Top Ten Things People With Synesthesia Are Sick of Hearing

Synethesia is something I have. If you haven't heard of it, that is because only, like, 2% of the world has it. Basically it means you associated stuff with colors, or one sense triggers another. For example, for me 3=green, 1=red, etc. This took a lot of courage to post. It's actually been a draft for a while. I might start telling people in my real life, or I might not.

The Top Ten

It's just your imagination

The association is immediate. When I smell a certain smell, yellow immediately appears in my head. When I think of "p" I think light violet. Since I've learned what the letter p was. - ToptenPizza

You're crazy

I think everyone makes associations with colors, smells, and sounds to a certain extent. Also, I'm pretty sure synesthesia is actually really common. Like 1 in 250 if I remember. - keycha1n

Actually, it's neurological. Not a mental disorder, because you can't treat it. - ToptenPizza

Yeah right
Sounds like a mental disorder

Once again, neurological. Learn your facts dip s! T - ToptenPizza

You made that up

Nope. Immediate. I can't just start associating 4 with pink, when it's sky blue. - ToptenPizza

You could stop if you wanted to

Nope. It will always be that way. It would be nice to stop during math class, so not everything is a heap of colors. - ToptenPizza

That isn't real

Sorry sir or mam or goat, science proves you wrong. - ToptenPizza

Maybe you shouldn't tell people

Maybe you should but out of my life. - ToptenPizza

What color is _____

Part of the reason I've never told any peers is because I don't need to be interviewed - ToptenPizza

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