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1 Arachnophobia - spiders

I an genuinely terrified of spiders, whenever I see one I scream, try to get away from it and panic until its gone - even after that I'm still scared that it might come back. It's a genuine phobia, I can't even look at a picture of a spider without feeling afraid - Jeheffiner

I think spiders are really nasty creepy creatures I can't even look at them with out feeling sick or screaming my head off. I once saw a spider in my shower and didn't get in that shower for maybe 6 months. I am mostly terrified of the really big harry ones I have never seen one in person and don't plan to laugh out loud.

I would consider it the worst because it's common and often very bad. Some other fears are more rational like fear of heights, but spiders are usually harmless. Spiders are also common themselves which makes it scary (if you are afraid of spiders) that they could be any where in your daily life. - RoBot214

I was camping with my friends and there was a tarantula in our tent - Ilikegames

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2 Acrophobia - heights

You ask me to go on the ferris wheel and I nearly have a dad-blasted heart attack. You fall down or the machine crashes and you're through. Done as dinner. Kaput.

There's also Michealjacksonphobia. I'll leave it up to you to guess what it is. - Oreanta

If you tell me to catch a snake I would do it. If you told me to pick up a spud I'd do it. But if you told me to ride a Ferris wheel I would have a heart attack.

It depends, as long as I feel safe, I am not afraid of heights. If it is going on a really high ride, I rather feel amazed at the view rather than scared. Just as long as I have some buckle on or there is floor, I am not afraid of heights, in fact, it is a cool view to me. If I feel unsafe and there is no protection, then it is scary. - AnimeDrawer

My brother has this. And we forced him into the glass box in Chicago. - SmolBean

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3 Nyctohylophobia - fear of the dark

I get paralyzed in the like I can't move or breath I can't even sleep in the dark

I have a constant fear that something's always near!

When you're in a dark field, you can't even see far with a flash light. They only go a few hundred yards until there is nothing but pitch black beyond. The Unknown

I used to love the dark (Aka me being an EMo)
Now, I'm terrified of it. I love to watch scary stuff at night, but, I need a night light that's how bad it can get. Especially when someone shows me lights out. - SmolBean

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4 Thanatophobia - fear of death

People will all die naturally so it's best we should just accept that death will someday come for us. If you're prepared for it and accepted that it will eventually come, it won't be as scary as you thought. Remember, give your loved ones a final farewell hug and the phrase "I love you" shortly before you rest in peace. Also remember, there is an afterlife for you so you can still visit your loved ones as a ghost and enjoy everlasting harmony in paradise. - Neonco31

I have this phobia. It makes me so afraid of death and suicide... It may save my life in the future. - RockFashionista

I think this phobia is in many people, including me. - AnimeDrawer

I was always spectulating on how people would die when I was younger. I am not really afraid of death though. - Lucretia

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5 Coulrophobia - clowns

yeah I'm not gonna lie clowns scare the living crap outta me... all though my fiance thanks its funny to chase me arount the house... he's not gonna be laughing much longer as soon as I find out his biggest fear! its on... no one makes me almost have a skroke... NO ONE!

,,,how about that real live scary clown - John Wayne Gacy, who dressed up as a clown to entertain children in the hospital, while at the same time he was busy murdering dozens of young men and burying their bodies under his house...
(note: John Wayne Gacy was executed some time ago)

clowns really are horrible - i dont like them at all!! its since i saw IT, Pennywise just scared me so much and it was worse that he was like a giant spider at the end, i think that might be part of the reason that im terrified of spiders - Jeheffiner

Nah. They don't frighten me much - Neonco31

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6 Claustrophobia - confined spaces

Being in any small space makes me want to throw up, and if I was every trapped in an elevator I would probably pass out

When everyone is crowding around me if feel so... Just... I just can't explain its horrible

I hate tiny spaces, I feel like everything is starting to slowly move towards me, trapping me... keeping me prisoner. Its so terrifying, I can't help but get terrified in oxes or tiny rooms.

I don't love when their is a lot of people, because I hate being aroud a lot of people, but I am not claustraphobic. - Lucretia

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7 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - long words

I don't know about you, but I think the people who came up with these names, but I think this going a little too far.

So, that means you'd be afraid of the fear you have making you also have phobiophobia!

Ok this is the most stupid name for a phobia ever. If you have this phobia your basically scared of this phobia. Confusing... XD

Ironic. - SmolBean

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8 Apiphobia - fear of bees

I am terrified of bees! I have never gotten stung because every time I see one I run away screaming!

