studies and they just make things up.

At least this degree was quick. This degree helped me go back into engineering when I was failing it.

3) Fail on purpose
4) Transfer to another college to reset the clock.

20 Tourism
21 Sports Management
22 Architecture
23 English
24 Communications
25 Accounting

Idiots keep recommending this as if it is not the same as biz admin. It shares most of the coursework with that useless degree so therefore accounting is just a slightly better biz admin and therefore a worthless degree. Your skillset with this degree is basically none except for bookeeping and middle management which are both automated. While not the worst paying field, there is no reason to study it at a 4 year. If you look up the job stats, it is nowhere even close to the starting salaries of any of the engineering disciplines, computer science or actuarial science (a real business degree). There is also the lie that 1 in 4 ceos are accountants when the most successful businessmen are engineers. They do not study anything business related until after getting paid in big numbers in STEM/Healthcare/Skilled Trades.

What is worse is that these people will trash the sciences claiming that they are unemployable when in reality the sciences are better because you can transition from one stem field to another much easier than going from business to STEM. If your brain tells you to avoid doing STEM no matter what excuse it is throwing at you, ignore it because there are no alternatives to STEM besides health care. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this boring, dull, over-saturated degree and get a STEM field and then learn accounting for your business. Just because accounting is the language of business does not mean that you instantly become a CEO with this degree.

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