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1 Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach

I love the silent romance between these two. They risk their lives in order to save each other, encourage and support each other through all the bad times. Their romance is subtle, but it's definitely there! What made the Soul Society arc so amazing was that Ichigo was able to grow as a protagonist, because of his determination to save Rukia. The way he showed off his powers to her was really cute too =) Ichiruki

Ichigo: "Thank you Rukia. Thanks to you, I think... The rain has stopped. " Chapter 181

Ichigo: "I remember now... Why I wanted to save you so much.. " Chapter 181

Rukia: "That's the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo! " Chapter 196
Rukia: "I have no right to know. I don't have a method of stepping into the depths of your heart without it getting dirty. So I'll wait. When you want to talk, when you think it's okay to talk... Talk to me. " Chapter 20

Ichigo: You always nag and worry about me. You should worry more about yourself right now. Don't worry! I won't die yet!
Ichigo: Rukia, I've come to save you.
Rukia: I told you not to come... I told you... I forbade you to come...! Now you're wounded everywhere... You dummy...!

Volume 47, Ichigo's line: I wonder if I can keep up with speed of the world without you…


These 2 are meant to be. I mean Kubo Tite just practically implies the couple with the whole black sun and white moon thing, the whole she made the rain stop, the way they look at each other, and generally in manga, the main hero and heroine get together. So yeah...

Their relationship is really special.

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2 Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuga Hinata - Naruto

Because hinatas love for Naruto is the type of love any man would love to gain from a woman, hinata loves Naruto for who he is and everything he is flaws and everything, she has proven that we'll. While Naruto truly has shown to care about her since they were young such as the time that he show undying fate in hinata when she fought nevi during the Chunnin exams even if factually she was gonna loose Naruto never lost fate in her winning and when she lost he was not disappointed but worry about her. That alone shows true care for her, then he later on admits to liking a person like her despite the fact that he considers her not perfect do to the fact that he thought she was weird, yet he admits to really liking her personality. Naruto has yet not admitted to not have feelings for her nor has he denied not having them for her the fact is that...See More

A beautiful pairing that is an exemplary model of what true love is. Some of the most significant progression for the manga ...more

personally I see sakura as manipulative toward naruto she convinces him to bring back sasuke because she was too weak to. Hinata has been there rooting him on from the beginning even if it was from a distance I am NaruHina all the way

It is also important to remember that both naruto and hinata have rooted for each other when nobody else did. Their shared trauma and positive influence on the other is what makes them unique as a couple - NarutoUzumaki

The ever green couple and very cutest couple ever...
Look and compare all of the couples from above this is couple is the beautiful for ever...

When Naruto made a vow to Hinata by taking her own blood in his hands I started shipping them. Even after all the chapters I can't recall a single moment as powerful as that that Naruto has done for someone by using their blood. It is the ultimate gesture you can do. The way he looked at her before she lost consciousness and how angry he was.

He cared so deeply and was so extremely protective about Hinata and they made an instant connection. Making a promise to her on her blood to defend her honor and then do it...just wow. They only had positive interactions that were very sweet and heart warming to watch how close they became.

I waited for them to get together since then and they did and I'm so happy. There was always something so special about their connection even if it wasn't in abundance, they are still so fresh in my memory.

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3 Misaki Ayuzawa & Usui Takumi - Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

I doesn't get it. It should be in top ten. The story is good, funny, cute, and romantic. Both of them is really match. They are both smart, strong, and almost can do anything. The story is about misaki, the mean president of student council and really hate boys because of her father. Her family is poor so she go to cheap school that used to be boys school, seika high school. Every boys in her school is really afraid of her. She was the firs student council of seika high. Because of family economy problem she worked part time job as a maid(waitress) at maid latte. To keep her reputation as president of student council she keep it as a secret. But a really popular and cool boys in her school, usui is learn about her secret and keep follow her. Usui is like misaki and do everything for her. But because usui is like to prank her, she always say she had him even thought she is like him too, and confuse about usui's mystery life. Soon, misaki and usui is dating

This anime couple is should be in top ten! They are really cute! This anime is really my favorite! I LOVE U.. MISAKI and USUI!, hope I can watch you in season 2!

Yeah, this should be in the top 10 -. -"
I'm surprised it isn't.
They're both good-looking, get the top in everything (academics, athletics, and other stuff) except Misaki who is bad at cooking. But she isn't bad as a maid :P
So it kinda works. If they get married they can open a restaurant laugh out loud.

Yes yes! They are really cute together - Sugarcubecorner

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4 Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist

Oh! I love the plot of this anime, and I do also love the characters, most specially edward and winry. Their love story is so cute, even if edward does not show his love for winry too much. I hope that there will be another season, and I hope to see their love a chance.

Come on.. I know they don't speak much and it seems that edward is in no mood
Of love and all.. But everyone who has seen the series knows how much he loves her...
They are a sexy couple! EdXwin!

Fma is EPIC and Ed and Winry Make a SEXY couple

I just love this pairing! The love between them is real! - -Clementine

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5 InuYasha & Kagome Higurashi - InuYasha

The whole InuYasha story seems to be a side story compared to the love going between those two for the whole series, and it's quite enjoyable to switch between love quarrels and demon hunting. Oh, and the Ex, the differences, the funny moments... And the ending I'm not gonna spoil...

I think the only anime couple that could top those two is in Romeo x Juliet... But that's just cheating you two, those two are fully original.

This is most definitely my favorite anime/manga couple ever! I especially love the fact that Kagome is not a helpless damsel in distress with no personality (although she often needs rescuing from yokais). Plus, it's totally adorbs when Inuyasha gets jealous!

Inuyasha and kagome was and still the most cute couple ever... Such romance and love they share with funny attitude...

This couple is cute because inuyasha is cute

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6 Jellal Fernandes & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

I'm not one into romance... But this is one of the few couples in anime that actually work out. Unlike most couples where its only one person that likes the other and the other is totally oblivious to that fact.

