Top Ten Things to Buy If You're a Billionaire

They say money can't buy happiness, but is that so?

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1 Private Jet

Yes. Wouldn't mind this. But no amount of money can buy the nicest things: love, friendship, contentment, etc... - Britgirl

Buy a jet and then crashed and died

You could go anywhere without paying once you buy it

One of my friends died riding a private jet...

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2 Supercar Collection

No not really I would get a helicopter collection... Now that's cool

I would totally get this but then again it is MY opinion

Like tony stark

Having rows of supercars would be awesome. you could just get 100 different ones and drive a different one every day. it would be 100% billionaire sweg style.

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3 Massive Real Estate

I have a big house my self and it is professionally designed but nobody in Kostrzyn has much of a yard. - Epekov

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4 Mansion

Every billionaire needs a mansion like you need a money room like in that codbo2 multiplayer map- I forget the name... the one with the basketball court yah know?

The size of the house would be HUGE! - Ajkloth

Then I can move out of this little house.! A really big one so gma can move in! My fam would be so happy.

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5 Billionaire Wardrobe

Yeah who would want a nice wardrobe have swag everything I wear

6 Tropical Island

It better have houses. Who knows. You can turn it into a resort and get much more money

Just imaginge having your own tropical island with palm trees and coconuts!

I can just imagine that
That would be so relaxing having your own island :)
Now I wanna be rich and be a billionare >:D

7 Hover Board V 2 Comments
8 Your Own City

He yes you can

You can buy a city

Hi hi hi and I don't think you can:(

You can't by one idiot

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9 Yacht

My dad actually used to have yacht, and we are not even rich. So you don't need to be a millionaire to get a yacht(Of course, it depends. Our yacht was not really big, but we were fine)

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10 Racetrack

Where else are you gonna use that impressive super car collection! Motor head for life

Supercar collection would be useless if you don't have a racetrack to drive them around!

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11 Bond Villain Style Base

Ooh, yes! Definitely want one of these. Be it disguised as a volcano, in an underwater trench between two tectonic plates, or in a crevasse on Ganymede, I would definitely get this. - PositronWildhawk

12 Private Zip-Line

It seems fun. We can have so much fun!

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13 Food V 1 Comment
14 Personal Submarine

That's cool, but I was thinking more along the lines of like every video game ever in existence except for Call of Duty it sucks

What if a shark or whale attacks. No way will I get this. If I had a lot of money

Wouldn't that be cool well I betta keep dreaming haha

I want a military one with its own crew - HATOOTEH

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15 Jet Ski

Yet skies cost less than 1 million.

16 Speedboat

A speedboat goes super fast boom.

17 Helicopter

Yeah It Will Always Be MY Favourite - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

18 Gold Plated Statue of Yourself V 2 Comments
19 Personal Chef

Never get hurt cutting onions again

20 EarthBound

Why spend $250 on eBay for EarthBound when you can get it on the Wii U's virtual console for only $8?

Nope! Earthbond is worst thing I can think of! Ple word Earthbound on here erase this! - Jake09

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