Top 10 Things Only Midwestern People Understand

The Midwest is the best place to live. If you ain’t from the Midwest you won’t understand this list.
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1 Unpredictable weather

You want unpredictable weather? Then the Midwest is the place for you. It can go from 70 degrees outside one day to 20 degrees the next day.

It's very predictable here in the Pacific Northwest. Rain until February, then some snow, then more rain.

I grew up there growing up in the Midwest I loved it the unpredictable weather

I live in Wisconsin and that is how I know and how to get used to it!

2 When the weather is bad, but it’s not really bad. It’s just the wind

So imagine it’s 60 degrees and sunny. Seems like a nice day right? Well, the wind will make it seem worse.

3 Trips to the lake are the best thing ever

Yes, even in California going to Lake Tahoe is the best thing ever

Lakes are great here too. They're always freezing cold though

Ah yes, Lake Michigan in the summer is beautiful.

There’s so many fun things to do including fishing, jet skis, swimming, etc

4 Trucks are the best vehicles known to mankind

I'd rather have a vehicle I can rely on, something that can get me through snow and ice, not some fast sports car. city people just don't get this.

Not only are they good for doing work; they’re perfect for having fun too. Just tie a rope to the back and then you can go mudding/sledding.

Trucks are awesome, though in the city is becomes a burden because all your friends come to you when they need something moved

5 The term “ope”

This I think is the only thing on this list that people outside of the midwest wouldn't understand, this and the word "cornhole".

It means "oops".

This is an expression that you’d say when you make a small mistake.
Ex: *bumping into someone*
Ope I’m sorry.

6 Boots are acceptable pretty much anytime and anywhere

Boots are the best shoe in the Midwest

Best footwear of all time

I'm not even a Midwesterner and I agree

7 Guns are a good thing

The only purpose for a gun outside of war is shooting animals to feed your family. In the city, there is no need to go hunting and therefore, there is absolutely no purpose to have a gun or rifle in the country. It is simply much easier to go to the forest and stalk and kill a deer, it makes the day go by faster and creates a bonding experience with your son or daughter.

Go "up north" during deer season. You'll find thousands of guys with high powered rifles hunting. You'll also find little to no murders, killings, or deaths because of those rifles. It's not the gun, it's the person doing the shooting...

I may be left leaning but I support the 2nd amendment.But we need background checks.

We use them to get that turdy point buck.

8 Corn Hole is a requirement at any party or tailgate

If it's the summer here we play it

In case you’re wondering what corn hole is it’s the Midwest name for “bean bag toss.”

9 Bonfires are the best thing about fall

This I'm assuming your talking about a huge bonfire, which are pretty cool

Yeah, except we go to bonfires every July 4th.

They are a thing of beauty

10 State Fairs are awesome

Not a Midwest (I actually live near the Midwest) but State Fairs are fun there!

I mean what can I say it’s just a straight up good time

They’re a big thing in the Midwest for sure.

Not really a midwest thing, they happen all over the states it just isn't as special in a city or a place where you have a boardwalk or theme parks

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? Cow in the road
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11 No snow day
12 Tornado warnings
13 Snow Storm
14 Pet chickens
15 Pet ducks
16 Pet cows
17 Pet pig
18 Friday fish fry
19 Pep rallies
20 Pop (Soda)
21 The Farmhouse
22 Overall Dress
23 Overalls
24 Pet bunnies
25 Butterburgers
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