Not Jellal and Erza... They are officially the strongest anime couple ever. - MeowMix

They seem like the strongest because they're both one of the most powerful individuals in their series, but in stronger verses, there are thousands of characters that can beat them alone. So they are certainly not #1 strength wise. Still, it doesn't affect the fact that they are the best couple in all anime!!! X3 - Goku02


They're just really perfect. Their love story is
So perfect... I not really interested in romance
Or couples in anime for me their just like
Some additonal facts in a anime but when
I saw fairy tail and saw their love story is like that
I'm interested now in love... They are so sweet
And in manga erza was supposed to be beaten
By some I dunno monster but jellal saved her
And the kissing scene rrgh I thought they're
Really gonna kiss but jellal pushed erza...
Jellal's not ready... But I'm a jerza fan forever
They should be number one


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7 Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfillia - Fairy Tail

I wish I could see them on a date it will be so cute! Ohh... They are so romantic...

Natsu and Lucy are ment to be together. They understand each others dreams and pains. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other and the rest of Fairy Tail. In The Keys to the Starry Sky arc, all Natsu thinks about is Lucy and Lucy fused herself into the Infinity Clock so Natsu didn't disappear in the fight against Brain II. And in The Grand Games arc, Natsu gets revenge on Sabortooth for torturing Lucy and gives up his spot in the games to save Lucy, (and all Fairy Tail fans know how much Natsu likes to fight) and as Happy would say "They lliike each other! "

Natsu and Lucy look so cute together they are the perfect couple! :D

Surprise surprise they're actually married at chapter 400

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8 Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online

Unlike other couples, Asuna and Kirito never had an ounce of awkwardness between them. Because of the situation they were in, where either one of them could die, they didn't waste any time being awkward and fidgety. From fighting side by side, saving each other's lives countless times and their deepening bond as they both struggle to get back into the real world, they came to love each other and figured that it would be stupid to waste any time NOT being together. They both knew they loved each other and got married because of it (in the game I mean) and established their relationship as a couple. But that's not all they are to each other, they're a couple, best friends, each others protectors, saviors. They have each other's backs and try so hard to win the game and get back into the real world so that they can ACTUALLY be together, for real. And once they meet Yui it really is like they're a family, and it's just so cute that I felt like crying every time I saw them together, or ...more

I believe that the deepest bonds that can possibly form between humans come from two people fighting side by side. Kirito and Asuna do just that - fight for each others' lives, developing passionate and companionate love for each other. It's truly a beautiful story.

Another thing about this relationship that I find particularly interesting - it transcends the virtual world and manifests itself in the real world as well. If you've ever had close friends on MMO games, you'll find this pairing particularly meaningful.

They are the best couples I had seen so far. I had never ever seen a couple would die for each other if one of them die. I also realize they are a simple couple instead of the other couples who are always hiding their dam feelings. I mean it's getting annoying!

BUT... Asuna and Kirito relationship is much different. So that's why I respect them.

By the way... Other couples such as the GIRLS... I find it quite BAKA for a girl who don't even know that the guy LOVE them. Isn't girls suppose to have more feelings? I mean girl aren't stupid and I know that b-because I'm a girl. Duh. That is why, their love relationship always take ' long! Unlike those couples, Asuna and Kirito are more simple. They love each other without any complaints.


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9 Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh - Ouran HS Host Club

Tamaki would never even realize that Haruhi was a girl if he hadn't seen her ID! Hahaha! I love how Tamaki is so emotional and frivolous (and naive and dense and... ) while Haruhi is so blunt. It balances their romance... although it does seem quite reversed. I also love it when Haruhi says something that makes Tamaki depressed and sit on one corner, pouting! Definitely the best for me! (Next best couple for me is Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima from Special A)

I like how they aren't so 'overly in-love' with each other. :) ) like how it all started, developed, how they denied it and stuff like that :) )

I wish I was Haruhi! I mean she's so lucky! This couple is cute! Yeah, if I had to pick an anime girl I would want to be Haruhi.

In the manga, this ship is canon, so I find it hard to dislike. Their personalities match fairly well, and it is a healthy and pretty happy relationship.

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10 Tomoya & Nagisa - Clannad

Tomoya and Nagisa should be in top 5. They are both great characters and there relentionship makes Clannad what it is. It shows how they meet and how they get together and shows the whole rollercoaster of there lives together. They are also one of the most romantic couples as well, all the girls fall for Tomoya but he chooses Nagisa. If all anime couples were like these two, I'm sure animes would be much more popular!

I'm shocked this couple isn't number ten. Whats even more shocking is its below Edwin. I mean come on, this couple was what made the best romance anime the greatest romance anime ever. Throughout Clannad this couple just grows on you and you can just feel it. This couple doesn't even need to say "I love you" for you to know that they are in love. You just happened to know it from their actions.

I love Clannad!
But I also like the couple Tomoya x Kyou, and Tomoyo. So I couldn't choose very well but I let the anime decide for me - XIITsukiIIX

If you just started watching Clannad and aren't so convinced that Tomoya x Nagisa isn't that good; trust me, stay until the end of season 2. You don't even see a kiss and yet this couple makes you cry, laugh and everything in between.

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? Nishinoya and Asahi - Haikyuu!!

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11 Vegeta & Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

"Thanks for your hard work, Vegeta." *Bulma kisses him on the cheek*

Vegeta has come a long way. He's accepted that his love for Bulma and Trunks a while back but is finally getting comfortable in showing it... a little bit. He's still Vegeta and a badass so he can't over-do it but when he does, man. Best character development. It's clear why Bulma stick around when she clearly can have anyone she wants, male or female. She's seen things we haven't and deemed Vegeta worthy of having around and being the father of her children. Bulma is a genius. She knows what she's all about and Vegeta is one of those things. Never doubt this couple.

They are a cute couple. Even though vegeta doesn't show love to bulma, you still know he loves her. He has even developed a soft side for her and his two kids.

Their story is so much better because it wasn't expected (much like how relationship in real life come about) and it didn't suddenly just happened once they had a child together (a very real thing that again, happens IRL thus making them relatable). But overtime, they earned each other's respect, support, and love and it becomes very clear how far these two would go for each other.

