Top 10 Phobias

People are afraid of a lot of things. Some fears are common and rational. Some are more peculiar. Some are outright strange. Here is a list of phobias that include fears from the normal to the bizarre.

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1 Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

I respect spiders but it's a phobia and I can't help but think they look just so disgusting

I an genuinely terrified of spiders, whenever I see one I scream, try to get away from it and panic until its gone - even after that I'm still scared that it might come back. It's a genuine phobia, I can't even look at a picture of a spider without feeling afraid

I think spiders are really nasty creepy creatures I can't even look at them with out feeling sick or screaming my head off. I once saw a spider in my shower and didn't get in that shower for maybe 6 months. I am mostly terrified of the really big harry ones I have never seen one in person and don't plan to laugh out loud.

I would consider it the worst because it's common and often very bad. Some other fears are more rational like fear of heights, but spiders are usually harmless. Spiders are also common themselves which makes it scary (if you are afraid of spiders) that they could be any where in your daily life.

2 Acrophobia - fear of heights

You ask me to go on the ferris wheel and I nearly have a dad-blasted heart attack. You fall down or the machine crashes and you're through. Done as dinner. Kaput.

There's also Michealjacksonphobia. I'll leave it up to you to guess what it is.

If you tell me to catch a snake I would do it. If you told me to pick up a spud I'd do it. But if you told me to ride a Ferris wheel I would have a heart attack.

It depends, as long as I feel safe, I am not afraid of heights. If it is going on a really high ride, I rather feel amazed at the view rather than scared. Just as long as I have some buckle on or there is floor, I am not afraid of heights, in fact, it is a cool view to me. If I feel unsafe and there is no protection, then it is scary.

I never used to have this fear until we went into a restaurant that is so flipping high. We were sitting at the edge and suddenly, the restaurant began shaking. From then, I became nervous whenever I am at a high height.

3 Nyctohylophobia - fear of the dark

I don't fear darkness in fear of being alone, I fear darkness in fear of NOT being alone.

NEVER turn your back to the darkness. what you'll see in the light is much more terrifying.

I get paralyzed in the like I can't move or breath I can't even sleep in the dark

I have a constant fear that something's always near!

4 Coulrophobia - fear of clowns

They're creepy. I'm not scared of them (anymore), but I avoid them for their weirdness

yeah I'm not gonna lie clowns scare the living crap outta me... all though my fiance thanks its funny to chase me arount the house... he's not gonna be laughing much longer as soon as I find out his biggest fear! its on... no one makes me almost have a skroke... NO ONE!

,,,how about that real live scary clown - John Wayne Gacy, who dressed up as a clown to entertain children in the hospital, while at the same time he was busy murdering dozens of young men and burying their bodies under his house...
(note: John Wayne Gacy was executed some time ago)

clowns really are horrible - i dont like them at all!! its since i saw IT, Pennywise just scared me so much and it was worse that he was like a giant spider at the end, i think that might be part of the reason that im terrified of spiders

5 Thanatophobia - fear of death

I think I'm more afraid of the process of dying but it's like almost the same.

People will all die naturally so it's best we should just accept that death will someday come for us. If you're prepared for it and accepted that it will eventually come, it won't be as scary as you thought. Remember, give your loved ones a final farewell hug and the phrase "I love you" shortly before you rest in peace. Also remember, there is an afterlife for you so you can still visit your loved ones as a ghost and enjoy everlasting harmony in paradise.

Thanatos is the death god in Greek mythology, bun this phobia seriously sounds like thanosphobia.

Look at all the rest on this list. Sharks, snakes, heights, spiders, wasps, and vampire bats? Those are scary indeed, but dying is another thing. You literally never know what happens to you when you die or after you die. No one really knows. I have other fears too, but I fear death the most(though it's pretty interesting and you will never be able to avoid it).

6 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - fear of long words

I don't know about you, but I think the people who came up with these names, but I think this going a little too far.

Ok this is the most stupid name for a phobia ever. If you have this phobia your basically scared of this phobia. Confusing... XD

So, that means you'd be afraid of the fear you have making you also have phobiophobia!

WOW. A phobia that makes the person afraid of the name of their phobia. That's like a dog that's allergic to dog food.

7 Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes

I love snakes! I keep about twenty in my basement. If tamed well enough, they can make amazing companions.

Isn't this another word for really long turds?

It hate it when a cobra starts to hiss

Snakes are creepy. PERIOD.

8 Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces

Ok so I was at Walmart and an employee said the store will be closing in 15 minutes my aunt said ''we are gonna have claustrophobia if the store closes on us''

Being in any small space makes me want to throw up, and if I was every trapped in an elevator I would probably pass out

When everyone is crowding around me if feel so... Just... I just can't explain its horrible

I hate tiny spaces, I feel like everything is starting to slowly move towards me, trapping me... keeping me prisoner. Its so terrifying, I can't help but get terrified in oxes or tiny rooms.

9 Apiphobia - fear of bees

The funny thing is, I have a mild case of entomophobia, which is the the fear of insects, but I somehow feel a lot calmer around a bee.

I am terrified of bees! I have never gotten stung because every time I see one I run away screaming!

