Top Ten Things About Glasgow


The Top Ten

1 Parks

Perfect for a nice run

Aye,it may be infested with neds,but when it ain't being littered on it really is a great time cycling doon there. - DapperPickle

60% chance of being stabbed by a trackie wearing ned downing buckie. - DapperPickle

2 Science Centre

Too bad that this item will be number 1 forever, please vote other things to get rid of this centre. - DapperPickle

Bloody gold,I love the theater,I love the wee toys you can mess around with,it's all round a great experience - DapperPickle

3 Still Game

Tae bad the reboot was a wee bit crap. - DapperPickle

Aye,I discovered this gem when the holidays started,it sure is one of the best to shows of all time! - DapperPickle

4 Stadiums

Lovely stadiums ere in glasga,that's why they had the commonwealth games here! - DapperPickle

Prepare for a cluster of football fans fightin. - DapperPickle

5 Glaswegians Sense of Humour

Us Glaswegians love a wee bit of funny vandalism,look it up! - DapperPickle

They make fun of everything,no matter if they actual like it or no. - DapperPickle

But apparently they don't laugh at humor(looks at pickle). - Therandom

This is a Glaswegian sense of humour:
(In London of all places) "Aye! Yous Englesh betches"
Thank you. You've been a wonderful audience. Goodnight! - Britgirl

6 Great Places to Dine

Like Greggs and uh...Conners Rolls! - DapperPickle

Glasga may not be the cleanest city,but the food really good.You could fine some wee places where you can get a nice panini and a can of Irn bru - DapperPickle

7 Haggis
8 Lots of Famous Faces
9 Weird Occurrences

Pokemon Ice Cream,some numpty throwing Call of Duty up in the air,some bloke pulling some magic. - DapperPickle

10 Lovely Community

Lovely community? What? I don't know what I was smoking to say the scummy people of Glasgow is a lovely community. - DapperPickle

I was born in Glasgow - TwilightKitsune

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