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1 Would you rather never be able to change your profile picture, or have it change into something unexpected and random, every day?

My butterflies have a sentimental attachment to me so I don't mind never changing it again. Sometimes I do change it but never for long, I'm always afraid that when I want my butterflies back, a glitch in the site won't allow me.

I'd only change mine for a week or so before changing it back to 'Indy'. I used to have an image that had something to do with Star Wars but I wanted something instantly recognizable so I went with this. I'm keeping it.

I'd pick the first option. Having my picture change into something random each day would be strange, and if I picked that, I'd hope it wouldn't change to anything gross such as porn.

2 Would you rather be able to remove items from lists, or be able to change rankings using your mind?

This one is hard. There are a lot of lists with items that don't belong there, and there are also a lot of abyssmally ranked lists. I think having an item that doesn't fit the lists is more irritating though, so I'd choose that.

Change rankings because I think we already can remove items from lists by asking Admin. And I might forgot to put orders in ranking lists, so changing rankings with my mind would be very useful

Remove items. My list of people who could beat Chuck Norris in a fight has at least five very girly women who either I don't know enough about or some wiseguy submitted to tick me off.

You mean have a great manipulation game for an argument for (insert subject) this to be higher... if I was this good then I would be a god among you.

3 Would you rather be an admin of TheTopTens, or be an owner of the top ten most popular lists of all time?

I think I would be an admin. If I were the admin, I would put a chat room, let users delete their lists, bring back the number 1 item having a crown, give users the ability to customize their profile, put the dishonorable mention limit up to 6, have all the items on the remix section (not just the ones that are 500 or above), and unsuspend the users who got suspended for stupid reasons.

If I am an admin, I would let the user delete their lists, justify mild swearing, unsuspend users for stupid reason, group chat room added, put the dishonorable mention unlimited numbers and sue Encyclopedia Dramatica.

If the latter, then I would be famous

4 Would you rather eat a rock or give up TheTopTens forever?

I feel like a TopTenner already. I've been using this site for nearly 5 years. I just never got an account. I was close to getting one but said screw it. I like to check out any type of list. You can tell what list I'm on when there's a random Justin beiber.

It all depends on the size of the rock. If it's micro-sized one not going to affect me in any way, I mean sure. A big and/or lethal piece of stone? No thanks, my life is more important.

Can I just eat rock candy? Without the loopholes, I guess a rock because I could eat a very small one that wouldn't be large enough to cause any problems with digestion.

5 Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake obviously, at least he's a better performer than Justin Bieber and isn't as cringeworthy.

Justin Bieber. He is a horrible singer and I meant to say Justin Timberlake. I prefer Justin Timberlake.

Not crazy about either. Although Justin Bieber is hated too much, Timberlake is way better.

Justin Timberland cause his songs are fun and stuff. Justin Bieber can get boring.

6 Would you rather only be able to comment, or only be able to make lists?

(PICK) Able to comment: That's why I am here, to share my thoughts and ideas

Only make lists: I get most of the content from Nifelime

Now that's hard. That's because I'm one of the top commenters on TTT, aiming to reach #1 in most comments, but at the same time, I'm one of the biggest active list makers, still having list ideas wanted to be made. But giving up list making for sure in the end though. I could just voice my opinion on stuff on legit the lists that others do and it's more likely that I'll reach #1 in most comments than lists anyways.

7 Would you rather give up messaging, or give up making lists and comments?

The whole point of the site is to make lists and post comments, so the site would just become another source of social media. If I was the only one who had to make that decision, I would give up lists and comments, but if my choice applied to everyone, I would keep lists and comments because without them the site would fall apart. But in truth, we do already have many great lists.

I rarely message anyway, but still, this is a hard one. With only messaging, TheTopTens would be yet another social networking site, but without messaging, there would be little to no social interaction on the site.

8 Would you rather see what TheTopTens is like in the past, or the future?

(PICK) Past: Old users seemed to be more engaging and interacting with other users

Future: Maybe more Justin Bieber content I think?

I rather go back to past myself personally.. what I aim for is that 2005 realm when no one knew of the site what did it look like, and how truly were the early pioneers to came forth of that generation even before all of us come currently.

