Top Ten Things You'd Like to Prove Wrong

Is there something that you want to prove wrong? Add it.

The Top Ten

1 That Nothing Rhymes With Orange

If I ever invent something, I will give it a name that rhymes with orange.

There has to be something! - happyhappyjoyjoy

It actually has a word that rhymes with it.

There's a hill or something - Martinglez

2 The Law of Conservation of Energy

I know that it's a scientific law that has been proved true how amazing would you be if you did prove it wrong? - happyhappyjoyjoy

Trust me, some physicists are having their doubts in the weird quantum world. - PositronWildhawk

3 That Dinosaurs Existed

What if you found out it was all a scam? - happyhappyjoyjoy

4 That Life Was Better Back In the Day

What if you could prove people today have better lives? - happyhappyjoyjoy

5 That Humans Will Go Extinct
6 That Everything Ends

I hear this a lot but is this true? - happyhappyjoyjoy

7 Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Maybe you can grow a money tree. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Yeah Jonny is made of paper and paper is made of trees a thdoe doing it is illegal

8 That Sugar Is Unhealthy

Sugar IS unhealthy

9 Pigs Can't Fly

You'd be so famous. - happyhappyjoyjoy

10 God Exists

What if you actually proved God? That's literally proving the question of the universe

If you can't see it, hear it, or feel it it doesn't exist. But what about God? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Welp, I can already hear the stampede of religious flamers in the distance - DubstepLover

What do you expect? Your insulting every religion that believes in a God! - GrimmShady

The Contenders

11 That Stuff Along Time Ago Actually Happened

I've always kind of wondered if it happened or if I was just getting scammed. - happyhappyjoyjoy

12 The Existence of "Right and Wrong"

One day, I will learn how to disprove this scar in humanity.

13 Your Parents
14 Chickens Didn't Go To Space
15 St. Anger by Metallica Sucks
16 That Hogwarts is fictional
17 The Uncertainty Principle

Oh, how I'm sure many physicists would. I would. But that probably won't happen any time soon. - PositronWildhawk

18 Mahatma Gandhi Was Non Violent
19 The Death Penalty Reduces Homicides
20 That Women Need to Wear Bras
21 Bees Don't Die After They Sting
22 Evolution
23 Climate Change is a Hoax
24 Sugar Free Desserts Have No Sugar in Them

They have artificial sweeteners which are way worse than natural sugar

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