Top Ten Things Girls Like Most About About a Guy

My little sister insisted I do this list. I am not a stalker.

The Top Ten

1 Kindness

I'd rather have an unpopular, poor boyfriend with messy hair, uncool clothes, who's kind to me than a handsome, popular, rich douchebag who treats me like crap. - RoseWeasley

Should I be worried "cute hair" is at the top? I dearly hope you don't really put outward appearance over a personality. - keycha1n

Things like personality, kindness, humour, caring, and supportive are the only items that should be on this list. Nice hair? Let me guess. A Justin Bieber fan probably added that.

Yea, respect is a big thing.

2 Nice Hair

A must - Luckys

Nice hair is great. But if you're a jerk or an idiot or have no sense of humor, nice hair's not gonna get you anywhere.

You have to be kidding me

I have nice hair. - BeatlesFan1964

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3 Popularity

I don't give a damn about popularity. - RoseWeasley

If they're popular, fine.
If they're not, fine. - Luckys


I'd rather go with the nice guy without friends - hopefully he'll have a new friend if I just talk to him! I hate popularity and think it's just stupid. It really doesn't matter how many friends you have as long as you benefit the world. Popular people who prize looks over intelligence and compassion are just a waste of space. Popularity doesn't even exist after school - it's all about you inner skills now! Good luck with that, popular kids!

Yea but don't you think there is a reason he does not have friends - marchingband

4 Cool Clothes

Heck no! - RoseWeasley

No, this is not attractive or appealing. Personality is the key

Personality is what matters. - Hermione_Granger220

Not necessarily.

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5 Stick Up for Her

How is this lower than money? If a man was rich but a douchebag, I would hate him. If a poor man stood up for me, I'd have a high sense of respect for him. - RoseWeasley

I love doing that.

FOr me, I want a boy who luvs me for who I am. They will aprreeciate that I am a woman and THEY WONT GO ON RANDOM LISTS ABOUT CRITIZING GIRLS AND BEING SEXIST WE GIRLS ARe needed with a nice man

This is one of the most important things to me, this is a must. If my future man can stick up for me then I will stick up for him and love him more

6 Gifts

Gifts aren't love. They can be given out of love, but they are not love itself.

Gifts from the HEART. Not actual presents.

7 Cash

I'm not a gold digger or anything, if a man has money I'd date them. If they barely have, adios amigo. - Luckys

What do you think I am, a gold digger?! - RoseWeasley


Money over true love? How shallow can you get? True love is priceless. Money can't compensate for the love you are lacking. It can NEVER make you feel the way that one special person does.

8 Swag
9 Kissing

If the love and intimacy are there, then the kisses will always be great

Picking this one because ther ain't no one name Body.

10 Be Sweet

Yes this is vital

Very sweet, whisper to her, laugh with her, love her, if you leave her, you should let her down easy.

The Contenders

11 Sense of Humor

This is somewhat important to me, seeing a guy try to make me laugh makes me happy and smile because it shows that he does care

I am pretty funny... - BeatlesFan1964

Laugh out Louding

Yesss I LOVE HUMOUR - Luckys

12 Show That You Really Love Her

Why isn’t this at the top

Also very important in a relationship

Always tell her sweet saying.

13 Devotion

Very important in a relationship

14 Good Personality

This should be higher. I mean, this is below kissing! - Minecraftcrazy530

My boyfriend has weird hair and is a dork, but he's really nice and funny.

I love a good personality, full of humor, and smarts.

This is the best one

15 Be Yourself

Exactly this should’ve been number 1

It is CRUCIAL to be yourself. Be all of yourself. 100%. Don't hide who you are because your girl will find out sooner or later. Be real from the beginning of the relationship.

16 Cool Car

I don't care about his car. - RoseWeasley

... I have no words

I don't care whether his car is cool or not

Forget the car

17 Musical

Money, clothes, and looks don't mean anything. Sure looks are one of the first things that attracts you to a person, and money and clothes make a guy appear to be responsible, put together, and on his feet, but music is just something else. When I see a guy who is just so passionate about music, I feel instantly attracted and connected. It may be because I am a musician myself, but when I see a guy passionately playing an instrument or singing, it just amazes me. In a society where everyone is addicted to cell phones and technology, a guy who spends his time on music is refreshing and even sexy.

Agree, I always sing out loud, and I LOVE it when a guy sings along with me.=D

18 Nice Parents

Well this is really out of the guy's control. He can't choose how they are and he can't change them, so don't judge him for his parents. They aren't him.

19 Body Fitness

Though it is not the most important thing, body fitness is very important. Not because of how it makes a guy look, but what it says about a guy. A guy who stays healthy and fit shows that he takes care of himself and cares enough about his personal health. A guy who is physically unhealthy seems to have let himself go and stopped caring about his health. And health is attracted as well as it is very important.

Looks like I have bad luck. I am overweight and I don't play any sports. No wonder no one is attracted to me. - ethanmeinster

He must look like Daniel Richard

Looks aren't everything.

20 Play Hard to Get

I play hard to get all the time

This one is dumb

I hate this one. JUST CONFESS TO HER ALREADY! They'll be like, I'm playing hard to get.
SHE'S WITH SOME LOSER WHO ISN'T WITH YOU ALREADY! (And that's how you lose a girl.) - Fandom_Lover

21 Be Goofy
22 Clean-Minded
23 Good Taste in Music

Lots of women have terrible taste.

24 Cuteness

You mean like a bunny? Ok

25 Confidence

Confidence is key

I like humble guys better, then they are usually more sweet.

26 Sweetness
27 Understanding

It's okay if he doesn't understand everything, but it's important that he tries. By trying to understand how you feel, it shows that he's listening and he cares.

Even if you don't know why she's mad at you, say sorry.

28 Dimples

I have dimples but it’s not important for a relationship it’s just a facial feature. The only thing you need is confidence

I can't believe someone even posted this one. They're literally trying to say that dimples are the most important things about guys. Are you kidding me?

They do make him look like he laughs a lot! Adorable

29 Smile

A smile can go a long way.

30 Hair

It depends on the girl to be honest

31 Eyes
32 Being Brave
33 Geeky Side

I agree.

34 Loyalty

You need a loyal guy! - sweetmadi11

35 Faithfulness

Why isn’t this at the top

36 Intelligence
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