Best Survivor: Cambodia Players

The Top Ten
1 Jeremy

Dominated that season, should be #1 hands down. Yes Kelley played a fine game and might well have won over Jeremy in final tribal, and for sure wins if Jeremy is voted out as he might be without winning the FIC, but her only possible case to be over Jeremy would be if she actually did win. The fact is she didn't reach the end AND was almost voted out twice early merge and needed an idol to save herself from being the 2nd juror.

Jeremy played one of the best winners games ever. Should be #1. Who cares if Kelley might have beaten her at the end, Jeremy was 90% likely to make it there and Kelley 15% likely at best.

Best second chance player

2 Kelley Wentworth

Go Witches' Coven!

3 Spencer

Yeah his jury management sucked but still a solid game otherwise.

4 Stephan
5 Tasha
6 Ciera

She was very underrated! She managed Fishbach hatred towards Joe and used it to her aid. She would have made it far if they hadn't told Jeremy about the plan to blindside Fishbach.

7 Joe

One of the greatest competitors of all time. Dominant socially and had a good strategic game in Worlds apart. Sucks he wasn’t as strategic in his preceding seasons.

8 Andrew
9 Keith
10 Shirin
The Contenders
11 Vytas
12 Abi-Maria
13 Peih Gee
14 Kimmi
15 Jeff
16 Yung "Woo" Hwang
17 Kelly Anne Wiglesworth
18 Kass
19 Monica
20 Terry
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