Top Ten Things to Buy If You're a Billionaire

They say money can't buy happiness, but is that so?

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1 Private Jet

I will fly to Vegas EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Yes. Wouldn't mind this. But no amount of money can buy the nicest things: love, friendship, contentment, etc... - Britgirl

Buy a jet and then crashed and died

You could go anywhere without paying once you buy it

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2 Supercar Collection

No not really I would get a helicopter collection... Now that's cool

I would totally get this but then again it is MY opinion

Like tony stark

If you enjoy looking at pictures of cars for hours (eg: me) this would be amazing. What's more better then owning million dollar cars. Some old and some new?

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3 Massive Real Estate

I would have lots of vacation homes scattered all over NYC, LA, San Francisco, Orlando, and Vegas. Each home is for rent and it will cost $200-500 per night to stay at and it will have lots of amenities.

You need to show that you have money!

I have a big house my self and it is professionally designed but nobody in Kostrzyn has much of a yard. - Epekov

4 Mansion

I would have dog suites, a pool, spa, game room, and lots more!

Every billionaire needs a mansion like you need a money room like in that codbo2 multiplayer map- I forget the name... the one with the basketball court yah know?

I would buy one that's for sure

The size of the house would be HUGE! - Ajkloth

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5 Your Own City

Buy your own city thean be richer

He yes you can

You can buy a city

Hi hi hi and I don't think you can:(

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6 Billionaire Wardrobe

Yeah who would want a nice wardrobe have swag everything I wear

7 Tropical Island

It better have houses. Who knows. You can turn it into a resort and get much more money

Just imaginge having your own tropical island with palm trees and coconuts!

I can just imagine that
That would be so relaxing having your own island :)
Now I wanna be rich and be a billionare >:D

8 Yacht

My dad actually used to have yacht, and we are not even rich. So you don't need to be a millionaire to get a yacht(Of course, it depends. Our yacht was not really big, but we were fine)

Because it's really fun and expencive to carry - 0scarbrunn

9 Hover Board

So much better than a lot of things

I think a hover board would be awesome! Imagine cruising around town on one of those😎

10 Racetrack

Where else are you gonna use that impressive super car collection! Motor head for life

Supercar collection would be useless if you don't have a racetrack to drive them around!

The Contenders

11 Food

Hey you! Deliver that yum yums!

You and me both bro

12 Bond Villain Style Base

Ooh, yes! Definitely want one of these. Be it disguised as a volcano, in an underwater trench between two tectonic plates, or in a crevasse on Ganymede, I would definitely get this. - PositronWildhawk

13 Private Zip-Line

And I could fall off into my 100 degree lake in winter!

It seems fun. We can have so much fun!

I love zip lining

14 Personal Submarine

That's cool, but I was thinking more along the lines of like every video game ever in existence except for Call of Duty it sucks

What if a shark or whale attacks. No way will I get this. If I had a lot of money

Wouldn't that be cool well I betta keep dreaming haha

I think that submarines are stinky so no thanks.

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15 Speedboat

I would want a pontoon

A speedboat goes super fast boom.

16 Jet Ski

Yet skies cost less than 1 million.

17 Helicopter

Yeah It Will Always Be MY Favourite - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

18 Gold Plated Statue of Yourself


To let everyone know who's the king! Billionaire boys club bitches


19 Personal Chef

Never get hurt cutting onions again

20 EarthBound

Why spend $250 on eBay for EarthBound when you can get it on the Wii U's virtual console for only $8?

Nope! Earthbond is worst thing I can think of! Ple word Earthbound on here erase this! - Jake09

21 A Country

I would have a country built too

Well it's probley best to have a country built

22 Playboy Mansion
23 Mech Robot

Holy crap that's awsem

24 Movies

I'd buy a bunch of movies! I love them so much, they're so interesting! - MontyPython

I can get so many movies! I'd buy slot! Try out some scary movies!

25 Breast Augmentation
26 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Buy the Divo

27 Models
28 An Iron Man Suit

Definitely one for me! - IronSabbathPriest

29 A Poor Country

If I were I'd give a lot! But first I'll give to charity's and hospitals. Get money for people so they can find a cancer cure

If I were a billionaire, I'll give the poor as much as I could

Because YOU have the possibility, but other DON T
so that why you can help with FOOD, EDUCATION and other thigs the NEED

30 A Golden PS4
31 Huge Video Game Collection

Yes. Id get a bunch of Mario games and I could litteraly swim in it.

If I will be billionare I would waste like 5000 dollars only Xbox one or ps 4 with huge video game collection :D

32 1959 Gibson Les Paul
33 A Giraffe

I would name the Giraffe Geoffrey. - Ilovestephanie

34 Undertale
35 Personal McDonald's
36 Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery isn't good. Don't listen to the people who say that you need to have a flawless face and skin, pounds of expensive top designer clothes, shoes or make up brands, blond hair, a think body, and expensive shiny Jewellery to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. - MLPFan

Seriously? All of that for plastic surgery? A fool and his money are soon parted but an absolute imbecile spends a fortune on plastic surgery. - PositronWildhawk

Why would I want to make this money maker uglier. I'm gorgeous already. We all are. Plastic Surgery sucks and I never will get it.

37 100s of Pikmin
38 GameStop

Who doesn't want gamestop

39 Top Hat

Just to exaggerate to the Nth degree.

40 A Person

HA HA HA HA - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

41 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R

I am shocked this wasn't in the list. - SelfDestruct

42 A Volkswagen Bus

You will be the literal pimp of the town. No joke. - higgsboson2142

43 Your Own Planet

But wouldn't a planet cost more than a billion dollars? Plus, you'd have to pay for transportation to said planet, technology that would allow you to breathe in outer space, a way to protect yourself from extreme temperatures, and a lifetime supply of food and water since you won't be finding that in space. Also, what would you do on that planet, all isolated and alone? Look for aliens? Collect foreign rocks? Slowly suffocate? I'd much rather spend all that money on something that I can find on Earth. It's cheaper and much easier.

Think about this a city, a country, a mansion, a playboy mansion, a poor country, or a planet! It's kinda easy to choose if you think about it! (You might need a space ship too. ) - Bobman_Swag

44 Clones of Yourself
45 Rocket
46 A Ferrari

Broom broom lets speed down the road

47 A Lifetime Supply of Food

Never go to the shops/stores again

48 Every Type of Phone

Ring ring, you can text with every body part

Totally. Except for blackberrys. EVERY LAPTOP AND iPhone EVAH. Perfect. Maybe a sneak peek of the iPhone 7!

49 A Hotel

Name it after yourself and have some private apartments in your hotel

Have 100s of people in there

50 Toys for the Kids

Let your kid imaginations go wild

Even though I'm old I'm still a kid at heart. Buy somebarbjes and a big playroom for the dolls. A YouTube channek

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