Only Bulma can handle Vegeta and vice versa. She never once tried to mold him into something he wasn't, instead was understanding of him and his past. Toriyama stated that Vegeta was the one who sought out Bulma, which makes me think sometimes before the Androids happened, Vegeta had come to trust Bulma. But a man who has known nothing but destruction since childhood can't changed even in 3 years time and I love that the show kept it real and had Vegeta disregard Bulma and Trunks (because real life) and showcase how strong and independent Bulma is when she didn't force Vegeta into something he wasn't ...more

That's my bulma

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12 Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist

Roy and Riza never once say "I love you" and barely show physical affection, but they don't have to; the respect, trust, understanding, and yes love is obvious between them. They are not an official couple but are pretty much soulmates anyways. Arakawa herself even implied that the only reason they aren't married already is the law against fraternization in the army.

Royai is boss. They're not the typical lovey-dovey couple, they have to sacrifice expressing their feelings for one another in order to put their country first. But everyone can see the deep, wordless bond they have. Their relationship of restraint is one of the things that make it so interesting and heartfelt.

They're just so awesome together! Like in the 2003 series they find Scar and Mustangs says he's going to kill Scar himself- so Riza tackles him down and says that his fire alchemy won't work well in the rain. RoyXRiza 4 ever!

My friend hates me for shipping this - OnePunch

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13 Sasuke & Sakura - Naruto

Sasusaku was my favorite from the beginning and till the end!
Even though it seems hopeless in the manga/anime but you can never know what kishimoto might have up his sleeve so I guess all we sasusaku fans can do is hope

I don't care what anyone says. This couple is deep. They truly do care about each other. No matter what people say they are my favorite.

They would be the cutest couple in the world, just if only stupid sasuke would open his eyes and see that he also cares and quit being so obsessed with revenge that will lead him no where...

Even after Sasuke left the village and broke Sakura's heart,that those not mean she can't stop loving him after all love is strong after all,once you love someone deeply the love you have for someone won't be erase forever,but in the end he happily return his feelings to her after killing Danzo in the anime/manga,that's what I love about sasusaku,the story is quite interesting...they are such a cute couple,and a popular boy is dating the most beautiful shinobi in konoha...they are the best couple after all! I don't get why people say they arte the worst couple when they're stories are quite interesting,I love them so much!

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14 Gajeel Redfox and Levy Mcgarden - Fairy Tail

They would make a cute couple and its obvious that they both like each other. It all began when he took on Laxus' lightning that was going for Levy and in episode 101 he says its hard to find someone small like her and says so don't leave his side and in episode 102 Levy gives Gajeel Iron and notice that the o in iron is actually a shape of a heart if that's not love then I don't know what is anyway they will always be my favourite couple they would be so adorible kawaii much

In my option, they are one of the cutest couples in the entire anime series. It's actually kind of funny, because these two are the definition of opposites attract. Levy is tiny, cute, extremely kind-hearted and highly intelligent. And then there's Gajeel; he's gigantic, loud, rude, obnoxious, violent, and glaringly not smart. At one point, he likened Levy to an alien from another planet because he couldn't understand or keep up with her when she was researching. Despite this, they are very close friends and I'm honestly surprised that they don't fight more than they do. Not to mention that their story is pretty original. Gajeel's first appearance was when he kidnapped, tortured, and beat Levy and two of her friends so badly, they almost died. Levy was terrified when he ended up being excepted into Fairy Tail, but he ended up protecting her multiple time and she realized he had a good heart and decided to trust him. They ended up becoming close friends, and she fell in love with him. ...more - fabcats1

Let's be honest. Gajeel is probably one of the ugliest guys in the series. Levy is one of the least attractive girls in the series as well, but probably what makes me LOVE them together so much is the change they made in each other's lives. Gajeel is not a person to change his ways easily. he's brutish, stubborn, obnoxious, angry, and merciless in combat, and also the one who dismantled Levy from head to toe, ripping her dignity from her, and hefting her up as a trophy. Yet she finds it in her, to welcome him into the guild with open arms, allowing him another chance, keep in mind something he is not very used to receiving. Throughout the series, we are shown how gentle she makes Gajeel, and how he used the very hands that broke her down and tore her apart to glue her back together, and that is the most beautiful part of their relationship to me, which is that she is his second chance, and he is her iron pillar.

WHY IS THIS NOT #1! Gajeel and Levy are absolutely perfect for each other! Their relationship is a prime example of opposites attract. We have gajeel, a big, tough, dragon slayer, falling for a sweet, kind, awesome solid script mage. I️ love how their relationship grew throughout the series and how they started out with Gajeel attacking her. I️ feel like them reconciling that part of their relationship was something that made them even closer! Gajevy is 100% the best ship EVER!

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15 Takasu Ryuuji & Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

Ryuuji lives with his mom, and since she works, he takes care of the cooking and housework, and has developed an obsession with cleaning. Taiga is rich, but due to family promblems lives alone in a large apartment right across from Ryuuji's bedroom window.

As part of the deal they made, Ryuuji usese his home skills to help Taiga, cooking and cleaning for her. She starts eating meals at his house on a daily basis and is even considered a family member by Ryuuji's bubbly mother.

Taiga initially treats Ryuuji very poorly, taking advantage of his kind nature while being physically and verbally abusive. However, the time they spend together allows them both to see sides of each other no one sees and they quickly begin to confide in each other on personal matters.

The series is extremely well written. All the main characters have multi-layered personalites and the voice acting is top-notch. It's a comedy with plenty of humor in it, but it's overall driving force is ...more

Well, the thing about Ryuuji and Taiga is the sweet romance that they share and how slowly but surely they fall in love with each other is something that I have seen in no other anime couples other than these two! Thumbs Up for Ryuuji and Taiga

I really love the anime and I've watched it more times than I care to count and I truly believe that Ryuuji and Taiga are one of the best (if not the best) anime couples out there. just watching any episode, especially the last one, will bring a smile to my face and make me happy. the way their relationship develops slowly and doesn't really take off till the last few episodes but you still know that they are enjoying every moment together is something I haven't seen in any other anime and I really enjoy it.

