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81 Traumatophobia - fear of wounds

If you get an injury where does the skin go?

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82 Counterphobia - The preference by a phobic for fearful situations
83 Gynophobia - Fear of women

Sounds weird, but it exists... by the way, NOT the same as misogyny. completely different things - ThatStrangeKid42

I am not afriad of girls but when the girl I liked came near me I did some sort of jump/run

84 Katsaridaphobia - fear of cockroaches

These filthy insects are like bad opossums, pretending to be dead and all of a sudden they jump out of nowhere

Just the thought of them makes me want to vomit.

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85 Batophobia - The fear of being near something of great height V 1 Comment
86 Haphephobia - fear of touching and/or being touched

Because how are you meant to tell your mother, or your little brother, or your best friend that you don't want to hug them?

My friend has this fear. She nearly hyperventilates when people try to hug her.

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87 Entomophobia - fear of mosquitoes
88 Erythrophobia - The Fear of Blushing

This phobia is essentially linked to social phobia, since most people who fear blushing also fear being humiliated, criticized, and rejected. The blushing is assumed to lead to the feared consequences.

89 Genophobia - fear of sexual activity
90 Ablutophobia - bathing, washing, or cleaning
91 Tokophobia - childbirth or pregnancy
92 Musophobia - Fear Of Mice And Rats

I have this and it is probably the thing I am most scared of, when I think of one and see images, I don't want to go anywhere at all and keep my feet on my chair, sweating in terror. I am mainly scared of rats, they jump on you and give diseases(which is what I am most scared of), they are disgusting and go into toilets, they look horrifying, and run around. This is what I am truly scared of, I don't ever want to touch one. I am nor scared of other rodents, just rats. If they ever come running, I will immediately jump to high place like a table and scream. - AnimeDrawer

93 Phonophobia - Fear of Noises
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