Top 10 Survivor: Worlds Apart Contestants

The Top Ten
1 Mike Holloway - Winner
2 Carolyn Rivera - 2nd Place
3 Tyler Fredrickson - 7th Place
4 Rodney Lavoie Jr. - 4th Place

Like him or not he controlled the whole post merge. Should be at least 2nd behind Mike.

5 Sierra Dawn Thomas - 5th Place
6 Dan Foley - 6th Place
7 Will Sims - 3rd Place
8 Joe Anglim - 10th Place

I was gonna make this list, but I can say Joe was robbed! Glad he's back for Cambodia at least...

9 Jenn Brown - 9th Place
10 Hali Ford - 11th place
The Contenders
11 Shirin Oskooi - 8th Place

Although her social game sucked, you could tell she knew a lot about how the game worked. She has the potential to become a big threat in the upcoming Cambodia.

12 Kelly Remington - 12th Place
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