Top Ten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Villains


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1 Shredder Shredder Oroku "The Shredder" Saki is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all of its related media.

The Shredder is always best villain. He wants to kill Splinter and the Turtles all because his jealously of Tang Shan loving Splinter instead. Shredder even stole Splinter's daughter and lied to her telling her that he is her father and her real father is the enemy.

2 Tiger Claw V 1 Comment
3 Karai

Then she was Brainwashed by Shredder again, turned into a mutant snake and became evil again. The latest episode is season 3 episode 23.

Yes I know she turned good after she found out splinter was her true father, but this is before - RustyNail

I actually love Karai's story... (I've never seen other TMNT.. Only the 2012 version)

She is so nasty even when she meets the 87 turtles.calling them bugged eye. That id being a bully. Gid kniws why leo likes her. Leo has become a ass just like her. Bad toxic blood.

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4 Rat King V 1 Comment
5 Xever / Fishface
6 Baxter Stockman
7 Bradford / Dogpound
8 Spike / Slash

He's turned good ish in the newer episodes. But that first episode he was in, he almost killed Donnie and Mikey. - RustyNail

9 Bebop

Yes he is back in this series, watch the new episodes - RustyNail

10 Rocksteady

He's a Russian Rhino, he looks amazing and is crazy strong. What's not to love?

Same with bebop, in the newer episodes. - RustyNail

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11 Triceratons
12 Kraang Prime

So Badass and number 1 best villain.

13 Kraang Subprime

I'm surprised no one talks about this character. His interactions with the primitive kraangs are hilarious. And he's voiced by Gilbert Gotfried! Can you think of anything more hilarious?

I'm not sure if he's my absolute fave. I was very excited for Lord Dregg, but he was just the equivalent of the Shredder from the very old cartoons, and turned out to be a robot. Shredders alright but a heartless b*s*ard

14 Lord Dregg
15 Newtralizer

2 words: Lightning Powers

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