One of the best anime couples of all time

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16 Shinichi & Ran (Rachel & Jimmy) - Case Closed Aka Detective Conan

For me, they are the greatest couple of all time! Hands down! Their love storyy simply represents all the essence of true love; patience, kindness, and the undeniably deep feelings for each other. No one can match Ran's love for Shinichi for she stays loyal and continues to love him despite the many times (in fact, all the time! ) he bails on her, leave without any remarks, and never seems to be there when she needs him (Cause she doesn't know his Conan ) I especially love Ran's words when Conan asked her if she was scared to jump in the building in one of the movies.
Conan: Ran-neechan are you scared?
And Shinichi? Well, despite the fact that he can't stand seeing her cry and always rescuing and worrying about her, it's pretty darn obvious how he's madly, crazy in love with Ran Mouri.

I didn't think anyone else would actually vote for this! This was actually my first anime, one of my peers introduced me after discovering that I loved murder mysteries. Maybe an 800+ episode anime wasn't a great starting anime, but it worked for me and now I'm totally hooked. I usually despise romance between characters, but since this anime has such a long run-time, it was unexpectedly naturally paced and not a rushed romance. I love the whole "childhood friend" idea and soon became enveloped in not only the mystery aspects, but the romantic ones too. These two truly care for each other, and I love that Ran isn't the typical girl who always needs rescue. Shinichi, also, isn't very typical. He's a memorable protagonist with amazing motivation because of the girl he loves, Ran. There's this amazing bond between the two, and I love the tension that occurs when there's a chance of Ran figuring out Conan's true identity! Ran's incredible patience and trust in Shinichi is ...more

For me ShinRan is the best. They show the true love. They have patience, trust and love. They are the best. They are the most perfect one.

Shinran forever!

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17 Naruto Uzumaki & Haruno Sakura - Naruto

They are like siblings. That's all! No romance!

They would make the most fun couple in the manga. They actually know each other and enjoy each others companies. There is too many realistic flaws with any other couples and depending in your tastes Sakura is the most fun to read about when she is with Naruto. They make each other stronger by either talking to each other or by their own actions. Heck the only thing they haven't done is kissed or truly confessed to each other. The biggest thing is their relationship was built up naturally. Naruto loves Sakura while Sakura's feelings for Naruto constantly grows, matures, and becomes something more. Plus it is usually nice to see the main character get the girl he likes especially when that girl works well with him.

I agree it makes me feel bad that the whole life Naruto saved sakura dreamt to marry her. His whole life was full of pain and what he ends up to be is a matchmaker that's no good - uchihaitachiab

Easily the only pairing in naruto that just works. Sakura and Naruto together can act like themselves and feel at ease with each other, they understand each other perfectly and just plain belong together.

Sakura doesn’t deserve Naruto. She doesn’t deserve anybody for that matter... Maybe Danzo, since he’s the only one bad enough to deserve to have to endure Sakura’s annoying personality. - Goku02

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18 Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma - Fruits Basket

They are just perfect together. I haven't read the manga yet, but I've seen the anime. As the anime goes on, you can see that Kyo starts becoming a better and better person thanks to Tohru. He goes from pretending he doesn't care about her to loving her with all of his heart. She loves him so much that she accepts him even in his monster form. They understand each other so well, and always seem to say the right thing to the other person when the other person feels down. Yuki and Tohru are cute too, but they don't compliment each other as well as Tohru and Kyo. I could tell from the beginning that they would be together, even when Kyo was trying to convince himself that he didn't like her. They are just the most perfect couple ever

This is a really cute couple that you couldn't predict from the beginning of the series... or maybe you could.

Kyo always has to be a tough guy. he only has a soft side for tohru. and shes just the sweetest thing who accepts everything about kyo.. who doesn't get much acceptance from anyone else. perfect couple!

In the end ><

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19 Kinomoto Sakura & Li Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura and Syaoran are so cute both individually and together. I love that their relationship developes over time. The way they start as rivals, slowly become friends, and then start to have feelings for each other is adorable. Their relationship is cute and innocent, as they aren't teenagers yet. I love that Syaoran always blushes over Sakura and that Sakura is so oblivious to that, even though everyone else around them can see it. I'm sorry for going on and on about it, but I love them so much; they're so cute.

Aww... Two young lovers with different personalities, Sakura is so bubbly and cheerful while Syaoran is always so serious and quiet. Despite of their different personality, yet they love each other just like they are no matter what. Opposite attracts couple, which is a plus point in my book.

The buildup relationship between the two is also adorable, they started off as rivals then slowly become friends and then they finally fall in love with each other. Syaoran was so cute with his blushing face when every time Sakura gets near to him. And it was also quite hilarious to see Syaoran's jealousy every time when he sees Sakura spends time with another guy I. E Eriol.

Sakura is also very cute with her heartwarming personality which slowly warms up Syaoran's harsh and stoic tendency. Even though Syaoran is always harsh on her, but Sakura is always so friendly and nice to him. Plus, I also love the moments between these two share together, whether when they are capturing the ...more

This pairing is my all time OTP. Sakura and syaoran were meant to be, and I don't mean in the 'love at first sight' or 'made spacificly for one another' I mean that their relationship was built slowing, and the love they share is strong. I think that there is not way that they could ever NOT be together, I could never ship either with anyone else. Their love is the kind I yearn for, its so sweet and innocent, but so beautiful, and will not doubt strengthen as they grow together. I just love them together, so much!

I hope one day sakura / li get married have children/ grandchildren in the future they will be very powerful wizards.

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20 Zero & Yuuki - Vampire Knight

Zero is more suitable to Yuuki than Kaname
And for me I like Zero more and I find him more intelligent and handsome than Kaname to fit more with the cute Yuuki.. And in the manga I see Yuuki is fond of Zero after Kaname left her..

He is the best, I don't know what is in you people's minds! Didn't you know that he actually cares about Yuki unlike her brother Kaname Kuran

Hands down, I would take zero any day. He's so perfect for her and is always there. I hope they seal the deal in the end because that would be the best way to end the story

In my opinion Zero and Yuuki are a better couple than Yuuki and Kaname because Zero shows that he cares for Yuuki more than Kaname does.

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21 Android 18 & Krillin - Dragon Ball Z

This tandem is a unique one too. They're not the type of couple you expected them to be. Krillin really cares for android 18 cause even though he was commanded to destroy her, he didn't do it because of his love for her.

