Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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381 The maid's name's not Gerda V 2 Comments
382 The butler's name's not Kai V 2 Comments
383 The servants' names were not Kai nor Gerda

I'll never ever even understand why but I agree with this other one.

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384 Less Of An Insult And Slap To The Face To The Original Snow Queen Story
385 Less Of An Insult And Less Of A Slap To The Face To The Original Snow Queen Story
386 The Film/Movie's More About Elsa

Man, Elsa's cooler than ever so far.

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387 The Film/Movie's More Focused On Elsa V 2 Comments
388 The Movie Being Better Off With Elsa Herself V 2 Comments
389 The Movie Being Better Off Without Anna

Let's face it. It would've been better if Anna and Elsa were in different Disney films/movies anyway.

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390 Franz and Jurgen (Once Upon A Time)
391 None of the original Snow Queen characters being removed completely V 1 Comment
392 Anna Having A Better Personality Like Gerda

There are reasons why Gerda the original heroine of the original snow queen is better than Anna anyway.

The original snow queen never ever even deserves to be forgotten.

393 More Charming Prince Hans
394 Smarter Kristoff
395 Less Goofy Kristoff
396 Less Lame Kristoff
397 Less Sociopathic Prince Hans
398 Less outright emotionally abusive Prince Hans
399 Less Gross Kristoff
400 Kristoff Being Less of a Slob
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