Top 10 Things You Should Never Sell


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1 Your Soul

I sold it for $16.99 on eBay. - Cyri

To the devil - Pokemonfan10

To a Satanist.. - Kevinsidis

To Shang Tsung - ElSherlock

2 Items with Personal Information
3 Drugs

This should be illegal. Selling drugs is a major problem. - Userguy44

Drugs should be illegal - ElSherlock

If BuzzFeed know this is not a good idea to do. - BorisRule

4 Cigarettes
5 Alcohol

Alcohol should be banned. Give me a good reason why it shouldn’t. - Userguy44

6 An Individual

That's illegal - Pokemonfan10

7 Deep Web Mystery Box
8 A Used Toothbrush

That's disgusting

Disgusting... - Misfire

9 Diamond Play Button
10 Your Porn Tape

NO not my porn tape bruh how am I gonna beat my meat?

Who added this? ugh - Pokemonfan10

The Contenders

11 VHS Tapes VHS Tapes

Nobody uses VHS tapes anymore. They became outdated a long time ago because of DVDs and Streaming Sites. - JoeBoi.

12 Passport

That's just stupid. - Misfire

13 Your Liver
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1. Your Soul
2. Items with Personal Information
3. An Individual
1. Your Soul
2. Items with Personal Information
3. Cigarettes


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