Lets be honest now; Krillin didn't kill her because he thought she was hot, not because he loved her. He barely knew her.

This pairing is so odd and cute. I love their story!

A guy who is dating a robot has only one description and that's LONLEY

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22 Eren Jaeger & Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin

I would love to see them get together it would be awesome. How much she cared and save him. He also protected her. Makes me want to scream. I just hope eren will know about her feelings. But I doubt they would be together, because of all the titan around, there will be no time for them to date each other. Still love them, so cute.

I get this all the time. "Oh my god why do you ship them there siblings" NO THEY ARE NOT. I was watching a video and it said that Mikasa is not actually adopted cause she never went to a orphange so Eren's parents never signed any papers. Eren's family just took her in so she can have a place to live. SO SHUT UP ABOUT THEM BEING SIBLINGS CAUSE THEY AREN'T SO SHUT UP AND SHIP THEM

You don't need adoption papers to become part of a family smart alec - Manlypants

This couple is sort of like Yuma and Kotori's above - the girl likes the guy, but the guy doesn't even notice. But still, the way Mikasa is so protective of Eren is adorable!

Best couple I had seen in an anime.Mikasa is the type of girl I want to be someday,she's strong,skilled,and aso protective to Eren.They are so cute together! the last episode of s2 got me that I had to scream but screamed no afterwards.Whenever Eren is in danger Mikasa is just like "Eren? " like how did you even hear that? and just whoops away to where she heard the sound. it seems to me that the two of them would never get off my list of ships.

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23 Sakura Mikan (Yukihara Mikan) & Hyuuga Natsume - Alice Academy or Gakuen Alice

Their love isn't skin deep.

We have Mikan Sakura, a cheerful, bubbly girl. She's not smart, but she has her kindness to compensate. It is then later on in the series that she realized she is one of most powerful alices (magic) and people are after her.

Then we have Natsume Hyuuga. A prodigy that has a strong alice that is brought up to be trained as an assassin. His alice is so strong but it is the type that feeds on his lifeforce, so every time he uses it, he dies a bit quicker. He knows the darkness of the world, the people. He is smart, handsome, hot, but well feared. He distant himself from others because of the sole wish of not wanting those whom he treasures to get hurt.

Natsume was born in darkness and Mikan is his light, his light that he doesn't wish to taint. It is so heartbreaking to watch him struggle between letting his best friend Ruka who also likes her take her and claiming her as his own. He understands that she will not be tainted by his darkness ...more

This couple should be here because not even just in the anime and manga there always seen fighting quarreling but just like in the same order in romance anime's they always fight but in the end the confessed their LOVE to each other (but the style in the manga was even better because the style was like Romeo X Juliet) and the guy lover has a love rival and bad because his love rival is his best friend and more love rival's pa see they should me there and be NUMBER 1

They are the best couple ever! It should be in the top ten. I absolutely adore this couple because it's like Mikan is Natsume's sun, and Natsume is Mikan's dearest person. They love each other very much and what I love about them is the fact that they share such a deep, very deep love for each other (The deepest and most touching that I've seen so far) and that's why I think they make the best couple. I love how Natsume is completely devoted to Mikan and he'll even risk his life for her and he wants her to be happy. And I love how Mikan is always worried about Natsume. She seems to be oblivious of her feelings for him, but it's not like that. I think that she realizes she loves Natsume in chapter 26 of the manga. She blushed so hard. She's very innocent and wants him to keep living and not forcing himself. They want the best for each other! And that's why it's my OTP of my OTPs.

I love this couple

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24 Naruto & Sasuke - Naruto

I think Naruto and Sasuke should at least be in the top ten. They both have such tragic past and both understand each other. Naruto is always thinking about Sasuke after he leaves the village. Trying to figure out ways to save him from Orochimaru, and once Sasuke leaves Orochimaru Naruto tries to save Sasuke from himself and revenge. Naruto is ready and willing to give his life if it means saving Sasuke. While Sasuke doesn't show to much thought about Naruto once he leaves the village there are moments like when Sasuke asks Naruto why he so absorbed in him Naruto states it's because there friends Sasuke looked so touched. Sasuke has also jumped in harms way to protect Naruto like when Haku purposely shot needles at Naruto, Sasuke knowing it was a trap still jumped in harms way to protect Naruto and basically almost dies for him and his last thoughts were of Naruto and their fun time together and about his revenge on his brother. So that's why they should at least be in the top ten ...more

They were sort of rivals as children, but it wasn't that kind of rivalry that they actually wanted each other dead. It was that sort of a relationship you might have with someone in real life in elementary school, hatred mixed up with jealousy. When they were put together in a squad they started to communicate and collaborate better and in the anime even Sakura noted how well the two worked as a team. The element of jealousy was still present, but Naruto could sometimes push those feelings aside in order to work better. Both Sasuke and Naruto are both very competetive, and they often competeted against each other, thus pushing themselves further and further... I really liked it how they're relationship evolves from elementary school rivals to best friends who still have hatred between them... When Sasuke left Konoha, even he admitted that Naruto really was his best friend. Plus, he spared his life even though he could've easily killed him while Naruto was unconcious. Then follows the ...more

Naruto and Sasuke have by far the most romantic love story I've ever seen in a shounen albeit a tragic one.

They understood each other the most and could really empathise with each other. They both healed each others tormented scars selflessly and brought light and life into each other's existence.

People think Hinata and Sakura are good for these two, girls who never try to understand their darkness or their pain. They think chasing them and wanting to be with them is enough. But ultimately these girls just think about what these boys can do for them, not what they can do for these boys. Hinata watched Naruto suffer, never showed support and just wanted to impress him for herself no matter the cost. Sakura didn't even try to understand Sasuke or his pain and expected him to put everything aside for her, go back to a village that wronged him so mercilessly and then was ready to kill him.

People try and say Sasuke is abusive to Naruto and that he hated him (because ...more

This ship is just too good... I have no words
...Narusasu/Sasunaru forever

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25 Shikamaru Nara & Temari no Sabaku - Naruto

Guys... Shikamaru Is Amazing... And For Crying Out Laud Temari Is THe Hottest Girl I Have Ever Seen! Those Two Are So Much Different Than Any Other Couple... The Are Beautiful In Their Own Different Way... SHIKATEMA THE BEST!

