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21 Silento Silento
22 Power Rangers in Space
23 An Itch That You Can't Scratch

Luckily now its possible scratch anything. You might need to use a tool though. - ruJILLous

This is my problem ALL THE TIME. It comes with having eczema.

The female leader if the worst music ever - ruJILLous

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24 Negativity
25 Post 20th Century Fox Star Wars Films
26 Eyelashes

Before you vote on this, imagine what you'd look like without eye lashes. - PianoQueen

But I love my eyelashes! They're so long

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27 Swag
28 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was an Austrian politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure more.

He's not there anymore, so it's difficult to wish that he don't exist. At the same time,just because he existed in the past we were able to learn about how to be more tolerant, how to think about political movements etc..

How is this 20th? It should be in top 5.

Because of American Propaganda, Stalin isn't hated more than Hitler.

29 The Pyura Chilensis
30 Trolls
31 Rape
32 Battle of the Planets
33 Hatred
34 Poverty
35 Bread Gloves
36 Sex
37 Class of the Titans
38 Puberty
39 Child Cruelty

As a person myself I take child abuse really, really seriously. Most of child abuses often lead to psychotic serial killers.

40 Bubsy 3D

Why the HELL is The legend of Zelda and Earthbound on here this should be WAY highetr - venomouskillingmachine

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