Top Ten Things to Do On a Snow Day

Since we had an early dismissal and will have lots of days off due to a blizzard I decided to brainstorm a list on stuff to do on a snowday

The Top Ten

1 Go Play In the Snow

It be cool to make snowballs or have a snowball fight, or go sledding down the hill in the snow would be fun - trains45

Get off your laptop for a while! Have fun with your friends! Build an igloo, a snowman, pelt people you hate with snowballs. - AzaleanGirl

Second worst kind of weather, next to wind.

Today is a snow day for me.

2 Make Lists

Today is a snow day and I'm making lists - PatrickStar

Yup. That's about it. - BKAllmighty

3 Sleep In

Napping is so rare when you are in middle school or high school. - AzaleanGirl

It be nice to sleep in on a snow day if school got cancelled - trains45

4 Watch Youtube Videos

I watch a saddening amount of YouTube videos... It's a real problem (that I'm never going to fix! ). - keycha1n

That would be nice to pass the time on a snow day - trains45

5 Play Video Games

That's what I do when it's a snowy day. That and shoveling snow.

It always nice to play video games when it a snow day

6 Listen to Music

It nice to listen to music when it snowing - trains45

7 Do Your Homework
8 Watch a Movie

It would be nice nice to watch a movie while it snowing - trains45

9 Tweet Random Stuff
10 Sing About It Snowing

Do you wana build a snowman come on lets go and play I never see you anymore come out the you want build a snowman? it does not have to be a snowman🎶🎶🎤

The Newcomers

? Listen to Dream Pop

The Contenders

11 Take Instagram Selfies
12 Pet Your Cats
13 Stay in Bed All Day
14 Watch TV

It be nice to watch TV when it is a snow day - trains45

15 Go Sledding/Tubing

This would be fun to spend the time when it is snowing - trains45

16 Start a Snowball War

That be kinda fun - trains45

17 Throw snowballs
18 Throw Snowballs at Cars
19 Snowboard
20 Read a Book
21 Shovel Snow
22 Study
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