There is so much proof. It will happen for sure.


I like he characters so...

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26 Tsunayoshi Sawada & Kyoko Sasagawa - Katekyo Hitman Reborn

on the manga, kyoko felt warm when tsuna bid his goodbye to her, and I thought that means she felt something romantic on it.
and for me it was so romantic when tsuna told kyoko that "i will protect you even if it cause me my life to do so" that sounds sweet right and for me tsuna will do everything for because he don't want to lose her..
thats all... thank you!

I love their love team, tsuna who cannot express his feelings and kyoko who didn't know tsuna's feelings but she have a feeling to tsuna too as I see in previous episodes, I love the way tsuna risk her life for kyoko and the amulet who's he always taking care and kept inside his clothe as a lucky charm because it is made by kyoko! @!

kyoko calls him tsu-kun, tsuna has a crush on kyoko and kyoko does blush when she looks at tsuna being matured person. - ronluna

This couple should on top 10. This is the one of the most reason why I love KHR. They're moment even can't called 'romance' but it's still. I'm really hope someday this manga Will come back with really good performance and really great tsunaxkyoko romance

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27 Renji Abarai & Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach

It's my favorite couple in any manga. In the story of their relationship there is drama, there is separation, yearning, and reconciliation, and those are some of the reasons that make it so interesting. Another charismatic aspect of their relationship is the closeness and intimacy in general that they often show with each other. They are funny together too, they often tease each other and sometimes is hilarious. They have a lot of aspects that got me so attracted to their relationship. And individually they are very interesting characters too.

They've always meant to be together, both of them have known each other for such a long time and will do anything to help each other. It's so obvious that Renji likes her, but it's down to a will-they won't-they kind of thing. I'm hoping they will

Renji and Rukia. Rukia and Renji. They have lived so many things together. Despite all the difficulties, despite the painful times, they have come to their natural place, to be with each other.

The best Bleach couple

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28 Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba - Sailor Moon

My favorite couple of all time! Their love story is the very first one that I've watched and fell in love with.

They are my most favorite couple in the whole anime world. They were made for each other!

I love how Usagi and Mamoru are dating I mean they are the best couple ever and those two are my first anime couple too. I mean they even had a cute little child named Chibiusa. Come on you have to admit that Usagi and Mamoru are the best couple ever.P.S. wATCH SAILOR MOON AWESOME ANIME SHOW!

They are definitely the best couple!

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29 Soul Eater Evans & Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

Aww, they're so canon, cute and lemon, laugh out loud.
I love them.
The way they protect each other is beautiful!

Who eles wouldn't like a especially hot and amazingly cool guy with a worthwhile annoyingly serious nerd I ship these two in the manga but not in the outside world O. O

This isn't exactly a romantic couple but they made the best team ever. A proof that opposites can attract. they bicker but care about each other nonetheless. They've been through so much together, never leaving one's side, always been there for the other. Last time they were mad at each other was because they were worried for each other's safety and well being. Plus they are the only ones who hold hands when Soul transforms. Like, they don't need to do that?

Not to mention, in the manga they hold hands for a couple of times, get slightly jealous/insecure, blush, tease, flirt or grin/smirk, etcetc. It's basically canon, people. Too bad the mangaka never intended to make them a romantic couple and we should respect his decision.

Although... He was also the guy who completely gave up on the series ( the end of the manga was worse than the the anime) and dignity as he was the one who created that atrocity *cough soul rater not cough*.

The man dug his own metaphorical ...more

Best ship ever - OnePunch

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30 Hikari Hanazono & Kei Takishima - Special A

I adore this couple way too much. Even though it was clear from the beginning that the two would end up together, it did make me squeal like a little girl again when they did. It amazes me how perfect these two are for each other, and how Kei is so unwavering in his devotion to Hikari even when she's completely oblivious to his blatant feelings. The best parts are when Kei thinks that Hikari's confessing or acknowledging his feelings, and she's in reality talking about something completely different. It's also particularly amusing whenever Kei's in a good mood because Hikari is doing something or the other for him, and the other members of the S•A start commenting about the literal flower garden sprouting around Kei. All in all, I think their characters really compliment each other, and they fit together so perfectly it's almost painful.

I think this is the best couple ever! They are so romantic... Especially when Kei is teasing Hikari by calling her Miss Rank Two and Hikari will get mad at him. Hikari is just a thickhead that she don't noice kei's feelings for her...

I have watched this anime several times and it never gets old. I love the relationship between Kei and Hikari. The voice acting is spectacular and the feelings they have for each other is very believable and sweet. I also like all of the supporting characters and their stories.

They're so damn cute together! I have no other comments because I'm sure what I wish to say has already been said. All that's left is to yell "I SHIP IT! "

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31 Gohan & Videl - Dragon Ball Z

I think this couple deserves to be in the top 10 list..Really enjoyed every moment of their interaction scenes...They really make a nice pair

Gohan and Videl is my favourite dbz couple. They are so cute together.

The most realistic couple in the show

Most Sweetest Couple Ever! My 2nd favorite Couple Right After Goku And ChiChi

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32 Urahara Kisuke & Shihouin Yoruichi - Bleach

"Best Characters & Couple ever" all I can say...

This couple is SEXY. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This show sucs

33 Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto

Kushina is always being teased by her classmates all time but she talked back and hurted her lassmates making her very powerful but when she is kidnapped minato was the only one that found her and he said from the first time I met you I quickly noticed your beautiful red hair and that is how they fall in love - minanaru

Kushina and Minato are best couple ever. I don't understand how anyone can't fall in love with them. Minato saved Kushina in a life or death situation. He even saved her beautiful red hair! And they both died together protecting Naruto. This is the ultimate love story. I cried so much during this arc

Minato is awesome and saved Kushina from getting teased at by the other kids. Minato had a liking to Kushina in the first place so they should be first.

