Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Leave Home Without


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21 Your Dignity
22 A Gun

I never leave home without it. In fact, in a way it ensures I can make it back home in one piece, even if some criminal was planning otherwise.

You'll never know when you need it

23 A Baseball Bat to Hit Your Boss With

Oh I've already got this one covered - it's already behind my desk at the office. Startle the boss with one of those random words and then...WHUMP! Gets it with the baseball bat! - Britgirl

24 A Bible
25 A Chocolate Bar

Any bar will do. - Britgirl

26 Justin Bieber's Face in a Locket Around Your Neck

I wish the person doing this would wind their neck in. Nearly every list has THAT name on. It's getting pretty tiresome. Thank you! - Britgirl

No, a picture of The Beatles in a locket around your neck

27 Your Respect
28 Paper

-back writer! * awesome guitar solo*

29 Contact Lenses
30 Your BlackBerry

No one has a Blackberry anymore!

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31 Without Eating Breakfast
32 All of Your Limbs and Organs

Yesterday I went to a mall and forgot to bring my kidneys. Now went to my grandparents' house and I forgot to bring my lungs and liver - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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33 Your Left Shoe
34 Your Book Bag
35 A Towel
36 A Backup Banana

That awful moment when you're hungry... And you see someone eating a banana

Don't leave it in your bag too long, cause it magically becomes black.
It looks really cool- but when you try to pick it up...

37 All Your Bones

You'd be jelly, and I would love to see that! Everyone in the world, take all your bones out and lets DANCE!
*Thinks* "Meh. I can't be bothered to carry my left femur about today; I'll leave it behind the kitchen door". - Britgirl

38 Your Phone

Why is this on here 3 times? - Money1208

39 Backpack
40 Bags
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