Bees are not scary in my opinion, if you leave them alone, they won't do anything to you. Plus, they are an essential part of Earth and pollinate plants.

Feel like that when they sting me, I may get a big bump.- Jazzy

10 Monophobia - fear of being alone

I am always going with my brother to the store, and if I am alone I feel like I am getting dragged by someone it's so terrifying.

Is it bad that I like being alone? At family gatherings I'm always away from everyone. At parties I'm also away from everyone too. But if my best friend is there me and him just stay away from everyone and just talk

I' not afraid to admit this. I'm only human. No one wants to be alone.

I'm always afraid of being kidnapped when I'm alone, thank god I have a sister with me!

The Contenders

11 Astrophobia - fear of outer space

I Have legitimate astrophobia. I hate when people talk about space, and ask to change the subject. I'm never gonna be a astronaut...

If your not attached to something god knows where you'll end up

I love outer space, I have a book about it.

Imagine spinning in outer space... AHH

12 Galeophobia - fear of sharks

More people are killed by vending machines each year than sharks. Watch out for them sneaky vending machines.

When ever I go in a pool or the sea I'm always really scared of sharks, it's mainly because of movies such as: Jaws and because if one person gets attacked by one the news is spread really quickly, but it might turn out the man that got "attacked" by a shark just had a shark near him

Fear is in your mind

Don't go into a sea or ocean.

13 Gephyriphobia - fear of bridges

I think I kinda have this. I hate riving on bridges it feels like were gonna fall off

My girlfriend is horrified of going under and over bridges because she feels as if they will fall on her.

Yes! It's so scary -- any second the cables could break and you could fall to your death...

I feel like I am going to fall to my doom on a bridge

14 Necrophobia - fear of dead things

I'm dead right now

Some things we can't control what we can't control

I just throw up.

I have this phobia

15 Ovinaphobia - fear of sheep

Unless they're Polyphemus's flesh-eating sheep (see the Sea of Monsters) I'm laughing my butt off.

... Sheep completely terrify me! I can go near one, they just freak me out. Their eyes make them look like they come from hell!

Sheep are the devils pets. Even the name scares me

Creepy dreams and being chased twice

16 Cynophobia - fear of dogs

I know some are actually a bit cute but I swear there are monsters living inside of every dog

Every time I see a dog I have a panic attack I don't know why but I feel like running away and getting as far as possibke

Okay I know they wont bite but like deadass something happens I have I get this feeling of like heat in my body and as if its crawling on me and like dogs are cute man but this phobia dead be killing me so like I have younger people in the house so when I'm with them outside and I see a dog I be like yo yo its fine he wont bite and I make them go to the side so the owner wont think I'm a weirdo being scared of these little cute ass dogs but yeah that's that...

I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember. Just the thought of it makes me really upset. I hardly ever go to the park. If I see a dog I either freeze or have a panic attack. I also feel like I can't breathe

17 Automatonophobia: fear of a ventriloquist's dummy

I have this. I am terrified of Slappy from Goosebumps. No puppets for me please.

Automato no phobia sounds like a Japanese show..

Nooo! They look harmless but they KILL!

Yes my friend and I are afraid of slappy from goosebumps

18 Phobophobia - fear of fear itself

if you vote for any of these you have phobiaphobia

I pretty much have every one of these phobias, so I'm picking this.

If it means nearly every single phobia imaginable, then I suppose it counts. But the fear of the word? That's silly.

Oh, the irony again!

19 Arachibutyrophobia - fear of getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth

That is definitely the scariest thing a human can experience in their life

I can't believe this is a thing because I have it. Wow, there's a name for it! I have this for some reasons, though. - Onion

I hate peanut butter so ya

Is this a real phobia?

20 Cathisophobia: fear of sitting

Really I don't think anyone is scared of sitting. Who came up with this?

I'm in the toilet, so I don't think I have it

This actually is a real phobia but why would someone be scared of phobia? People are weird.

Weird phobias.

21 Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

When there's a watch I cry and panic. When there's a warning I go in a dark corner and cry and scream and have severe panic attacks, scared that the apocalypse is near... I hate tornadoes...

Aren't they the same thing?

These along with earthquakes.

I hate both of them

22 Spectrophobia - fear of ghosts and phantoms

I can not sleep without hiding under the covers of my bed. The thought of the undead just creeps me out

Well, there have been news reports of ghosts appearing so it might be true ghosts exist but just don't try to frighten my gut

I have been afraid of ghosts and zombies ever since I was 6. The two are so closely related that they go to get her.

Ghosts don't exist.

23 Glossophobia - fear of public speaking

Sometimes because people can feel nervous but they can help build confidence by practicing

I have social anxiety, so I have this. :/

What kind of idiot makes someone public speak?

My social anxiety won't let me live my life

24 Taphophobia - fear of being buried alive

I would rather die if I was buried and wait for rescue.

I wouldn't know how to handle that kind of situation besides panicking.

This would be an absolute nightmare.

Freaking starve to death

25 Parthenophobia - fear of young girls

Technically speaking, I have a fear of young girls, but it's not in the context that they give me nightmares. I'm more of a wallflower, so I suck at love.

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