Why this isn't higher? Their lovestory is so beautiful amd sad. Anyways my 3rd OTP. Plus they're canon anyway. - Haterssuck

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34 Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) & Asuna Yuki - Sword Art Online

"They're so cute! Kirito wouldn't give up until he found Asuna in Alfheim Online, and the only way Kirito was able to beat Sword Art Online, was because he thought of Asuna, and how much she believed in him. "

They are the best looking anime couple I have ever seen. Who can't agree they aren't perfect for each other. Right when I first saw them together I thought "well this is gonna be a good love story, can't wait to see how this ends" asuna and kirito are also 2 people that will fight till the end of the world for each other. That's what u want in a perfect anime couple, or any couple in general:-D

Laugh out loud Kirito and Asuna ended up on the list twice (they're also number ten I believe)

So kirito and asuna are better than themselves? sounds legit

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35 Kaneki & Touka - Tokyo Ghoul

I really want them to end up together! They are so cute together! But the only problem with the anime is that they have removed most of the Kaneki and Touka moments which were there in the manga. Those parts where Touka made Kaneki wear a school uniform and dragged him to CCG and the part where Touka taught Kaneki to do a back flip were just too cute! - ToukaKirishima

They are awesome. I hope they will be together at the end of season 3. Or, those who are making it, it will be bad

I wanted them to end up together and be a happy ghoul couple but the stupid rules and reza made kaneki be driven away so the ship never came true but I still have hope for them lol

Hoping and praying season 3 and beyond follows the :re manga to the letter. This ship could hit number 1. Based on current projections we may have to wait until season 4 or even 5 but it'll be worth it.

V 22 Comments
36 Haruka & Michiru - Sailor Moon
37 Lelouch And C.C. - Code Geass

This is the perfect duo out there. Not just romantic crap, lelouch and c, c show how cool a couple can be. This couple is just too good 'cause here both of them are equally awesome, not like other anime where the girl is like a pet that the hero protects. - panthohassan

Well in terms of Romantic situations, this couple may not have much. But this couple is, in every meaning of the sentence, Made For Each Other.
This couple is something entirely new, something unique. Their relationship is simply awesome. - govindmelitte

So much better than the normal - I love you... But, we have to wait for the end of the story. Just like this, it would be a great Happy-End - couple. These two are connected because of their fait. Lelouch who destroys the world to create a new one and C. C who us damned with immortality and who will be alone for eternity.
Though, everyone who read the clues in the end knows that both will spend this eternity together! That is the price that was to pay to bring peace

Best Anime couple I have ever seen.

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38 Tomoe & Nanami - Kamisama Kiss

The thing is she falls in love with him so quickly, and the best part (even though it breaks my heart) is that he rejects her, because then we get the whole "Staying true to your feelings so when Senpai does notice me I'm prepared." And he little by little realizes that she is great person and it's wonderful because he knows that she relies completely on him because she isn't to her full potential, and he doesn't wait for her to be strong to love her, he's willing to go through every little stage with her.

And then of course there's the awkwardness that comes and goes with all couples. Tomoe has been truly in love with 1 girl, and he doesn't even remember her! For the past (guesstimating here) 100+ years he's been serving a guy who was wise and knew everything on how to protect himself, and here comes Nanami from, "Let's through parties! " to "Don't worry Tomoe, I'll kill this demon in stead of you."

It's just sweet to know that he's always been there and that there ...more

You could see the connection between Nanami and Tomoe.

Tomoe, He's a cold, blunt guy who could care less since episode 1.. But as he slowly gets to know Nanami he turns sweeter each episode. No matter what the situation they could always rely on eachother.

Nanami, A sweet, friendly person.. At first she thought Tomoe was a jerk since they first met, Although.. She learns to trust, love, and see him everyday of her life.

This is truly my One True Pairing.

Tomoe and Nanami is the best, their love story is so romantic, to know that their destined to each other, from the past, and even in present, gosh this is really nerve wrecking... no one will ever break this relationship, I will be this love teams protector... so anyone who hate this love team... WHICH EVER GAVE YOU THAT IDEA, FORGET ABOUT IT AND JOIN TO LOVE THEM... ayyiee to the maximum level

It's hurt to remember this series is over. I'm not a romantic person but this show made me feel very deep.I really loved their chemistry.Why the hell I am not nanami! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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39 Yui and Hinata - Angel Beats

I knew from the moment I saw Hinata teasing Yui and visa versa that they would make the most adorable, perfect couple. Their relationship reminded me so much of my relationship with my boyfriend it was scary, but also nice to know I wasn't the only insane one out there. When Hinata proposed to Yui and she disappeared, I cried for HALF AN HOUR. Not five minutes, not two minutes, but HALF AN HOUR. Don't even get me started on how much I cried at the end of the series, though. Even though I can imagine Hinata going out with other people (my twisted yaoi hentai comes to mind) I think it is impossible for me to ship anyone but Hinata with Yui. Therefor, they are the perfect, cutest, most innocent anime couple I have ever seen.

Yui was brought into the anime as an energetic and hyper teen who loves to play the guitar and tease Hinata. Later, she tells Otonashi all 4 of her dreams just because she was paralyzed in the real world. In the end, HInata's proposal made me so sad!

Hinata's confession / proposal is so romantic, his words make me sure that he really loves Yui that much and promised that he would marry her no matter what happen to Yui either she can't move / can't have any kids, it's just so romantic!

Beat couple ever thair so cute and care for each other

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40 Sango & Miroku - Inuyasha

They're so cute together! I like this couple! :D

Best couple, it is the only anime relationship that actually develops as time passes

They should be higher

They need to be higher on the list come one at least in 3rd place

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41 Lelouch & Shirley - Code Geass

Lelouch doesn't even love Shirley.

Shirley's love is the more touching, I don't get those who like Lelouch with other girls. A little like Naruto and Hinata, Hinata's love for Naruto is so touching, and Sakura's love for Sasuke too.

So cute until Shirley dies and then my heart fell apart on me

I don't really ship them but I have to say, that Lelouch have been kissing three girls now and I don't know who to ship the most...
JUST KIDDING! I am more like a Lelouch and Shirley shipper but I like C.C better I am not trying to start a ship fight here I ship these two too.They know how they each other feel.The kiss in the rain scene got me screaming.The only ship I don't like in code geass is Kallen and Lelouch (very very very sorry kallen and Lelouch shippers) these two are sometimes my type but they're very cute together I love this ship.