The future. I'm always looking forward to what the future will hold. Looking back at the past doesn't do me good, especially knowing some users likely left behind some embarrassing things on this site.

9 Would you rather always be a little bit too hot, or a little bit too cold

This is a tough one.
Because it's Winter right now in Australia, I'd rather be hot.
But if it was Summer, I'd rather be cold.
I can't answer this one.

Too cold. I can just wear fall/winter clothes all the time or always be under the covers, and I like doing both.

I wear shorts and a T-shirt in the winter here in Seattle area. What's "too cold", again?

10 Would you rather have a conversation with admin in person, or have he/she post their first list?

Why speak to the higher power if I am mutual than anything. Compromise the relationship would be my biggest regret. In that aspect I would love to look at the Admin's once, and a while list give it awhile.

A conversation. Yet again, it would be an interesting experience. Of course, it depends on which admin you mean, because multiple people are behind that one account.

He/she post their first list, for me, even if it wasn't interesting, its something the whole community can see.

Conversation. It probably wouldn't be a pleasant conversation, but a conversation none the less.

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11 Would you rather meet and talk with your favorite TheTopTens user, or see all of TheTopTens users without talking to any?

This is the first one I don't have a definite opinion about. I would like to see what all the TopTenners look like, but I also would love to talk with them. But the again, there are messages, so I would choose the second option.

Many users have already done face reveals on BAND and Discord and it really isn't anything in particular. Actually sitting down and talking with one you like would be an interesting experience though.

Meet and talk to a favorite user. I don't need to see every user here. I think seeing and talking to only 1 favorite user in person is better than seeing everyone but not talkig to them

I don't have a favorite user, and I personally wouldn't want any option! I think knowing the users just online is okay as is.

12 Would you rather have an inappropriate picture as a profile picture, or have a dirty message written in your profile?

Surprisingly considering most choices here, I would much rather choose the former. Having a dirty message on my bio would cause wrong rumours and yes while the same could be said for the former as well, you could just write on your bio something that would excuse it, like that you had no other choice.

I'd take the second. People can glance at the profile pic, so everyone would see it. To see the message on the bio, you would have to go out of your way to scrutinize someone else's bio, so a lot fewer people would see it. Plus, you could make a really long bio so the message gets lost in it.

I'll take the dirty message only because its not as shameful then to post something vile as an inappropriate picture that you'll probably regret for the rest of you're social life. I'm also referring to a certain person in the community who is famous for this act.

I rather choose the second because if I choose the first, the TopTens admins or the moderators will be banning me if I choose the inappropriate profile pic on this website. Unless I post something that is less shameful, sexual or graphic.

13 Would you rather be caught picking your nose or masturbating?

Picking your nose is not nearly as bad as being spotted masturbating than you have major problems that can't be talked out of.

Caught picking my nose. It's less embarrassing.

Already get caught picking my nose.

14 Would you rather be forced to listen to Tyga or get sunburnt?

Get sunburned, because sunburn goes away. The memories of listening to Tyga's horrendous music don't.

Be forced to listen to Tyga. He has a few good songs to be honest.

Tyga, what can possibly go wrong? At least it doesn't hurt you.

Listen to Tyga easily. I would hate to get sunburnt.

15 Would you rather be popular with one list, or average with many lists

Average. The statistics don't dictate the power of one's creativity, and anyways, if I had just one list, I wouldn't be a feed addict. My feed would be dull, as it would be for anyone who waits around for their one list to get off the ground.

Average is pretty decent there not totally terrible, and uninteresting just good enough on average based on visitors that vote on that daily week.

Popular with one list. I'm sure that goes as a thankless accomplishment, but the grass is always greener on the other side and all that jazz

Average with many lists. I don't want to be a lame user with 5 lists, I want to be a lame user with 50+ lists!

16 Would you rather have the admins hate you, or the users hate you

Admins. They are a few people, and the only reason they would have to hate me is that I am persistent about trying to get things done on the site. But having every user hate you in torture.

Admins. Unless I was to break the rules, they wouldn't do anything to impact my use of the site. But still, they'd be less likely to fix any problems I may address.

