Top 10 Rugby League Players of All Time

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101 Cliff Lyons

His nickname was god cliffy. he could throw magical passes. he was just the greatest in both attack and defense

102 Jason Robinson

As a saints fan he haunted us for years...a legend of both league and union!

You need a try, seconds remaining, give him the ball.

103 Nathan Merritt
104 Dean Bell

Tough player with moments of brilliance

Nobody tougher than "Mean Dean"

105 Paul Bowman

Has to be one of the best defensive centres ever to play the game

106 Willie Mason
107 Jarrod Mullen
108 Joe Mason
109 Brent Tate

Had his own style. Tater tot was was king of the after tackle spaz

110 Slade Griffin

By far the best. Without him the storm would've been nothing

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111 Anthony Don
112 Blake Ferguson
113 Lote Tuqiri
114 Matthew Johns
115 Arthur Summons
116 Tony Abbott Tony Abbott Anthony John "Tony" Abbott is an Australian politician who was the 28th Prime Minister of Australia, from 18 September 2013 to 15 September 2015. Abbott was leader of the Liberal Party from 2009 to 2015, and has been a member of parliament for Warringah since 1994.

He'd still be better at this than being prime minister

He's a prime minister they are great at footy

He's perfect position should be no.100 position: Reserve. Tony u suck, Swallow and Choke

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117 Andy Murray Andy Murray V 3 Comments
118 Heath L`Estrange
119 Barry Muir

What's wrong with him, he's the toughest ever I have ever seen in first class rugby league. Bring it on!

120 Albert Rosenfeld
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