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42 Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

These two are the best couple in Fairy Tail. Heck even in all anime. Gray didn't like Erza the first time they met because he thinks she's arrogant and always wears an armor. He kept on fighting Erza and people thought he has a crush on Erza (which is true) and when he saw her crying in the riverbank, dang that was the IT moment, he saw her crying and he stopped fighting her, instead in the later chapters, he is fighting FOR her. Almost every battle he has are dedicated to Erza and let's not forget the day Erza came to Fairy Tail, Cana told Gray he has brilliant luck. And Cana's fortune are all spot on.

The best couple in the whole show...

While Gray is a serious and cold guy, Juvia is a sweet, funny and generous girl that loves Gray so much that it's almost an obsession.

I hate when people compare Juvia to Misa Amane!

Juvia can get a little annoying and creepy, but she is good, bubbly, clumsy and one of the sweetest and cutest girls in anime, she also makes nice things to Gray and protects him, even if he doesn't always reciprocate these feelings... She actually gives Gray a reason to love her.

While Misa's argument for anyone to like her:
(Not that I care about Light's stupid life)

And while many people think that Juvia's a little stupid for loving someone that doesn't loves her back, they're wrong. Gray actually loves Juvia, but he's too embarassed to admit so. If he didn't loved her, he wouldn't have protected her so many times (often risking his own life for her), or he wouldn't get so angry and jealous every ...more

Way too much chemistry to ignore. And the way they care for each other, even though as comrades, is admirable. They would give up their lives for the other and nothing else makes any relationship so pure.

One of the best of the best!

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43 Simon & Nia - Gurren Lagann

The best anime couple ever and the sweetest.

I like it

44 Kurosaki Ichigo & Inoue Orihime - Bleach

Orihime is special to Ichigo in a way no one else is. She is allowed to do things he doesn't let anyone else do, she has a mental teamwork with him that no one else does, and on top of that, she loves him wholeheartedly. It's not just her side though. He came back from the dead for her because she cried for him to help her. He said "I will protect her," her meaning Orihime. He went to extreme measures to protect her and look after her, like going to Hueco Mundo. There's also the fact that he blew up at Ulquiorra for kidnapping her when he was SUPPOSED to be going to rescue Rukia. And let's not forget that when he was blinded he freaked out because he didn't know where Orihime was and insisted on knowing she was safe. Her presence causes him to grow stronger. He is respectful to her, as she's the only one he calls by her last name in a respectful manner (as there are others, like Ishida, whom he calls by their last names but not like he does Orihime). This pairing is ...more

No,I can not and will not accept this couple as canon. - Tia-Harribel

I dislike this ship - MLPFan

To be honest they both are more like brother and sister so for this to be a ship it’s weird - Starryskys122

V 50 Comments
45 Shana & Yuji - Shakugan No Shana

They were meant to be with together from the very beginning. That was there bonding when we saw the 3rd sequel of Shakugan No Shana. Long live guys.

I love the action, comedy, romance and great couple of this anime for me this is one of the best anime couples that I know.

They are awese and I just love how shana likes him more and more to every ep and how she then finally realizes this even before yuji

I love these two solo much, I have from the start 'til the end. They're just so perfect!

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46 Hitsugaya & Hinamori - Bleach

A cute couple and hitsugaya always protecting her was so sweet

Haha so cute I love hitsugaya

Their so cute together

They would be number 1 if they were main characters, not side backs.

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47 Himura Kenshin & Kamiya Kaoru - Rurouni Kenshin

Understated, powerful, loyal, beautiful. Even though we all want to see more scenes of romance between the two, they don't need love scenes to show the depth of their affections - their commitment to the ideals and characteristics of the other is proof enough.

If everyone sees the way kenshin come to kaoru before dying. Such a beautiful moment. The best anime moment

Even though I only watch few Rurouni Kenshin episodes, but I love Kenshin and Kaoru to be together because their relationship is quite nice, they are so loyal and dedicated for each other. Don't get me wrong, I also like Tomoe but I just think Kaoru is the better girl for Kenshin.

They make such a cool couple.

Love so real, so pure, and so beautiful. I can't find the right words to express how perfect they are for each other.

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48 Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki - Bleach

I have no regrets for shipping these two - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

49 Gray & Juvia - Fairy Tail

The best couple in the whole show...

While Gray is a serious and cold guy, Juvia is a sweet, funny and generous girl that loves Gray so much that she does always tries to help him out.

I hate when people compare Juvia to Misa Amane!

Juvia can get a little annoying and creepy, but she is good, bubbly, clumsy and one of the sweetest and cutest girls in anime, she also makes nice things to Gray and protects him, even if he doesn't always reciprocate these feelings... She actually gives Gray a reason to love her.

While Misa's argument for anyone to like her:
(Not that I care about Light's stupid life)

And while many people think that Juvia's a little stupid for loving someone that doesn't loves her back, they're wrong. Gray actually loves Juvia, but he's too embarrassed to admit so. If he didn't loved her, he wouldn't have protected her so many times (often risking his own life for her), or he wouldn't get so ...more

It's already on here but I ship them

So sad that they are out of top 50

I love Gruvia, and I always will. They are my forever OTP!

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50 Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto - Bleach

How is this couple not up here yet? Not only are they the greatest pairing of all time, they're ACTUALLY CANON. They have such a deep, complex relationship, and nothing can possibly surpass that. I hope Gin resurrects himself so that he and Rangiku can at least have a reunion. Plus, the anime is trying to make Hisagi, another character I really like, go out with her, which is pissing me off. Hisagi, you're awesome, but GinRan is MTB. Get over and go snog Nanao or something.

I really wish Gin hadn't died. He and Rangiku would have made such a cute couple.

Number 1. Seriously, the best ship ever! The love, the friendship, the memories of their relationship is so.. so.. sad but beautiful!

62?! Is it supposed to be a joke? It's the best couple of whole anime universe! Seriously, you don't have to vote the main characters only for being the main characters. Wasn't their backstory so sad? - Tuana123

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