Teams Most Likely to Win the 2014-2015 College Football Playoff

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Ohio State

A great group with great quarterback, improves his performance every year, a great offensive line, and a great coach, who has won national titles before.

Eight months after they did it, the Buckeyes are still No. 4 on the teams most likely to win the 2014 National title. - tribe95

Probably the best team in the Big Ten right now, if not the second. Usually go undefeated or close to it.

Guess what, it is after the championship and Buckeyes won

Florida State

Won the 2013-14 National Championship going undefeated

There's always next year! Laugh out loud

A very dominant team and WILL HAVE jameis winston

FSU's SOS will be at least as high as the other 3 teams in the palyoff: Alabama, Oregon and Oklahoma.


There is no doubt Alabama will win the national championship it is already won unless the end of the world comes before the season is over

Won a lot of recent National Championships, Nick Saban is a good coach.

This may be the tides worst year in years... coker will bust because look at winstons numbers against a good team

A very good team but THEY WONT have aj mcarron


Went to National Championship last year and barely lost, won National Championship in 2010. Won Georgia and Alabama games by surprises

This years team will be scary... mark my word may go down as one of the best teams in college football history... they will set records... watch and see

Is a good team but wont make the bcs game in my opinion.

Coach Malzahn (offensive genius) and Nick Marshall returns with a better passing game. With a hand full of 4-5 star RB's that will make up for the loss of Tre Mason (NFL). Also Auburn just aquired the #1 JUCO WR to compliment superb receiver Sammy Coates. The offense will be more deadly, and the defense has bulked up with talent that will shine brighter than last year. Auburn - all the way, hands down!


Been real close to going to the National Championship the past couple years, and has a fast pace offense and decent defense

Ohio state beat them in the championship

A really good team, has a 45 chance of at least making a bcs bowl game

They will play auburn again in nc


I have a feeling about this team of at least the bcs championship game and beating Alabama

They are gaining multiple recruits for this season

National Championship worthy, they play against teams like Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, and Missouri.

Michigan State

Is a very good team so... I like the coach of the team

There not gonna win they lost agents Oregon

They have a tough schedule this year and they really have built a program in East Lansing, Michigan. If they beat Oregon in Eugene, then they're the #1 team in the NCAA.


Is a very dominant team and is My favorite college football team

One of the best teams in the Pac-12 along with Oregon, Arizona State, Washington, and USC

Top four will be Florida State, Stanford, LSU and Michigan State. Noles dominant Sparty and Stanford beats LSU in a defensive classic. The Cardinal then go on to upset FSU 20-17 on the last second field goal.

Stanford is the most underrated team. THINk about it. last year, Oregon was ranked, what, 2? It was 2 or 3. in the end they didn't even make a BCS Bowl Game. PLUS Stanford beat them. SAME AS THE YEAR BEFORE. AND THEN THEY DID IT AGAIN FOR ANDREW LUCK'S LAST SEASON! Stanford is a good team that has enough potential to at least win won playoff game. I can't wait for Stanford to crush... , Oregon (3 game win streak at least) UCLA (at least 2 game win streak) and USC (at least 2 game win streak). oh and plus USC sucks. they r always overrated. the best teams in the Pac-12 IN ORDER ARE-
1. Stanford
2. Oregon (though they r overrated)
4. Arizona State
5. Washington
6. USC
7. Arizona the rest suxck laugh out loud.


Is a very good team and I like tajh boyd


Clemson fan til the day I die! Sucks we lost to fsu last night though >:(


Sooners rull. The sooners are the best team ever that
Beats every team that gets in they're way!

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Picked as Phil Steel's team most likely to make a surprise win in the National Championship that's not in the top 10 this year.
Phil steel's last year was Florida State and they won.

Honestly I think Georgia should be 1

Don't mess with this FKING team

Why the hell is Georgia 11. and clemson ahead of them! Clemson lost to Georgia BY a LOT to them. this list is bad. Texas tate is here with marhsall and memhphis but no Notre Dame or Texas A.M. the Irish r gonna have luck this year. GOlson is back. plus Georgia should be 8 or better. not 11.

South Carolina

They have a way stronger team than Memphis and Texas State - peaceswagtv

In reply to you UCLA is not that good I agree with Notre Dame Wisconsin is way worse than Florida. Oklahoma State is too Mizzou is average and Texas A&M is not better yet - peaceswagtv

In replay to peaceswagtv you r wrong and dood I made the list. Being fkin serious.

In replay to peaceswagtv; I agree but uCLA is better than Florida and so is Notre Dame, Wisocnsion, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Texas A. M, do you want me to keep going!


Bruins could be the team to beat in the Pac 12. Forget two SEC teams in the game, it could be more likely for a Pac 12 duet to make the play off. UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Arizona State, USC or even Washington. I could see UCLA and another one of these teams making it! - CaptainAmerica2000

In reply to Captain America2000: it will be Stanford and Oregon/UCLA stanford has beat both of them more than three times in the last three years

Best chance in last 20 years for the Bruins.

I know you r right but Stanford is much stronger than both Oregon and UCLA. Stanford has beat Oregon at least 3/5 times in the last five years. same for UCLA. plus Oregon is always overrated then proved by Stanford to not be top5 worthy. same for UCLA for top 10 worthy


Beat ole miss

Oklahoma State

They should be better than 16.

A team that is pretty good and beat baylor but baylor sucks because they lost to ok state which is a good team but they lost to ucf which is pretty darn embarrassing because they were favored and I thought they would crush them


I don't live in Oklahoma or near Oklahoma, I'm a stanford fan


are beast

Arizona State

Whoop! Asu!

Texas State

Memphis and Texas State make me laugh on this list - peaceswagtv


Great Defense, and Phil Steel's second most likely team to win the national champpionship that's not in the top 10.

University of Arizona

Beat Oregon by a lot last year, has decent recruiting.

Notre Dame

They are still ranked #7 after barely losing to Florida State, and FSU don't play anybody tough the rest of the season - westofohio

Texas A.M.
Texas Christian University
Mississippi State
Baylor Bears The Baylor Bears are the sports teams of Baylor University. Baylor's men's sports teams are named the Bears, and some women's teams are named the Lady Bears.
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