Top 10 Things/Questions About the Universe That Scare Us

Space is a beauty of a devil. It's vast and quantitative, yet the quantities of horrors that lurk in it insert terror into our hearts and minds.

With the more so recent theory of 'Planet X', which says that every 27 million years it dislodges comets and asteroids from the Kuiper Belt, which essentially causes mass extinction if they strike Earth; if it's real, it would lead to mass extinction of all species on Earth this month.

It's scary to wonder what space brings us. We all know that black holes exist, we don't know where; we know Earth will be destroyed, we don't know when.

So here you go.

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1 Black Holes Black Holes

These are a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Yes, not even light, the fastest particle in the universe, can escape a black hole. That's scary, considering that the average human runs at about 8.3 miles per hour. Guess 'The Simpsons' were inaccurate.

When you are sucked into a black hole, you are stretched, since one end of your body is closer to the black hole than the other half of the body. This is called 'spaghettification'. Your body would be stretched, and I would imagine that you would be stretched many miles.

Not a good way to go out. - SwagFlicks

According to science, you can use a black hole to access any of the 10 different types of dimensions. Or if something goes seriously wrong, you could be in five dimensions at once, perhaps, and you would be changing the past and the future at the same time. There would be no present; you'd just be stuck in this void-like dimension. - RockFashionista

There was this one planet between two black holes with these weird creatures that had a messed up philosophy of the Force-too much? - RiverClanRocks

Unless you make this special gravity proff suit and ships that allow you to travel past the speed of light. Then you can have infinte possibilities on where you can go. - Lucretia

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2 Asteroids Asteroids

Comets, meteors, whatever you want to call them, are bits of rock in space. Big bits. They frequently hit planets and sometimes leave a big impact. They are hypothesized to be what had killed the dinosaurs.

If one hit Earth today that was big enough, most likely all of humanity would be dead. - SwagFlicks

None of the items on this list are really that scary. I'd say "fascinating" is a better way to put it. - RockFashionista

I would say almost all of them, since black holes are absolutely terrifying. - SwagFlicks

I want a ball of plasma as hot as the sun, maybe a blue star, to hit the earth. - Lucretia

These rocks are six miles long(I wonder what Kitersunu will say about this) - Nateawesomeness

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3 Its theorized ends

Then maybe you could thing of it as infinity putty, or something, and you just keep stretching it out and out. Its harder to think of putty as stretching INTO anything: it just is stretching. I don't see why metaphor and analogy can't be interchangeable here, especially since I'm not really making an arguemnt, but if so, my mistake.

You're right that there's no way of proving this when we can't see anything outside of the universe, so I agree, but we DO know that the universe is expanding, and if we don't know if there IS anything for the universe to expand INTO, then I think its very logical to assume that its simply expanding not into anything. Nothing in the universe makes any sense to humans at this scale, so maybe don't get so heated about it.

I told you to ask an astronaut because they're people who have gotten legit degrees and aren't 14-year old internet people. I suppose anyone who has extensive knowledge on physics and astronomy work though, 'cause astronauts ...more - keycha1n

The universe isn't expanding into anything. The universe encompasses everything, and so this "non-space" of yours can't exist because its part of the universe. It's like the universe is a big, edgeless (dude! No edge! ) balloon that includes everything. There's nothing around it, no air, no space and if there was anything it would be inside of the balloon because the balloon has everything. It helps to think of everything on the surface of the ballon, because that shows how everything is rushing away from each other and not shooting out from a central point. And its just expanding. A blown-up glove also works for this metaphor, that's how my science teacher put it.

I probably can't explain it. Ask an astronaut. - keycha1n

Space, can it have a end? Maybe, but all the matter is from the big bang and can never be created or destroyed only converted into pure energy. The energy from planets destroyed can be used to form new, but once stars quit forming there is no life. Things need heat and light. - Lucretia

Star formation ends in the year 100 trillion. - IronSabbathPriest

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4 Its vast space Its vast space

Space, for the most part, is large and constantly expanding. We are one spot on one spot in it. Think about that.

It's scary and kind of depressing to think that you and I are spots on spots, or irrelevant. Irrelevant in the constant expansion of the universe. - SwagFlicks

Is their a end to space? It would be interesting to explore, going through space at a speed faster then that of light, traveling planets, collecting water, energy, and supplies, and you age slower. - Lucretia

We may be "nothing" in your estimation, but as far as is known (or likely ever will be) stars, planets particles, etc., are not communicating with each other, much less discussing abstract concepts. There is something extraordinary about our peculiar brand of "nothing."

Earth is about a million times smaller than the sun, a star which is literally referred to as a "yellow dwarf star". So yeah, as far as the galaxy and by extention, universe, goes...we're nothing. - WonkeyDude98

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5 Aliens Aliens

Not in the solar system, scientists dought that but maybe many light years away, and I mean many... - Lucretia

They are probably mere microorganisms. - WonkeyDude98

I used to watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel CONSTANTLY with my mom when I was a wee li'l chilli pepper, and now I'm paranoid about them. - Miauzer

We have no idea what they will do to us,will they make us their slaves,will they torture us with the most painful of methods,will they rot all life on earth with diseases? nobody knows - Nateawesomeness

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6 The concept of it repeating itself in another Big Bang

A theory says that the universe won't end, but will be recreated in an way similar to the first Big Bang, which was when a dense packet of heat began to expand.

It's scary to think about because well, we don't know if our being would exist in the universe or not. We might exist, but we might not be ourselves. - SwagFlicks

There will still be the same amount of matter and energy, because matter is not created or destroyed, only converted into pure energy. - Lucretia

Again, might not happen for eons. - WonkeyDude98

7 Is Earth the only planet with life?

I don't know why I agree with this. I mean, I know why, but can't put it into words. Maybe it has something to do with #4? - WonkeyDude98

If not, what type of life is on other planets? If yes, then its certain that we are doomed to be alone in the universe. Forever. - SwagFlicks

Maybe, maybe not. The planet must be close to the perfect star and have water so they are able to sustain life. - Lucretia

The point was, with 7 billion of us currently inhabiting the planet, we're hardly "alone."

That's true, but my point was if any other planet has life inhabiting it. - SwagFlicks

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8 Can any other planet sustain human life?

I doubt it, this isn't that scary either. - WonkeyDude98

We can probably adapt to survive every planet. - IronSabbathPriest

Before the sun burns out and the earth is burnt to a crisp and if humanity didn't die out, sure they could find ome if they have light yeas, they better start early looking for planets. - Lucretia

It's a 'maybe' answer, as we know other planets have the possibility of sustaining human life via their resources, it's just the question of if we can reach those planets in time. - SwagFlicks

9 What will happen to the universe before it ends?

Before the universe will end life will end. It's a proven fact that our sun will die which will end life on our planet.

I don't know how to answer this and to be honest, don't want to try. - WonkeyDude98

I mean, we don't know what will happen, just like we don't know what will happen in the next second. And the second after that. And the second after that. Basically, multiply the mystery of the next second by... a lot. - SwagFlicks

10 Being alone in it

It's scary to think that if you are sent into space, alone, you would just float around until you die. Its vast emptiness makes you feel insignificant, referred to above on my #4 choice. - SwagFlicks

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11 What happens when we encounter an alien species?
12 Our Sun will diffuse one day and what happens if we fail to find another planet to live upon?
13 Supernova

These are beautiful, but also deadly at the same time. - SwagFlicks

14 Parallel Universes

Enough said. this should be the scariest.

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