Things You Would Do If There Was No Such Thing As the Internet

The Top Ten

1 Hide in the corner
2 Read books

As well as the internet, this is where much of my knowledge came from. I guess web lack would just amplify that. - PositronWildhawk

3 Roll around on the floor
4 Be physical merchants

Because without the internet you can't use Amazon or eBay anymore - VoidSense

And also selling you're self - CerealGuy

5 Walk a lot more

Because cars won't be as functional... - VoidSense

6 Try to find alternatives
7 Walk up to one another and talk about what your cats did today
8 Watch movies on TV

I love watching movies - Ananya

9 Try to make another Internet
10 Have real life adventures

The Contenders

11 Spend your days on the toilet
12 Run away and survive in the wilderness
13 Masturbate
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