Top Ten Things Teens Find Most Annoying


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1 Taking Away TV and Phone Privileges

That happens to me all the time... Lol. I'm used to it though. - Pony

My phone and PS4 either gets taken away for really good reasons like me not doing chores that I'm supposed or stupid reasons like waking up late - MrQuaz680

My dad took away my smartphone for many many months. Annoying as heck. - AnonymousChick

2 Getting Grounded
3 ISS/Detention

If you are framed, it sucks. If you actually did something bad, you deserve to be there - MrQuaz680

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4 Homework

Cause 95% of the teens are dumb - MrQuaz680

5 Bullies

If anyone in my sight gets bullied I'll kick their ass. DEFEND TEACHERS don't DO SHI-

I know jiu jitsu so if anyone tries to bully me ill kick their asses and I don't care what the teachers think

6 Siblings
7 Drama
8 Parents V 1 Comment
9 Acne

Nah, I'm more annoyed by the pricks who act like me having acne is so horrible. - Garythesnail

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10 Popularity

I don't care about popularity, I have a few friends and I'm ok with that

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11 Getting Caught Watching Baby Shows by little kids

I got caught watching The Wiggles by this 8 year old girl she did a what face and said I was creepy and I'm not actually 14 I was so embarrassed - Ihateschool

12 Teens
13 Kids
14 Doing Assignments
15 Teachers

The subject has enough said... *eye roll*

16 No candies

Teens love candies

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1. Taking Away TV and Phone Privileges
2. Getting Grounded
3. ISS/Detention
1. Taking Away TV and Phone Privileges
2. ISS/Detention
3. Getting Grounded



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