Top 10 Rugby League Players of All Time

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101 Eric Grothe, Sr.
102 Des Drummond

The best winger of his era 1978 to 1988 - markhampson123

Superstar of the game in GB when they were short in supply. Fast, hard and the crowd lifted when he got the ball

Greatest winger ever fantastic entertainer worth the gate money to see a dessie try

Awesome player watchied him as a young lad.

103 Jason Taylor
104 Daly Cherry-Evans

He Is the best player ever hope manly win grand final this year who go manly and most of all daly

The sea Eagles are going to win the grand final

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105 Josh Hoffman

I think he is one of the best fullbacks in the comp.

106 Kurt Gidley

He is a great player he can play 2 positions.

107 Jorge Taufua
108 Matt James

He is queensland best hooker

109 Dalton Bernard
110 Marlon Cheney
111 Aidan Perry

Aidan is a really great football player he deserves the medal of honour from the Queen of England

Aidan is one of the best props of all time and is secretly a model from North Korea

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112 Cliff Lyons

His nickname was god cliffy. he could throw magical passes. he was just the greatest in both attack and defense

113 Jason Robinson

As a saints fan he haunted us for years...a legend of both league and union!

You need a try, seconds remaining, give him the ball.

114 Nathan Merritt
115 Dean Bell

Tough player with moments of brilliance

Nobody tougher than "Mean Dean"

116 Paul Bowman

Has to be one of the best defensive centres ever to play the game

117 Jarrod Mullen
118 Brent Tate

Had his own style. Tater tot was was king of the after tackle spaz

119 Anthony Don
120 Blake Ferguson
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