Top Ten Reasons TheTopTens User Turkeyasylum Is Overrated

As people know, my popularity went from zero followers to now over 150 followers in late March of 2015. I thank you fellow comrades for all your support for me, but I am simply overrated. Other users deserve the followers and not me.
I am not a detestable user because I made this list, but I made this list because I simply want to draw attention to underrated users, who despite putting hours of effort into their lists, it ends up doing absolutely nothing to help them get noticed. These are the users who deserve to be in the top 10 most followers, not me.
I am aware that lots of people will be trying to say I'm underrated as a response to this list, but this list's whole purpose is to draw our attention to the hard working, inspired users mentioned in PositronWildhawk's list of the "Top Ten Hard Working Inspired Users of TheTopTens". So, don't dismiss these users because they have few lists, follow them.
So, yeah... that's about it. Reflect, enjoy, (insert other thing people do on serious TheTopTens lists), and most of all, remember some of the names I mention, and go follow them.
I am also asking other users who think they're overrated to make lists like this so we can give the spotlight to these true heroes of TheTopTens.
The Top Ten
1 I have more followers than MatrixGuy, Alexandr, Finch, Ajkloth, Cazaam, and ArchAces

I'm dead serious when I say these users deserve to be in the top ten users with the most followers on our coveted stats page and not me. They shape our website with thoughtful lists like "Top Ten Worst Ways To Try To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket". Yes, I do have a few lists that somewhat reach that point, but some of my lists have about as much effort in them as a person walking from the couch to the microwave. But sometimes I feel like I have over 150 followers because I make lists about hating Nicki Minaj or lists about Total Drama.

2 I am in 13th on the list of best users

Thirteenth is way too high to put someone like me in, especially stacked up against users like SuperHyperdude, who have a strong sense of humor.

I'm on 15th the more you work, the more you get popular!

For a good reason! Or at least in my opinion!

3 I'm just an ordinary 14 year old high school student

Yes, ArchAces may be about my age, but he has a creative hand in writing compared to me. My lists seem like a joke compared to his.

4 Some users have less than 50, and I have over 150

ArchAces? 43 followers. Cazaam? 57 followers. Turkeyasylum? One hundred some-odd followers. If people who make quality-over-quantity lists have under 75 followers, it makes me upset, because it truly shows how undergrounded they are.

I just noticed I have over fifty followers, Dapicklers for the win!

5 I've only been on TheTopTens for seven months

I may say the same thing about myself, and its pretty eye-opening when its another user. I say, you're underrated, or at least fairly rated, if anything. But your work is truly worthy of praise! I have a multitude of your lists as my favorites and a respectable person deserves to be praised, it's a rarer and rarer thing as TTT progresses. If anything, you got to where you are completely fairly, and deserve still more! You are one of the best users on this sits, and I say embrace what you've done! Although, that may be hypocritical to say...

6 My lists get loads of praise for no reason

My list of "Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was A Television Show" may have led to TopTenner contests everywhere, but I feel like it's an overrated list. I simply took the inspiration from lists of episode ideas for T.V. shows, and I think anyone could have thought of the idea.
Sorry this list is kind of short, but it's directly to the point, so keep in mind these users who have been on for a long time and still don't have their recognition yet. Thanks for reading!

My lists now get praise. And I'm proud of it!

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