This is like saying would you rather have the teachers hate you or your classmates hate you, and I'd hate to be hated by classmates.

So I pick admins.

17 Would you rather become a vampire or a werewolf?

Well my appearance is nothing, but a blood sucking vampire from the streets of Detroit. Yes... I would become an official vampire before you're very eyes.

Werewolf. Vampires can burn in the daylight, while werewolves are like people that can turn into wolves... Monstrous, vicious, man-wolf hybrid, wolves.

Werewolf. Part of Hopeless by Halsey has music that sounds like wolves howling. Then I could sing that perfectly.

Werewolf,1.Vampires would be killed if exposed to the sun,wolfs only get their eyes hurt.2.Much easier to find victims,3.Less ways to get killed,4.To kill marceline

18 Would you rather get your account deleted, or hacked and ruined

That's tough. I would ultimately say deleted because I have four other accounts and I could message my friends from that account and make more lists and comments without people hating me.

Deleted. If someone hacked it, they could ruin people's opinion about me (that has already happened before I had an account), and ruined would be the same thing. I could just make a new account.

Deleted. I have a backup called MediocrePopTrash. And if I told people it was me, they would believe me cause hey, I'm lovefrombadlands with my bad quality way of describing things!

Deleted. If it was hacked I could possibly be hated by everyone because of messages I didn't send. Plus, I could just make a new one.

19 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber for one minute, or be the most hated person in the entire world?

Listen to Justin Bieber for a minute. It never said you couldn't pick the song and although his new songs are still quite generic and nothing special, they're much better than his old songs.

I'm pretty sure some troll will come here and say they would rather be the most hated person in the entire world. I would just rather listen to Justin Bieber for one minute.

Listen to Justin Bieber for a minute. I've had enough hate for now since I was hated on many sites, but this being the worst.

Listen to Justin Beiber. The Feeling is actually quite good, and not just because Halsey is in it.

20 Would you rather drink a bottle of ketchup or a bottle of mustard?

Ketchup because Mustard is DJ Mustard who's a person and I'm no cannibal.

Mustard. I think it's better than ketchup depending on the taste.

Ketchup. If Spencer from iCarly can do it, then so can I!

Ketchup, by a long shot! I freaking love ketchup

21 Would you rather be kissed by Daisy or Rosalina from Mario series?

Neither, I have no intention to kiss someone I intend to beat in a race.

Ugh... give me the star queen if you get what I mean.

Rosalina since she is a better princess.

22 Would you rather spend 20 hours watching Vinny or Joel stream video games on Vinesauce?

I've seen maybe 1 or 2 episodes of the channel, and I would say Joel more than Vinny.

Let's watch Shane Dawson instead.

23 Would you rather kill one of your family members or kill your best friend?

Either way I'm killing someone in my family. One of my family members or my best friend? My best friend is my older sister, so how about I jump off a cliff instead?

I'm indifferent to this question, and shame on the asinine masochist for it to stand more importantly.

This is a terrible item created by a terrible person, but I'd go with best friend.

Best friend...I have a brother who I don't really like but I'd save him.

24 Would you rather teleport or have the ability to be invisible?

Teleporting a human with our current technology would consume the energy of a small galaxy. I'll therefore leave the beautiful cosmos alone and choose invisibility.

Oooh, tough one! Invisible so I can do all kinds of fun stuff like scare people by making things float, or sneak up on friends and jumpscare them!

Well, any witch or wizard (such as myself) can learn how to apparate, but an invisibility cloak is much harder to come by...

Invisibility. Then I could slip in and out of class whenever I want. Or better yet, my house!

25 Would you rather have a well known account because of hate, or a little known account with no haters

Well known account: I can handle hate but I don't have a desire to be popular (Win-Lose)

(PICK) Little known account: No one has ever interactted or talked to me currently that I really got used to it. But being on the underground means my lists wouldn't appear so it's pointless if it exists (Win-Lose)

Well I'm not quite yet well known to most of the TopTenners, but I'd say in the next year or so that will change very curious if I I'm going to be hated or respected for what I do.

Little Known Account. That's me, but with 1 hater with no account. The people who matter to me, my favorite users, know who I am and that's all I want.

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