InuYasha & Kagome Higurashi - InuYasha


I enjoyed this couple by far to the others for many reason. Inuyasha and Kagome had a bond that - though this has been said before - surpass the anime's actual storyline. But I always feel like Kikyo messes it up. And unlike many animes where the couple kisses in the 2nd episode Kagome and Inuyasha don't kiss until...


... The very last episode! I mean that's what I call a developing relationship. And though they might have stretched a little to far Inuyasha's romantic progressions were one of the most realistic of the anime couples I have seen so far.

These two deserve to be higher! They're always fighting but you can just tell they care for each other deeply. InuYasha gets jealous so easily, and it's adorable as well as hilarious. Kagome can be a little hard on him, but he is always hard on her, without even knowing it! He's so dense and stupid when it comes to love, ugh. They're both stubborn, and stick up for what they think is right, they have so many cute moments together that made me cry from the feels, then burst out from laughter. These two are the best. - Aurothon

Inuyasha and Kagome is the best couple because how they care for each other is truly an exceptional. The way how kagome accept that she can never be kikyo and how she admit it is a true love. Then, inuyasha suddenly fell in love with kagome as time passed by. :))) FIRST LOVE SAID TO BE FOREVER OR NEVER DIES BUT IT DOES ONLY MEANS THAT HE/SHE HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN YOUR HEART. INUYASHA AND KAGOME IS A REALITY COUPLE

The way their connection is drawn out, how well constructed the story is, how in the first two episodes alone you can feel this intense connection between them. I love it, one of my absolute favorite stories ever. Am I crazy to wish for a live action movie of this? Probably. It would be terrible, but my heart will go on

This couple should really be #1. Their love wasn't obvious, but when it showed, it was beautiful. They made it through everything you could throw at a couple and still came out together. So many people say if Kikyo would have lived, Inuyasha would have chosen her, but I don't think so. Kagome accepted and loved Inuyasha exactly how he was, and didn't want him to change. Inuyasha could have left Kagome to go with Kikyo at anytime, but he didn't. He always came back to her. Sure, he loves Kikyo, because she was his first love, and she died thinking she was following him. He feels as if he owes her his life since she sacrificed hers. But in the end, it's Kagome, who has always stuck by his side and never asked for anything more, who is his true love, and who he spends his life with.

It certainly is my favourite anime couple! Their love is pure. Kagome is a character beyond compare to my eyes at least, because her love for InuYasha is unconditional... InuYasha also loves her but he is trapped between Kikio (his ex) and Kagome, who clearly is his future and he couldn't bear to loose her. That much is obvious! Because of this love triangle, sometimes we laugh until we cry and some others we have to take Kagome's side because of Inuyasha's "stupidity".

It is the only anime I have see that the lovers are able to overcome so much differences and sacrefied things for the other. I mean Inuyasha is a half deman who lived in the feudal era and Kagome is a human who lives in the present day. She gave up her life in the present time to live with him. Inuyasha gave up trying become full demon for Kagome's sake

I love inuyasha and the way he treats kagome. He treats her as his friend but eventually they get closer. I don't wanna hear about how inuyasha is supposed to be with kick yo and crap like that because face it, she's dead. I love how In the beginning they hate each other but then after a while they learn of each others past and reach an understanding of eachother. They were meant to be together and are the perfect anime couple. I love inugome.

I can really relate from the situation of kagome because in early episodes she fell in love with inuyasha while inuyasha still love kikyou. I really love the funny and romantic moments.

Their so cute... inuyasha and kagome is a perfect couple... I like them because their love story start at fighting and their discovered there feelings too to each other... I love you guys

They are just an awesome couple and the last episode was truly heart touching! Especially when inuyasha says Kagome was born to meet him! Their love was beyond any time or era

This series was just beautiful to watch. There were moments I cried for the characters and moments I wanted to give Inuyasha a swift kick for being so stupid. But their love is so deep because they've been through so much together that there is no doubt they're perfect for each other.

Throughout the whole entire series it's so cute to see inuyasha really opening up to kagome and seeing them love each other more and more is just what makes this the best couple

They are the perfect couple! Such a good story they both share. I recommend this to any one who likes romantic comedy. This also includes a lot of fantasy...

I love this couple! One of the main reasons is their love is taken slowly. At first with Inuyasha's comparisons with Kikyo and their fighting you had to wonder how they would ever be friends. When they finally built up a friend ship Kouga comes in! His almost constant jabbing at Inuyasha and his proclamations of love to Kagome really started the fire. Without Kouga their relationship might of been just as siblings. The two aren't perfect either, with their bickering and bumpy relationship really catches the reader and makes it seem real!

Like many others have mentioned, the whole story line pales in comparison to the love blossoming between these two. All the heartache, struggles, and battles they faced together during their journey, and they came out top, together.

the best anime couple ever! I love them so much! "THE BEST AMING THE REST FOREVER AND EVER! " LOVE LOVE LOVE! XD! chuuuu

BEST COUPLE IN ANIME LIFE! Long live Inuyasha and Kagome. They are the best couple there is in anime life. Also I'm listening to the song Every Heart on my iStone right now to show how much I love this couple.

The only couple that would top this is Usagi and Seiya from Sailor Moon. I don't even care that Seiya is a female alien from another solar system. They're perfect for each other.

They are truly the best anime couple because the plot is amazing. I mean not everyday is there someone to take you for who you are inside. And its just great how their love for each other grows as they face new friends and enimies along the way. They are the #1 anime couple

Their love for each other is so strong that literally nothing can tear them apart, even a whole different dimension

I just love this couple. the feelings and emotions shared by both of them is unparalleled. I truly love them from the depth of my heart. They are adorable as well as romantic.

Inuyasha and Kagome should be at the top of the list. They went from being enemies, to working together on adventures, to falling in love all together. They have probably the best moments of love out of any other show I've seen. Inukag forever.

I've watched the anime a couple of times and seeing InuKagu really makes me giddy, They look so cute together plus their relationship is way too deep.. And what InuYasha said in the final episode was way too sweet.. :-)

This anime is something I really hold dear to me. I watched it 10 years ago, and still love it.