Top 10 Rugby League Players of All Time

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61 Jharal Yow Yeh

Should be higher on the list, one of the best players of all time. Made Australia kangaroos, Queensland, indigenous all stars, and Broncos with in 3 years! Definitely one of the best

The defense of Paul Gallen and the raw speed of Greg Inglis morphed into a freakish Broncos winger. Proud to call him a QLDer!

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62 Adrian Morley V 2 Comments
63 Ken Irvine

I am 65 years old and I knew Ken, be it as it may I can only say he is the fastest winger I have seen in my time and there have been a few.

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64 Sam Tomkins

Wigan Warriors Full Back Man Of Steel 2012

65 Brett Stewart

Great player excellent on his feet fit through any hole in the opposition

The best fullback ever

Great fullback can read the play like an open book

66 Bradley Clyde
67 Ben Barba

He's a good player but he was perfect at the bulldogs

Worst player ever should be at the bottom

The best player in the world at the moment and perhaps the best ever first coupke of year for any rugby player.

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68 Ben Hunt

He's the best halfback in the comp

69 Emile N'Tamack

Just have a look t his results on Wikipedia.
6 times France champion.
Champion in every competition he has participate.
3 times European champion
Etc etc

70 Tim Moltzen

Tim Moltzen is my hero every where the players go they will get knocked out GO THE MIGHTY TIGERS

71 Akuila Uate

The best of the best should be first he has a wicked step on him and the best hand of ever vote Aquila uate

72 Jamal Idris
73 Justin Hodges V 3 Comments
74 Shaun Edwards

Class player in a class wigan side of era

Can't believe anyone doesn't agree Shaun is the best half back to Grace this game :

75 Anthony Minichiello V 1 Comment
76 Josh Morris

He should be higher


I Know him

77 Julian Savea
78 John Holmes

One of best stand offs ever long career

Best stand off in Leeds colours ever

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79 Billy Smith

Toughest halfback of his era tackled like a forward, combined brilliantly with Langlands.

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80 Sam Faust
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