Top Ten Best Things About Acting In a Play

As the kid who has been in 3 plays (with an upcoming 4th) I've found it very fun and awesome to do. From the beginning of the auditions, to the end of the final show, it has been really fun to do. Here are my reasons why you should do a play (or at least be in the backstage crew, operating lights and whatnot).

The Top Ten

1 Acting like someone you're not

For some, its fun to act completely different from your regular self. Basically, this is where the quote "Put yourself into someone else's shoes" fits perfectly - kaitlynrad11

Oh this is SO much fun! Challenging, but fun! The best role I've played was Nancy in Oliver. Playing a boy called Cuthburn (who was the brains behind a murder plot on his teacher) from the English play Unman, Wittering and Zigo was a lot of fun too. Changing accents is amazing! But the hardest and longest role I've ever had to play was myself! - Britgirl

2 Meeting new people

I've met lots of people from doing these plays. Even made some great friends, that I can't live without - kaitlynrad11

3 Making friends
4 Seeing how it can go from nothing to a HUGE thing

At the beginning, it always seems like nothing. Nobody knows what to do, what their lines are, what the songs are etc. Months later, it turns into this amazing thing, that is just unforgettable. - kaitlynrad11

5 Makeup

Well, if you're a girl who loves makeup. I hate makeup, but hey, I did this for the people, man! - kaitlynrad11

6 Costumes

Some of the costumes are absolutely extravagant. Realistic, even. - kaitlynrad11

7 Being able to sing
8 Being able to have regular speaking parts

If you don't like singing in front of large groups of people, you can just say a few lines, or pages of lines. - kaitlynrad11

9 The true victory of performing it to a crowd
10 The cast party

Didn't want to sound, self-absorbed, I guess, so I put this down here - kaitlynrad11

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