Bees are not scary in my opinion, if you leave them alone, they won't do anything to you. Plus, they are an essential part of Earth and pollinate plants. - AnimeDrawer

Feel like that when they sting me, I may get a big bump.- Jazzy

Severe allergy here. My brother almost died from a bee sting and has the same reactions as me. So I have more reason to be affraid of bees then most. - Lucretia

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9 Atychiphobia - fear of failure

Failing is a part of life, such as losing to someone else but it helps you realize the virtue of humility and modesty. I have this phobia because I don't want to upset my dad with my performance in school. - Neonco31

I have fear of failure, its like failing at a task it feels I will fail subsequently in everything I do

I kind of have this, because I like to put effort in everything I do, I think this is rather depressing for me than scary. I am sort of a workoholic and doesn't like to make things effortless. - AnimeDrawer

I AM a failure. - LemonComputer

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10 Necrophobia - dead things

I'm dead right now

Some things we can't control what we can't control

I have this phobia

I don't care about dead things, me and my brother ran over dead dirds with our bike wheels and did not spray them of afterwards. Eventualy the organs popped out. - Lucretia

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11 Monophobia - fear of being alone

I'm always afraid of being kidnapped when I'm alone, thank god I have a sister with me!

I'm scared/hate being along or being ignored. If my friends ignored me I feel so mad

Now I know that I am not stupid for having this fear.

I am always alone though, I hate being around a lot of other people ratehr - Lucretia

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12 Ophidiophobia - snakes

I love snakes! I keep about twenty in my basement. If tamed well enough, they can make amazing companions. - Daviddv0601

It hate it when a cobra starts to hiss

Snakes are creepy. PERIOD.

Every time I think or read about snakes I get so scared

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13 Astrophobia - Fear of Outer Space

I Have legitimate astrophobia. I hate when people talk about space, and ask to change the subject. I'm never gonna be a astronaut...

If your not attached to something god knows where you'll end up

I love outer space, I have a book about it. - AnimeDrawer

I love space, I want aliens to visit earth totally! space is awesome. - Lucretia

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14 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - number 666

Number 666? Like, as in, my cat? Yeah, I'm pretty darn afraid of that. But seriously, why can't people just come up with normal names for these fears?

Yes, people are strange. - PositronWildhawk

The number 666 means the number of the beast which is the devil so basically the fear of he devil

Listen to black metal if you have this! - Lucretia

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15 Pyrophobia - fear of fire

My mum used to start a fire in my house when she was drunk and she was holding the keys for the house in her hand. She wouldn't give them to me and was laughing so I had to knock her down to get them and get me and my siblings out of the house. She blames a demon, I blame the drinks. Lucky she isn't allowed to have alcoholic drinks anymore. But I have a strong hatred and fear of alcoholic drinks, as well as fires, from that. I also keep getting nightmares of that happening, over and over and over. I wake up crying sometimes. - LemonComputer

Getting burned is kind of painful that's why I don't really like to cook food much except for rice, because I have a rice cooker in my house. Instead of a fire match, I better use a gas stove lighter or buy an automatic stove in which I should just switch it on to produce a cooking flame so I don't run the risk of getting my fingers torched (It happened to me twice) - Neonco31

I'm always scared I am gonna be burned to death. My mom's a nurse and she said that burn survivors usually would rather die.

My brother screamed when someone would have a campfire and the flame was uneven... he would think he would die. - Lucretia

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16 Gephyriphobia - fear of bridges

My girlfriend is horrified of going under and over bridges because she feels as if they will fall on her.

Yes! It's so scary -- any second the cables could break and you could fall to your death...

I feel like I am going to fall to my doom on a bridge

It happened after watching Final Destination 5. - Daviddv0601

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17 Aichmophobia - fear of sharp or pointed objects

I don't get it they lie to you every time like "no shots this time" and then you aren't prepared when it comes

I cannot stand when I have to get blood taken or get vaccines, I freak out!

I can't stand getting a shot needles are simply TERRIBLE in my eyes

I don't let them draw my blood easily... - Lucretia

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18 Phobiophobia - the fear of fear itself

if you vote for any of these you have phobiaphobia

I pretty much have every one of these phobias, so I'm picking this.

If it means nearly every single phobia imaginable, then I suppose it counts. But the fear of the word? That's silly. - Daviddv0601

Oh, the irony again! - Neonco31

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19 Hemophobia, haemophobia - fear of blood

I really want to be a medical professional and aid people in war zones, but I just can't handle blood. Intestines and lungs, I can handle, but capillaries and veins... forget it!

I'm just scared to red object. Like, blood, firefighter car (now I'm not), or red light, because I think red is warning sign - ComelCumil

Whenever I hear the word blood or see it I PANIC!?!

Well, I feel bad for girls who have this. - SmolBean

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20 Obesophobia - fear of obesity

This=Asians. You gain ONLY ONE OUNCE and they act like either you're going to be obese or it's the end of the world

At least you wont be fat in your future laugh out loud

I really don't want to be fat!

FEAR ME - SmolBean

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