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21 Beat GTA San Andreas without dying or failing a mission

That is not impossible, I beat 8 missions without dying

Grand theft auto 5 even harder because there is a godamn mission with ARMY THAT CHASES YOU so u will HAVE to die on that one a few timesp

22 Beat Catherine Without Dying
23 Stay Clean While Eating a Curry

Bits of yellow stuff all over me. Not good. - Britgirl

24 Make Your Own Animal
25 Walk On Water

You can walk on ice, which is water

U can walk on Ice which is water! Problem Jesus? :3

26 Lick Your Bladder


27 Open a Pack of Gum Without Being Swarmed
28 Go to Heaven Without Dying

They said a boy once saw God and came back to his life and knew all about it - FerrariDude64

Reference to Heaven Is For Real

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29 Not Pop Bubble Wrap When It's Right in Front of You

I love piping it

30 Flush the Toilet Without Looking First

A lady NEVER does this... Yes, I do it all the time. Why do we do this? It's just weird but somehow...necessary! Haha! - Britgirl

Haha I'm guilty for this because I dunno I guess we want to look at what just came out of us and be liek
" That thing came out of me Yikes" - Curti2594

31 Beat Ninja Gaiden (NES) Without Taking Damage
32 Beat Injustice: Gods Among Us Without Taking Damage
33 Beat Earthbound Without Dying
34 Be at More Than One Place at Once

By the way if some smart alec says something being at the 4 state corner that doesn't count

35 Beat Super Mario Galaxy Without Dying

I can't beat Super Mario Galaxy at all! Period! - Danteem

36 World Peace V 1 Comment
37 Try to Have a Poo and a Pee and a Fart and a Burp

I poo pee fart at the same time but I burp rarely



38 Resolve the Uncertainty Principle
39 Like Kevin Federline
40 Drink Boiling Water

We do it a lot. We call it "tea". Although it's only really boiling if it's fresh from the kettle. - PositronWildhawk

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